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The birds began to stir in the trees outside.

Soon dawn would start to break and a new day to begin. Inside the game shop Yugi and Yami had finally decided to settle down to rest as Yugi's Grandpa banged on the door and told Yugi that if he didn't go to sleep he could get up and do his chores, before he had to go to school.

Yami demanded to know what 'school' was, and so Yugi began to explain all about his lessons and which subjects he took. (Yami thinking that subjects meant 'his people', and wanted to know why he took his people with him to the lessons. What did he use them for? What kind of leader was Yugi?)

At which point Yugi started to laugh, which frustrated the pharaoh even more.

"Shhhh," giggled Yugi, "Grandpa wasn't joking about the chores!" Yami stood up and folded his arms, holding his head high he then told Yugi to 'get some rest, because his subjects were waiting for him'.

Then he disappeared.

Yugi let out a small gasp as the pyramid shone brightly and then faded.

Letting out a sigh of confusion, exhaustion and contentment, Yugi laid down on his bed and fell into a deep, but peaceful sleep.

Unbeknown to him, he was being watched by the shadow of the spirit of the ancient puzzle, who gazed at his younger look a like with such interest and sudden admiration at his luck of being rescued by such a powerful, but cute and innocent light.

What luck, he thought, we shall rule together. His subjects will have an interesting time today…..

Yami smiled, he hadn't told Yugi everything about what he could do. He still didn't know to what extent himself.

Yugi sighed in his sleep and rolled over, the pharaoh settled down to watch over him, and looked at the young ones desk.

His eyes caught sight of a pile of colourful cards and to pass the time, Yami picked them up and turned the top one over.

His eyes widened in recognition.

It was the Dark Magician!

One by one, Yami began to turn over all of Yugi's cards. Surprise was hiding behind each and every one of them.

He didn't even notice as the sun rose up and began to light up this strange now world, a world he was going to find out a lot about, in a very short space of time. Whether he liked it or not.


A lone figure in a long white cloak stood proudly on a raised platform, a golden stick held in his hand. He faced not his audience, but the large screen on the wall, which projected a map of Japan.

Jabbing it suddenly with his rod, he marked an area, which now glowed, gold. A triumphant grin appeared on his handsome face.

"The Pharaoh will now be able to pay for his sins to me and all my family"

The strong voice carried around the large room to the men standing behind him.

The white-cloaked man then whirled round to face them, his pale lilac eyes scanning the room. His men stared back at him silently, their eyes vacant from expression.

All except for one.

He stayed slightly to one side of the platform with his head bowed low as if in concentration. His honey coloured skin was painted with many ancient scriptures, which had been put there long ago by his decision.

The blond haired man walked over to him and knelt down so the were eye level, "You do not agree with me?" The words were simple and softly spoken.

The man stayed silent, but looked up into the eyes of his brother.

They stared into each other's eyes for a couple of seconds, and the younger blond haired man smiled once again.

"No, you do not. But you are with me, yes?"

The silent man nodded his head once.


Turning back to his zombies, Malik held aloft his golden rod and shouted at them.

"Go. Go and find out where the pharaoh is. I must know what he looks like and what he holds dear."

A mass golden light spread around the hall emenating from the powerful rod.

"Go." He demanded and as one they filed out of the doors and into the darkness.

"Now all we have to do is wait my brother." He looked over at the older man, but he was gone.

Laughing lightly to himself, he settled down to meditate as his servants went out to discover the being of his revenge.


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