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The Stitch Files – The First Few Month's of Life
By stitch62619

Lab log entry 10322.5
Objective - To be thinking my thoughts

I am being very pleased with Experiment 626's progress. 626 is now being eight weeks old and I am no longer needing to be using my 'Evil Genius Miniature Magnification' glasses to be looking at tiny experiment. 626 is only being as big as one of my main eyes! I am planning to insert metallic contraction into 626 when he reaches to being at stage of four month's old. (In another…um…must to be checking calender, hold on…oh yes that's it…in another two months, which is another…um…must to be checking calender again…sorry for inconvenience…oh right, another eight weeks) 626 has been feeding well with nuturing substance and tends to jiggle around a lot. Also is starting to show signs of development! At last, all my work is starting to show! Must to be going now to check on 626.
From, Jumba.

The short yellow experiment waddled into Jumba holding nothing but of course, a sandwich.

"625, I am to be swearing that you are gaining weight."

"Yeah? I know. Must have enquired some of your genes, huh?"

Jumba growled.

"Please to be turning down TV in lounge and telling all other experiments to keep noise down. Experim - err, I am not liking loud noise."

"Whatever, doc. So, have you made a 626 yet?"

"Um…still thinking bout. Now, please to be leaving me alone. I am having jobs to be doing."

625 waddled out of Jumba's room and back into the lounge, where the rest of the experiments where, watching a stupid documentary about food. When the part of the documentary about sandwiches came up, 625 turned the TV up full blast, resulting in a very angry Jumba and no sandwiches for the rest of the week.

"Aye, aye, aye," Jumba moaned as he brought 040's food up to him in the attic.

When he locked the hatch to the attic for the second time that day, he headed back down to the lab to check on his newest, tiniest experiment.
He locked his lab door, set the camera to see if any of his experiments needed him (he had decided to keep the door unlocked and moved the table somewhere else. The experiments were to glued to the TV to be worried about what he was up too anyway.)
Jumba proceeded over to 626's nurturing container and set his giant magnifier over the side, then turned on a not-to-bright light, but light enough for him to see the tiny experiment.

He observed 626's development.

Short blue fur could be starting to grow around 626's body, and four little nubs of arms could be seen starting to form. One the side of 626's head, he could see two tiny, beginnings of ears. 626's eyes could also be seen starting to form, though they only looked like two tiny black specs when Jumba looked at them closely through his 'Evil Genius Miniature Magnification' glasses.

Jumba looked closely at 626 and could see him twitching his tiny body.
"Soon, my little one, soon."

Jumba smiled and taped the side of the container, and amazingly, 626 seemed to look up at him. One of the tiny nubs of his arms started to rise, as if pointing up to Jumba.

"Ahh…he is knowing his creator!" Jumba let out a happy laugh.

After that day, Jumba was very confident that 626 would not get any flaws in his programming.

The four weeks that were left till the day that Jumba inserted the metallic contraption into 626's brain seemed to fly, and 626 seemed to be developing quicker by the day.

When finally the day before the insertion arrived, Jumba observed 626 and recorded his progress into his voice recorder.

"Blue fur has now covered 50 percent of 626's body, and markings are starting to take place on back of head and back. Tips of spikes can be seen, along with beginnings of antennae. Eyes have started to increase in form, and are now being as big as cell under microscope. Skeletal system can still be seen, along with many nerves and brain, and tail is starting to form."

Jumba very happily typed up this data on the computer.

That night, Jumba began to prepare what he would need for the incision tomorrow in his lab, and then hit the sack.

The next day, Jumba did his routine of breakfast and feeding the other experiments, except for 625 and headed down to his lab, where tiny little 626 was twitching rapidly in his container of fluids.

