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The Stitch Files - The Beginning
By stitch62619

Lab log entry #10322.2
Experiment number - 625
Objective/s - Indestructible master of mayhem
- To be carrying out my orders without any flaws

#625. My six hundred and twenty-fifth creation. I had thought I had reached my peak with him. He was the most successful of all my creations so far. I had given him everything I ever dreamed of to create the perfect master of mayhem, but now it seems as though all my efforts were not worthwhile after all. The first few months of training and observation were a success with Experiment #625. He carried out orders, and I worked his power up to it's full potential. He was on barrier of being my best creation yet, and I was being on barrier of being able to achieve a higher success than my old partner, Hamsterviel. All up until one day #625 came upon my wakaiki meat and emurl sandwich in lab. I am not knowing how it was to be happening, and through many hours of research on him, I have still not found ridiculous flaw, but now #625 is refusing to be carrying out orders, and instead, making ridiculously large numbers of sandwiches a day. Never, in all of my 600 series, has anything so stupid happened. I am whacking myself upon head. Sigh I am very much hoping that I will be getting brilliant idea soon. The thought of making Experiment #626 has been on my mind for quite sometime, and I am thinking to be taking action soon. I just hope Experiment #626 will NOT turn out like Experiment #625. …Gwaid forbid … From, Jumba.

Dr Jumba Jookiba, Lead Scientist of Galaxy Defense Industries, pondered around his lab for the third time that day. He was deeply concerned about his reputation in the job, for today, his secret had nearly been discovered.

Xurlic Gibbijon, the president of the company, had been warned of a 'peculiar lifeform' taking residence in the company's staff kitchen. Jumba, who at the time happen to be passing the presidents office to work his way down to area 2, had heard part of the conversation, and upon hearing the words 'furry yellow creature,' he instantly darted to the kitchen, to find 625, making enough sandwiches to last a lifetime.

"625! WHAT THE BLITZNAK ARE YOU DOING?!" He had screamed, making his six-hundred and twenty-fifth creation bang his head on the fridge shelf.

"Uhh…we were outta bread. I didn't know where to look until I remembered you saying something about a 'Super Storer 4000' here!"

"625, if ANYONE is to be SEEING you do you KNOW what would be HAPPENING!?



"OK, OK!…Geeze doc, don't have a heart attack."

625 had scurried back to the lab JUST in time. Xurlic and one of the employee's who had warned him of the 'peculiar creature' had come through the door, only to find Jumba. They had questioned him on the whereabouts of the creature, but he had lied to them, resulting in a small decrease in his next paycheck.

Thankfully, 625 had escaped from the building and made it back to the lab, which was next door in Jumba's house, miraculously not being seen on any of the security cameras, which Jumba had later on double-checked secretly.

If any of the company members ever found out his secret, he would be heavily fined, and possibly given a twenty-year sentence in the council jail.

Jumba sighed and ran his enormous hand through the three strands of hair on his head.

For years, the oversized man had endured many forms of harassment and teasing from his fellow employees, due to his weight and massive form. Being a 'Mule,' as so his species was called, due to the unique size of his body, he was able to move objects with a much larger capacity than himself. Basically, he could break every bone in someone's body like toothpicks, but he was not that type of 'Mule.' Though the nicknames the others used to dub him, such as 'Gianormous Jumba' and 'Jumbo Jookiba' hurt him mentally, they also had opened up a new path in his mind.

Through his years of quantum physics and the study of 'creating alien lifeforms,' he realised that he, though he was uncertain, might JUST be able to create some sort of lifeform, and he would be able to achieve something that they could NEVER achieve. He would do it in secret; build a lab in the basement of his huge, three-story home, and use his savings, which he had earned through his job, to buy the materials he would require.

Though the lab DID take a fair few months to complete, and the fact he had to do it himself due to his wife leaving him, he was extremely happy with his success of building such a spaceful, hi-tech lab.

