Freedom Shall Come to Those Who Seek

Chapter 7-9: I'll Never Feel

Chapter 7: Take Me Home

Harry waited, holding tightly onto Neville's hand. He trusted the other boy, but was not so sure about Snape. The man hated him…and yet it had almost seemed as though he would be willing to help them. Harry shuddered at the thought of what Snape might call 'help'.

Neville sat there, staring at Harry. He had promised himself that he would take care of the smaller boy, and he would do it. He just hoped that he had made the right choice. If his plan backfired…

It wasn't worth thinking about, he told himself, because there was no way that his plan wouldn't work.

After all, it wasn't like the evil dark lord was going to pass up the Golden boy, handed to him on a silver platter….was it?

As Severus Snape disapparated, Voldemort smiled evilly. Oh yes, the snake-man was happy. It wasn't as if one had their mortal enemy decide to join one's ranks after all. True, the boy would probably want to be one of the higher ranking Death Eaters to start with, but compromises could be made for one such as he.

Oh, he would have so much fun with this.

Take that, Dumbledore.

Chapter 8: You'll Never Be FreeStorming into the classroom, silently, yet with a certain menace about him, he approached the two boys that he had left there. Snape had returned. He glared at them for a moment.

Harry just sat there, staring down at his lap, trying to disappear. Something about him caught Snape's attention. He looked, truly looked at the boy for the first time.

Neville, noticing his interrogating gaze, glared back at him, wrapping his free arm around the dark haired boy, but his glare lacked a threat. Instead, it was questioning.

And pleading.

Severus didn't know how much more of these two he would be able to take, they were turning his whole life upside down.

It was time to tell them exactly what they had bargained themselves into.

They were his now; Voldemort's.

The light was officially screwed.

Chapter 9: Pain Calls Me

Harry took the news better than Neville had expected. In fact, he just sat there and nodded, head down, gaze fixed on his lap. Neville and Snape talked, Harry merely listened.

Finally, just as they were about to leave, he asked one question, but it was one that would shatter the world.

When, he inquired, would he get the mark. No need to ask what mark it was that he was referring to.

Snape just sighed tiredly. He had been hoping like hell that they would be able to deal with that question later. Unfortunately, he had his orders.

The answer was simple. As soon as Harry asked that question.

They had one more midnight stop to make before heading off to bed.

On the bright side, the dark lord would be extremely pleased. Maybe, Severus dared to think, maybe I'll escape torture twice tonight.

If only he should be so lucky.

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To be continued.