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0200 hrs

The spirit of the puzzle gazed down in wonder at the younger reflection of himself that now lay still in his strong tanned arms.

As he stared, his resent memories filled his thoughts as he wondered how this was possible.

For a millennium he had been constrained within the golden pyramid. So long that he had forgotten why he was in there to begin with. That puzzle kept his soul away from the world. He knew only someone unique, special, could release him.

He had waited with growing impatience to be released from his prison.

So cold.

So alone.

No sight or sound, the spirit had been completely cut off from the world.

That was until he 'felt' he was going to be freed.

He could feel the puzzle coming together, he began to become aware once more of the world outside. He stirred from his restless slumber to reach out to the one who helped him. He could feel the connection to this person strengthen with every piece that was put into place, until he felt that he himself was guiding the hands of his saviour.

Right now he was feeling the warmth of Yugi's body creep into his arms and felt it warming up his body for the first time since he could remember. Just the sensation of it made the spirit smile in response.

Not knowing what to do with his saviour, he just cradled the young boy in his arms and began to study the familiar features more closely.

The first thing the spirit noticed was the way his hair was so shinny and looked soft, even though it stood up like his own did, but the golden locks, crowned with the red complemented his pale skin so well.

He is too pale, the spirit thought, as if he has never been kissed by Ra at all.

As the spirit sat with Yugi, the only contact he had had with another since his soul was put in the puzzle, he could feel himself forming a strong attachment to the one who saved him. He glanced around to see where they were and was surprised by the strange objects surrounding him.

He took in the brightness of the room, and realised the room was full of strange games and toys.

A soft smile crossed his lips.

He reached down to touch the golden puzzle that hung on a chain around his neck, an exact copy of the one Yugi owned.

Which lay forgotten on the bed next to them.

An overwhelming urge to run his fingers through the boy's hair, to touch his soft locks tenderly finally won the spirit over. Now he was free, he wanted to experience everything. He wanted to fill the void that the puzzle had created in him.

He wanted to touch.

He wanted to see.

He wanted to hear.

He wanted to taste.

He wanted to be able to feel everything again.

As his fingers traced the golden tresses on Yugi's head, he felt his fingers tingle as the locks of hair tickled his skin.

Yugi's innocent face, a face of a saviour, an angel made the spirit pledge his life to him. "I will protect you," he whispered, bringing his face closer to the younger boys ear as if it was a secret for him alone.

It was in that moment that Yugi stirred and opened his eyes to find himself looking into the most striking eyes he had ever seen.

And they were compelling and he felt trapped by their power.

Then a sensitive, but strong voice whispered, "I will protect you".


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