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Prologue 1:

Inexcusable Sin

"What a boring day." the man said cracking his neck as he laid down on a couch in the 'living room' of their ship which was currently docked on a spaceport.

He looked between 21-24 years of age; had long brown hair tied in a ponytail, and a lean muscular build. The man wore a tight black leather jacket with a wrinkled red muscle shirt underneath and black leather pants. Currently he and his partner were just waiting for another bounty or job offer to be posted on the net, so while they waited, both decided to have a short vacation.

He looked to his right and turned on his laptop with an outstretched arm, having been too lazy and worn out to sit up.

He heard the door leading to his sleeping quarters open with an audible 'whoosh' and a green haired woman came out wearing very provocative clothes. The woman looked at the man lying on the couch and smiled seductively at him.

"I had a great time, Ray. Just call me when you come back again ok?" the woman said to Ray but pouted when he didn't respond.

She saw him closing his eyes and smiled sadly, "Guess I'll show myself out then. I'll see you later." with that the woman went out through another door that lead to the exit of the ship.

"Yeah, see you later, Setsuna." Ray said softly after briefly opening his eyes before trying to get some sleep.

((What's taking him so long?)) Maaya thought to herself as she tried hard not to wrinkle her nose in disgust at the nauseating stench of alcohol, smoke, and vomit that permeated within the rundown bar.

She also ignored the perverted whispers and leering stares that some of the customers were directing at her. ((Next time, I'm picking the place where we'll meet. I've had enough of male egos to last three lifetimes.))

The young woman was slightly at fault for her unwanted attention having worn a short black spaghetti strap dress that ended above her knees with slits on the sides showing her silky smooth legs.

"Well at least none of them have the balls to come up to me and say a crappy pick up line." Maaya muttered to herself softly.

It was true since despite the vision of beauty among amongst them, none of the bar goers had dared to go to the woman with long silver hair due to the 5 foot katana lying on the table in front of her and the ice cold glares she sent to anyone who even thought about it.

She was slowly nursing her drink since it was her third one already and didn't want to be too relaxed when her informant came, plus I'd take far more drinks of hard liquor to down the swordswoman.

After finishing her drink, Maaya looked at her watch and noticed that the man she was supposed to meet was over an hour late. She was about to get up and leave when the door of the bar slowly opened and her informant walked in.

((Well speak of the Devil.)) Maaya thought sarcastically as the man, who was wearing a very wrinkled business suit, saw his client and took his time walking to her table.

"You're late." Maaya said simply as the man took a seat and sat right in front of her across the table.

"Hello to you too." the man said flashing her one of his smiles

Maaya immediately frowned at the man and growled softly, "Cut the crap. I'm not one those girls who'd spread their legs when they see you smile."

The man shrugged and grinned, "Hey it was worth a shot." He saw her hand on the hilt of her katana slowly drawing it out and quickly put up both his hands, "Straight to the point as always."

"I don't know why I put up with you." Maaya said growling

"Because I'm your best informant." the man answered with another grin

"You're my only informant." corrected Maaya

"That too." the man added

"What do you have for me?" Maaya asked her informant

She saw his face turn serious and he elaborated with a business like voice, "There's going to be a black market weapons deal going down in a couple of days. One of the bosses of the 108 Dragons is holding a huge party at his house on the outskirts of the city as a cover for the deal." the man paused to grab a bottle of beer from a passing waiter and took a drink before continuing, "That boss keeps all his important data like bank accounts in a computer within his private room in his mansion where the party and the deal is going to happen. I got both of you and Ray an invitation to go to the party and I believe you can use the weapons deal as a smokescreen and steal all that data right under his nose."

The informant finished and looked at his client's face to gauge a reaction. He wasn't very surprised upon seeing a neutral look as he was used to seeing it.

"Its very risky, but I can't let this opportunity pass me by." Maaya said as she stood up from her table and headed for the exit. She stopped right next to her informant and said, "If this goes as planned, you get double the usual payment."

