Okay, this is a new story I've come up with. It's a Yami/Yugi fic and it is a 24 hour story. One chapter per hour over a 24 hour day. I will release 2 chapters this week, and from then on 1 a week.

I am starting with the second to last hour. 2300hrs. It is just a taster. This story starts at 0100hrs, look out for it.

But for now, enjoy this snipit.


Rain poured down to earth from the heavens above.

It was as if the Gods themselves were crying, echoing the boy's feelings of stricken grief that tortured his body and half his soul.

He could feel nothing of the weather, only the great gap. The open hollow now sucking out his other half. Though the water soaked through his clothes, he never noticed.

He knelt there, where he had fallen when he could run no more. He had run blindly, not caring where he was going. All he could think about was the pain he felt inside.

Could anyone bare such grief and loss and survive?

He didn't want to live.

Not anymore.

Not like this.

The rain hit his face like bullets from the sky, but he couldn't feel anymore. His body was numb.

The rain mixed with the slash on his forehead, leaving a bloody trail down the side of his face and down his neck, seeping into his clothes.

It went unnoticed.

The boy, eyes clenched shut against the torture of seeing this cruel world without his soul mate then voiced his question to the world.

"WHY?" he screamed, the word tearing out of his throat with anger.

"WHY?" His lone voice carried away on the wind into nothingness.

Lightening flashed, as if in reply and then the thunder came.


Thats it, so let me know if you think it's a good idea to do this sort of story. I felt like writing something a little different.

Hob x