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A Megas XLR Fanfic
By Laura McDaniel

I gently stroke the porcelain urn. Its surface is cold, just like the heart of the person who did this to me.

I thought Jamie was my friend! I guess I was wrong about that. I wonder what else I'm wrong about. Could pro-wrestling really be fake? No, that's just not possible.

But I was definitely wrong about Jamie. He's taken away the most wonderful thing in my life and now he's just staring at me like he doesn't understand why I'm so upset. Then again, not even Kiva seems to understand. She keeps telling me to get over it so we can get in MEGAS and go on with our training.

Training for what? To save the future? What point is there in saving a future that is no longer sweet?

As far as I'm concerned, it's all over. A few crumbs are all that's left of what I once held so dear. Sure, they're tasty crumbs, but I need more than that.

The cookie jar that I hold in my hands is empty, just like my life. Or is that just my stomach? Yeah, it's my stomach.

Why did you do it, Jamie? Why did you eat the last triple chocolate cookie? You know I love my mom's cookies. She makes the best cookies in the entire world! No matter what Kiva thinks, I can't go back to training without savoring their taste. If I think hard enough, I can still smell them.


I really do smell cookies! And I heard a buzzer go off! My mom made more cookies! My life still has meaning after all! Let me at 'em!