"Pleasure doing business with you Maaya-san." the informant said happily, "Maybe we could go out on a real date next time?"

"In your dreams, Kaji." was the ice cold reply from the swordswoman

"Oh well it was worth a shot." Kaji said to himself shrugging as he watched Maaya pass by a table only to stop when one of the drunken men groped her ass.

"Heeysh….cuutiieee….hows ab-bout yous an' meeees….g-g-get…a lil' freaky….." slurred the drunken man before he flew back onto the table breaking it on impact

"Don't ever touch me like that." Maaya said to the downed man in a very cold voice as she lowered her fist.

"You-You bitch!" shouted one of the man's friends at Maaya before drawing his gun, a moment later he was on his knees screaming in pain with a smoking hole in the middle of his hand.

The remaining five drunken men also drew their guns after seeing what had happened to their two friends and pointed them at Maaya only to suffer the same fate moments later.

Seeing that no one else was making a move, Maaya put down her custom revolver (AN: think Vash's gun from Trigun) and ejected the empty shells before putting new rounds in with a speed loader. She approached the bartender and handed him a wad of cash for any damages that were made and walked out of the now silent bar, her lithe feminine form swallowed by the darkness of the night.

Kaji, who had been watching the entire fight, if you could call it a fight, merely raised an eyebrow and ordered another glass of beer from the waiter who had hisjaw dropping at the incredible speed with which the swordswoman used against the drunken men.

"They never learn."

"…and I dedicate this park to the many children suffering from that terrible disease…"

Ray droned out what his target was talking and focused his high power binoculars to scout out the park where this groundbreaking was taking place. His gaze swept all over the place taking into account the positions of the guards and possible escape routes once he had finished the job.

"Only twenty guards around him and his family." Ray said out loud to himself as he gazed down at his target on top of a nearby rooftop, his black cyber suit making a little noise as he put down the binoculars and readied himself to carry out the assassination.

His target was a wealthy business man and politician named Akira Yamaguchi. The media portrayed Akira like a saint when he gave some of his money away to the needy and poor. But what the rest of the people didn't know was that Akira had his dirty hands in on illegal activities like gambling, drug-trafficking, and prostitution.

He received a private message from an unidentified person in the government asking for his services in taking out Akira. Within the message was an account number that held 5,000,000 Fol and he would receive another five million when the job was completed. That was all that it took for him to accept this mission.

Ray noticed that his target was finishing his speech and grabbed a remote detonator. He had planted some explosives within the park before the opening ceremony secretly disguised as a maintenance worker.

"Showtime." said Ray as he flipped open the cap of the detonator and pressed the blinking red button.


Five simultaneous explosions rocked the park as screams from bystanders, reporters, and bodyguards erupted. Ray quickly jumped five stories down from the roof top, not even pausing when he landed, and quickly dashed towards Akira as he readied his assault rifle.

Some of the bodyguards that weren't killed or injured by the blast rose up quickly and started to open fire at Ray who merely dodged the bullets swiftly and began firing his own deadly volley at the bodyguards. He saw his target trying to flee and tried to cut him off as soon as he killed the remaining bodyguards.

Akira fell back on his ass as he saw the assassin appear in front of him with his rifle pointed at him, he slowly moved backwards as Ray aimed his rifle at his head.

"Please spare me! I-I have a family!" Akira said as he begged for his life

"Tell it to someone that gives a damn!" said Ray as he put his finger on the trigger, he then noticed Akira's eyes slightly moving to his right and immediately dropped his rifle before quickly emptying his remaining clip into Akira before crouching and swerving around to face whoever tried to sneak up behind him. Ray drew a handgun and pointed it at his attacker, thinking it was another bodyguard, before pulling the trigger. The bullet went into the woman's body and out on the other side.