Jumba laughed at the sight, and then began to go through the delicate process of inserting the metallic contraption into 626's brain. He had spent two whole days last week preparing himself for this event, and preparing the tiny metallic contraption, which he was going to insert into 626 using some of the most advanced microscopic technology in the galaxy.
He very gently, using the softest tools he had, edged 626 over to the side of the container and inserted the metallic contraption up through the bottom of the container. The process wouldn't hurt 626, as the pain sensors in his body had not formed yet. Watching the monitor (the incision tool had a microscopic camera on it, which Jumba had ingeniously made) very carefully and holding his breath, he inserted the tool up the tiny hole in the left side of 626's head and inserted the metallic contraption. He sighed with relief when the process was over and took the tool out of the bottom of the container. 626 drifted away from the side of the container and seemed to stare at him as he washed up the tools and recorded the success of the process into the computer.

The months seemed to fly by for Jumba. It would be one day, and then it would suddenly be the middle of the next week. Jumba wondered whether this was something to do with Turo, or if it was just him. Jumba would sit for hours every single day of the week and watch his tiny experiment twitch and move around in the nurturing container. When 626 reached the stage of nine months old, Jumba noted that he was now visible from a small distance without his 'Evil Genius Miniature Magnification' glasses. One particular day, Jumba was going through his usual process of observing 626, when all of a sudden, the tiny experiment came right up to the side of the container and stared Jumba right in the eye. He tilted his tiny head, stared Jumba up and down for about a minute, as if wondering what he was, then seemed to get bored and swam off.

Jumba was amazed, as nothing like this had ever happened before.

He stood up and walked around to the side of the container 626 was facing and knelt down in front of him. 626 turned around to continue swimming, but then tilted his head again and turned back to Jumba. He swam right up to the side next to Jumba. Then he did something that would stay in Jumba's mind for the rest of his life. He raised a tiny arm, still with a barely formed paw, and put it right up to the glass, as if he was trying to reach out to touch his creator.

Jumba smiled and put a finger up against the glass to 626's tiny paw, which was like a miniature pest compared to his finger.

It was the happiest moment of Jumba's life.

When 626 took his paw down and swam away, Jumba continued his observation.

"Blue fur has now covered 100 percent of body, arms have nearly reached full length and paws are starting to form. Inner organs and skeletal system have now disappeared underneath skin. Ears are halfway grown and tiny splits can be seen starting to form. Spikes are halfway in length and antennae are nearly fully grown for baby stage. Eyes are fully grown, along with tail and beginnings of toes and claws can be seen."

Jumba typed up this data onto the computer, along with his first encounter with 626.

When the day finally arrived for 626 to be released from his nurturing container, Jumba was very exited. He sent all of the other experiments outside to play, but locked 199, 040 and 032 in the attic, along with a small TV to keep them entertained.
Jumba made himself a buffet breakfast to celebrate the 'birth of 626' and then for some stupid reason, he cleaned the house, which was a thing he rarely did, as 010 did that job for him.
He took a blanket and a pillow out of his closet, and then filled up the bottle he used to feed his experiments with when they were young with warm milk. He fitted on the smallest teat he could find, which was the one he used to feed 323. Then he proceeded down to the lab, locked the door and switched on the camera. He also switched on the camera in the attic, and the camera outside, so he could keep an eye on his other experiments. He could not see 625, but he knew exactly where he would be. In the kitchen, of course.

626 was asleep in the container, steadily floating up and down. His tiny chest could be seen moving up and down.
Jumba smiled and started placing towels around the bottom of the container.
Then he made his final observation.

"Fur has fully grown, and markings on back of head and back are clearly visible. Light blue patches have grown around eyes and light blue patch has grown from under chin to stomach. Arms are fully grown and nubs of claws are formed for baby stage. Legs have fully grown for baby stage, along with nubs of toes. Spikes have fully grown for baby stage and antennae have fully grown for baby stage. Ears are fully formed, and splits have developed in top and bottom of each ear. Head is large, but will change when 626 grows, along with ears. Eyes, nose, hearing and all other senses have fully developed."

Jumba typed this in to his computer for the last time, and then prepared himself to release 626.

He started by tapping the glass to wake him up. 626 opened his eyes, stretched his tiny limbs, and then wonderingly swam over to Jumba, placing all four of his tiny paws against the glass. He watched wonderingly as Jumba stretched the cable from the computer, which would program him, and then continued to type some things onto the computer.

