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The Fellowship of the Calvin

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in December, one of those unusual days when the temperature goes up despite the fact that it's winter, and Calvin and Hobbes were making the most of the excellent weather by doing what they did best: watching TV.

"Man, Hobbes, there's nothing like parking in front of a television with some Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs to watch some scary cop shows that have plenty of explosions!" said Calvin.

"Mmm, I can't think of anything more mind-numbing and pointless!" Hobbes replied.

"You said it-Hey! Are you insulting what I do for fun?!"

"What if I am?"

"Oh, you're asking for it! I swear, if I had teeth and claws like yours…"

"But you don't do you?"

"That's it…"

But at that moment they were interrupted by a high-pitched wail. "What was that?!" asked Calvin.

"It's something on TV!" cried Hobbes.

They both stared at the TV, which was playing a commercial. In it there was a black hooded rider chasing four very short people. Calvin and Hobbes watched, mesmerized, as they saw nine people fighting scary looking monsters in a dark chamber, and an old man fight a huge flaming creature before it fell into a deep chasm. "AWESOME!" screamed Calvin, "What is that?" A voice came on the TV, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Rated PG-13. In theaters December 19!"

"We have to see that movie!" yelled Calvin.

"But it's PG-13. Your mom will never let you see it," said Hobbes.

"True. Mom never lets us do anything fun," Calvin sighed as the show they'd been watching came back on. "I wish we could do some of that stuff for real," he said.

Then Calvin froze. "I just had a FANTASTIC idea!" he exclaimed.

"Uh oh," muttered Hobbes.

Calvin ignored him. "Come on! Let's go to my room!" Hobbes followed, somewhat reluctantly.

When they reached his room, Calvin pulled out a cardboard box. "Oh no!" said Hobbes, "Not that! I absolutely refuse to go in there! Besides, what good will it do? Are you gonna transmogrify yourself into a bird and fly to the movies?

"That's a great idea, but I've got a better one!" Calvin crossed out the word "Time Machine" and wrote "Movie Magic".

"Movie Magic?" asked Hobbes.

"Yes, Hobbes. Movie Magic. It will allow us to enter the world of any movie we want!" Calvin looked up at his friend excitedly, "Don't you see, Hobbes? If we can't go see the movie, we'll just go in it!"

"Are you sure this will work?"

"I'm positive! Have my inventions ever failed before?"


"Well, this one's guaranteed to success! I'm surprised I never thought of it before! Now come on and get in!"

So the two friends climbed into the box. "Ready?" asked Calvin.


"What was the movie called again?"

"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring!"

At that moment the box started to shake. Before you could say "my precious" it had zoomed off. "Here we go!" yelled Calvin.

"MY STOMACH!" screamed Hobbes.

The box raced on in a whirl of color, before it finally stopped in a green wooded area. "Where are we?" asked Calvin. At that moment they heard the sound of a horse pulling a wagon, and someone singing.

"I suggest we ask that guy," said Hobbes, and together the two approached the sound of the wagon.

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