It was then when time seemed to slow down for Ray when he looked at the woman's face, his eyes widening in shock and horror when he recognized her short blond hair and blue eyes. Then time went to normal and the woman fell on the ground with a pool of blood slowly forming underneath her dying body. His gun fell from trembling fingers and ran towards the fallen woman.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Ray bolting straight up from the couch he was sleeping on. His face drenched with cold sweat at the very vivid nightmare.

((Why is this happening now?)) Ray thought to himself as he put his face into his hands, trying to calm his frayed nerves, ((They were never this intense even after she…))

"Are you alright?" a soft voice inquired startling him out of his thoughts. Ray looked up and saw Maaya looking at him with a neutral expression on her face, though he could tell that she was clearly disturbed by his actions.

"I'm ok." Ray said simply

"Are you sure?" Maaya asked pressing for answers

"I just had a bad nightmare." said Ray refusing to elaborate any further.

"Whatever." Maaya said as she headed to her room to change and then off to the kitchen to make supper for her and Ray. As she passed by the low table, Maaya saw the flashing screen of Ray's laptop.

"Might want to check that out." she said pointing to the screen and went out the living room.

"Huh?" said Ray as he looked at his laptop and saw a notice that he had received a message. Sitting up on the couch, Ray opened the message and read its contents.

I have another job for you. Meet me near the docks in half an hour.


The message was short and to the point, much like the man he had come to know, always taking about revolutionizing this planet's corrupt government, when that happened Ray wanted to be as far away from the planet as he could. No use getting caught up in a coup that would cause more people to die.

Ray took out a small pendant hidden underneath his shirt and gazed sadly at it for a moment.

"Forgive me."

Against the crisp night air in the shadow of the night sky, Ray looked up at the stars shining brightly as he listened at the sound of metal hitting against metal as the general and his son were sparring.

((More like a one-sided match.)) Ray thought to himself snorting as he watched the match for ten minutes before getting bored by the lack of skill the little boy showed.

"Come at me again!" he heard the general berating his son before said boy gave a loud shout and rushed at his father only to have his sword batted away and him receiving getting slapped to the ground.

"You're such a weak little boy." his father spat as he took a hand towel from an old butler who was watching the fight and left the fallen child on the ground.

Ray stopped staring at the sky and looked down at the child and his guardian, feeling a little sorry for the father's treatment of the boy. But by morning's dawn the boy wouldn't need to worry about his father. He would be dead by then.

Gendo Ikari was the name of his target, a brilliant scientist, tactician, and one of the top brass in the military. Ray's employer wanted him dead due to a failed assassination attempt on himself a few months ago. His employer suspected it was Gendo's doing since he was opposed against using prisoners as guinea pigs for Gendo's own twisted little eugenics program.

Ray watched as the old man helped the boy up from the ground and lead him inside the mansion. He swiftly made his way towards his target's private room as quietly as possible; his employer had provided him with a map of the general's house so Ray could quickly eliminate him.

It took him a couple of minutes before he found the place and he silently stood on a small ledge by the window sill leading into his target's room. He was about to go in when he sensed another person going inside the room, so he stopped and listened in.

"Is it wise to be so hard on the young master?" the old butler asked his master.

"It is necessary for him, when I grow old and die, he must take up the mantle of our family and I cannot allow him to be so weak in front of others." Gendo replied

"But he is still young." the old man pleaded

"Which is better for him to learn at a young age than later in life, I've heard enough of your concerns, see to his wounds and make sure he is prepared for tomorrow's lesson." ordered Gendo as he watched the old butler take his leave.

Hearing the door close, Ray slowly counted to sixty and suddenly all power was cut off from the mansion.

"What the hell?" Gendo asked out loud when the lights suddenly flickered and went dead, then he heard the window opening and he could make out an outline of a figure drawing out a sword.

((Assassin!)) Gendo's mind shouted at him and the man whirled around to find his sword to defend himself.

Unfortunately, he tripped on a chair while stumbling in the dark room; he only had time to turn around to see a flash of metal in the darkness, a burst of agony in his chest, and death swiftly taking him away.