Jumba turned around and smiled, as 626 was staring at him in wonder. "Ok, are you being ready, my little one?"

626 just stared, confused, and Jumba laughed.

He pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and began to drain the fluid from the container.

626 looked up at the fluid starting to decrease, and then looked at Jumba. Soon he was sitting on the bottom of the container.

Jumba pressed the 'open' button, and the side of the glass container opened up. The tiny experiment crawled over to the door and looked up at Jumba. Jumba reached in a finger and 626 reached out a tiny paw and touched it. Jumba smiled and put his hand flat. 626 seemed to understand, and crawled onto Jumba's hand. Jumba gently lifted him out and placed him on the table. 626 held onto Jumba's finger and tried to stand up, but lost balance and fell over.

Jumba wrapped the blanket around the tiny experiment and cradled him, taking the bottle out of the cup of hot water and holding it right up to 626's mouth, who instantly began to suck., enjoying the flavour of the milk. Jumba smiled happily the whole time, and when he tried to take the bottle away, 626 held onto it tightly wanting more. When the bottle was empty, Jumba put the bottle down, and 626, unexpectedly to Jumba, let out a loud burp, making Jumba jump. He laughed, then placed 626 back down on the table.

Jumba pulled up and chair and sat down facing him.

"Jumba," said Jumba.

626 stared.

"Jum…ba," he repeated, sounding out the syllables loud and clear.


Jumba nodded


Jumba nodded and smiled.


Jumba laughed and petted his newest creation on the head.

"Jumba jumba."

Jumba decided to leave 626's destructive programming till he was a few years older, but inserted the cable into the side of 626's head to install his other programming. When the process was finished, Jumba removed the cable, and placed it back behind the computer.

626 looked at Jumba and pointed.

"Jumba Jookiba," he said. "Creator."

"Yes. And you are Experiment 626."


"Yes. You are being my six hundred and twenty-sixth creation."

626 stood up in the blanket and tried to walk across the table, but fell over again. He stood up, and this time successfully made it across the table to examine the computer. He reached out to touch a key, when Jumba picked him up.

"No, that is my computer. You are to re-program other computers, but not mine."


Jumba sat down and explained to 626 his abilities and how to use them. Then he explained to him about his destructive programming, which he would receive in a few years time.

"I, destroy?"

"Yes, for me. But later on."


No sooner than Jumba had spoken to 626, the other experiments were introduced to him, even 040, who couldn't really careless that Jumba had made another experiment and couldn't be bothered telling anybody, which pleased Jumba. The experiments preferred to sit in front of the TV everyday of the week, along with 199, 032 and 040, but 626 was different. 626 would help Jumba around the lab, talk to him, watch TV with HIM and not the other experiments in HIS room, and even help to tidy up the lab for him. Every time 625 walked by with a sandwich and 626 was in the room, Jumba feared 626 would become obsessed with the same habit of making sandwiches 24-7, but 626 didn't even lay and eye on 625, as none of the other experiments, including 625, would hardly talk to him. Eventually, Jumba got fed up with the other experiments and had them all dehydrated into pods. All except 626.

A few years passed and Jumba observed 626's growth and development.

When 626 was three years old, Jumba noted that he was almost fully grown. He was now the height the other experiments had been and his antennae had fully grown, and now extended above his head, and he was able to move them, unlike when he was in his baby stage. All of his limbs were nearly fully grown, and his claws and toes had fully grown. His spikes were fully grown, and Jumba tested the poison in them. 626's teeth had also fully grown, along with his ears. Jumba decided it was time for 626's destructive programming to be installed, and training to begin. He told him later on that night when they were watching TV.

"626, you are now being three years old, and you are nearly fully grown."


"I have been thinking, and I have decided it is time for your destructive programming to be installed and training to begin."

626 looked away from the TV and up at Jumba.

"Meega ready?"


626 looked very excited. "When begin?"

Jumba looked down at him and smiled.


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