Title: Crossing Over

Author: Hannurdock


Ever wondered what would happen if you found yourself in a wormhole in time and dimension? Ever wondered who you might meet or what you might do?

Well it happened to me.

The reality of the situation and its endless possibilities kinda blew me away. Everyone is going ahead at full steam trying to crack the secrets of the universe with complex equations and mathematics that would make your head spin around more times than the girl in the exorcist.

I am no genius. Hell, I am a simple English rose who never really fell in love and spent her days wistfully fantasising about four green skinned, shell backed mutants who could not be real, in any shape or form. It was too absurd to think that such creatures might exist. And they don't in our dimension. The key being 'in "our" dimension'...

Dimensions are like a load of tree branches spewing out from each other into endless little intricate twigs. Twigs of possibilities you might say. Although this is immensely deep, and I may as well start trying to explain the principles of Karma and the Occult for all they are really worth, I believe I have a story to share.

But, the most essential beginning for this story is an explanation of how this could be plausible. Going back a few steps to the Twigs of Possibilities, suddenly it dawned on me how to achieve cross-dimensional travel. And I am NOT talking about old Doctor Who re-runs or movies with the same warped logic. I'm speaking of something as old as time itself. Ever since Eve took the Big Bite from the Acidic Apple to be precise. The Twigs of Possibility really began there. You see, Eve had two choices she could make at that moment, and the simple decision followed two paths - one that led to mankind's success …. the other to mankind's downfall. Each of those dimensions are real, and exist … somewhere. It started as the trunk, and then the split made the branches fork out in never ending possibilities. Just as there may not be any mutant shell backed hero's in our dimension … did you ever stop to consider they may be alive and well, living in another version of our world?

Enough said. It makes my brain hurt thinking of such endless variety of life and dimensions. We are a tiny pepperoni on the Pizza of Life. All we need to do is figure out how on earth we can move from dimension to dimension, like Raph has a habit doing from rooftop to rooftop. Or as Mikey has no trouble in digesting pizza after pizza ...

Like Donny, I think too much about possibilities. It didn't do Einstein much good, and neither did it help Leonardo de Vinci. However, I firmly got it into my small brain that we may be able to cross from one dimension to another. Why the hell shouldn't we? It seems a simple question, and demands a simple answer. Why can't I cross dimensions as easily as crossing tubes on the London underground?

The key to all this begins with life itself. Life begins with a single breath, and breathing is the key to discovering all possibilities that can exist. Some may call it a fancy name such as Astral Projection or Astral Plane, but it all amounts to the same thing. The state we reach when meditating is like when we board an aeroplane to take us to some exotic destination. It's a vehicle for travelling.

I have always meditated, and through that profound state of mind found the key to open all closed doors. I share my story with you now because I believe all doors should be opened for everyone.

Come with me and journey into the world of possibility ... the story begins.