Ray looked down at the dead body of Gendo and took out the sword that impaled him to the floor. He wasn't a master of swords like Maaya was but he was good enough to hold his own.

Suddenly, Ray sensed a movement in the darkness and he turned to see that the door to Gendo's room was slightly open. Cursing to himself, Ray ran to the door and stabbed straight through the opening. He felt his blade piercing through flesh but he didn't stop until the sword hit the wall across the door. His eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness and they widened in horror at who he had killed.

"W…w-why…." the dying child asked Ray as his blood pooled around his body slumped against the wall and out of his mouth.

((NO! Not again!)) Ray's mind shouted in anguish as his eyes locked with the child's eyes which were watering with tears. He noticed that the boy's body slowly became still.

"I'm sorry…." Ray whispered as he slid the blade out of the dead boy's body and closed kid's teary lifeless eyes with his right hand.

((The child was innocent.)) He thought to himself, pain and sorrow gripping his heart at what he had done.

He broke out of his self-recriminating thoughts when he heard footsteps coming his way. Sheathing his sword, Ray ran back into the room and jumped out of the window. The brown haired assassin ran as fast as he could to get outside of the mansion grounds to where he had hidden Maaya's motoslave near the estate.

As he cleared the gate with a huge leap, Ray heard a loud sound coming from the mansion and felt another stab at his heart. He reached the motoslave's hiding spot, turned it on and gunned it out of there. (1)

An hour later…

Maaya sat on the couch, slowly drinking a hot cup of tea, watching some show on the plasma screen when it was interrupted by an urgent new flash. She saw a female reporter outside the gates of the mansion where Ray was and saw numerous police forces coming in and out of the estate.

"This is Trish Suzuhara reporting in front of the Ikari estate where less than hour a double homicide occurred. Police are still combing the crime scene for any clues on the perpetrators of this heinous act." said the reporter and she turned her micro phone to the man standing next to her and asked, "Inspector Yamagata, who do you think are responsible for killing Mr. Ikari and his son?"

"I believe that this was a hit by one of the crime syndicates rampant here in our planet." answered the inspector

"What were the causes of their deaths?" the reporter asked the inspector again

"Our forensic specialist believes that the assassin or assassins used a type of sword to kill both victims. We will have an official police report tomorrow morning to disclose any information that we find." said the inspector as he moved away from the camera

"Thank you for your time, Inspector. This is Trish Suzuha…."

Maaya turned the plasma screen off and sat silently drinking her cooling tea as she waited for Ray to return. Minutes later, she heard a door opening and saw Ray slowly walking in, his face pale and looking like he'd seen a ghost.

"Ray, what happened? I saw that news and….." Maaya trailed off when she saw him glaring venomously at her.

"Just leave me the hell alone." Ray said with self-loathing lacing his voice as he staggered like a drunken man into his living quarters.

Ray spent an hour showering unable to get rid of the boy's dead eyes staring at him. So he just stared as the blood mixed freely with the water turning it pink and down into the drain. When he finally came out the shower, he took out a bottle of hard liquor from his mini fridge and sat on a chair near his bed and poured himself a shot.

His throat burned as he downed the glass but he paid it no mind having been used to the burning sensation. His door opened as he was pouring himself another shot and Ray saw Maaya staring at him.

"What the hell do you want?" Ray asked

"It wasn't your fault." Maaya said simply, she paid no mind when the liquor bottle shattered on the wall next to her face.

"Get out." Ray said angrily

Maaya chose to comply this time and turned to leave but before saying, "You better get yourself together because we got a job in five days." then the door closed, leaving Ray alone in his room once more.

"Go to hell." was Ray's answer.

Ray took out his pendant again and opened it revealing a very beautiful woman with short blond hair and blue eyes.

"I'm so sorry." said Ray as he shed a few tears as he gazed upon the pendant.

He had broken the promise he made on her grave and killed an innocent child.

(1) – For all you BERSERK fans out there! Poor poor Shinji...