He set to work, first using 'subjects' such as small rodents of the planet, and playing around with their DNA, finding ways to make them more intelligent, and stronger. But after a few years of the same thing, he grew tired, and worked up to creating a lifeform himself.

The first 100 series 'experiments' were failures, so he started to work out what was going wrong. After a few months of testing, he was able to correct his 'flaws,' and the experiments turned out a success. He moved on, creating his 200 series, giving each experiment its own special ability. Experiment #278 was by far his best, as being the only experiment without any flaws, and the only experiment which would carry out orders sufficiently.

During his 300, 400 and 500 series, he started 'modifying' covalent chemical bonds, to incorporate sequences from a variety of different creatures on the planet, but he focused especially the on strength, agility, hearing and sight of his experiments during the 600 series, and finally achieved his highest goal yet with Experiment #607.

Experiment #607 was a breakthrough. It could lift two hundred times it's own weight, due to titanium contained in it's bone structure, and the extra set of arms that provided moral support, which Jumba had thought up while watching a pest crawl up one of the lab walls. Jumba had done some research, and had discovered the 'Terrestrial Bat,' which was an Earth mammal. The creature had amazed him with its ability to send out sonar, and gave him the idea to create #607 with large, motor-controlled ears, which would account for fine hearing and use of sonar. The 'Terrestrial Bat' had also inspired him to give the rest of his experiments, including #607, a resemblance to it's facial features. #607's eyes contained one type of infrared lens, resulting in excellent night vision and acute binocular vision. #607 used 45 of it's brain for higher mental functions, rather than the average 35 which Jumba had given his other experiments. Jumba had also thought up the idea of three, poisonous spikes on the back for defense against attacks from behind, and antennae to transmit and receive microwave radio energy.

But still wanting to achieve more, Jumba worked on more of the 600 series, finally stopping at his greatest achievement ever, Experiment #625.

Experiment #625 could lift two-thousand times it's own weight, used 75 of it's brain for higher mental functions, had two types of infrared vision, resulting in excellent night vision capabilities as well as acute binocular vision, small ears, but equipped with fine hearing and sonar, antennae, the usual extra arms and spikes, and also advanced language programming.

But when Jumba had discovered that #625 would rather make sandwiches instead of follow out his orders, it had turned out to be a failure. No matter how hard Jumba would discipline him, he would still refuse, so Jumba had given up for a few months.

Jumba snapped out of his thoughts and looked across at #625, who was sitting on his desk, loudly chewing none other than a sandwich.

"625! Please to be stopping with the loud chewing!"

"Sorry doc. What were ya thinking about? You've been standing there like a frozen sandwich for the past ten minutes, staring at the floor. What, are you thinking of getting a new one or something?"

"No…WHAT?! FROZEN SANDWICH?! 625! Ayai…you are biggest failure yet! Go to room."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't get too mad, doc! You'll start to burn like a piece of toast!"

Jumba sighed. "Just go to room…"
"I'm going, I'm going…"

Jumba collapsed into his chair. For quite sometime now, he had been thinking of creating an Experiment #626, but had been worried that it would turn out like #625. The fact of creating another genetic experiment which would turn out with a flaw as big as #625 bothered him greatly.

But, what if he could create #626 in such a way that there would not be any flaws in it's programming at all?

Jumba thought about this as he got up of his chair, cleaned up #625's sandwich crumbs and got himself ready for bed.

He thought about it as he climbed into bed, and eventually fell asleep, still thinking about this.

The next morning, Jumba awoke to find #625 and #278 shaking him.

"Ohh…what is it you are wanting, my experiments?" he groaned.

"Doc, we want to know, are you going to create a #626?"

"Ih," came #278's high-pitched voice.

"Am thinking…now please to be going away. Am having lots of thinking to be doing today."

The two experiments hurried out of the room before Jumba started shoving the out the door. Jumba groaned and climbed out of bed, pulling on his white lab coat. He knew that the answer would come, and until it did, he just had to be patient.

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