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Hermione Brings Harmony

It was turning into a beautiful day as all of Hogwarts students prepared to board the train at station 9 ¾. Hermione continued to fret nervously, wringing her hands. She didn't know why she was so nervous, its not like it was her first year or anything, she should be excited and happy that she was finally going back. But that fact didn't calm her nerves, in fact it made her more edgy.

"Hey Hermione!" called Ron as he spot her and sauntered over with Harry at his side. "Its good to see you!"

"You're looking as good as always, Herms," said Harry, smiling full heartedly.

"Hi guys! The summer seems to have been good for both you as well," said Hermione, trying to pretend that she wasn't nervous.

"Hermione, is something wrong?" asked Ron frowning slightly as he noticed her eyes looking over the crowd in a highly nervous manner.

"Uh," stuttered Hermione, "Don't be silly Ron! Nothing could possible be bothering me, we are going back to school after all!" she said with false happiness.


'Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…' were the only words running through Hermione's mind.

The trip to Hogwarts went by all too quickly and they had soon reached their destination. Hermione had finally been able to calm her nerves on the outside but on the inside she was still humming with restlessness. As usual Hagrid was there and took the first years, but Hermione didn't take much notice. 'I still haven't seen her! I wonder when she will get here? I don't think I can last much longer in such suspense!'
'It isn't like you actually know who you are looking for'
said the very unhelpful little voice in the back of her head. But Hermione just sighed as she allowed herself to be swept up with the crowd heading for the castle.

"Good evening everyone" came Dumbledore's voice through the main hall. "It is good to see everyone return safe and sound after the summer holidays..."

Hermione just tuned him out after that; nothing overly important was ever said before the first years were sorted. She continued to twitch every now and then as the first years were placed into their appropriate houses, and that is when she saw her. "There she is" Hermione cried in an exasperated voice. Everyone turned to look at her, wondering what on earth she was talking about. "Oh" she said rather embarrassed to have everyone staring at her.

"Uh, Hermione? Are you alright" asked Ron with a rather concerned about Hermione's mental health.

"Yes I'm fine" said Hermione blushing and sinking slightly in her seat. Hermione decided to start paying attention again as Dumbledore called for everyone's attention.

"As some of you may have noticed" rang Dumbledore's voice through the hall"we have a new student joining us. This is Harmony, a new sixth year student. For all those wondering, no she is not a transfer student, she is self taught in all her previous education. I would ask that you all welcome her. Now" he said turning to Harmony"please allow our trusted Sorting Hat to place you in the most appropriate house." With those last directions Dumbledore sat down and waited for Harmony to be sorted.

"I never thought I would see the day that a G..." started the hat.

"Shhhh" hissed Harmony, cutting it off. "They aren't allowed to know. You aren't even supposed to know but it couldn't be helped. Everyone has their own secrets and I am entitled to mine." Harmony seemed perfectly calm to those who viewed her, but the hat knew how much effort it had taken for her not to do something drastic.

"Fine, but I don't advise that you keep too many secrets because in Hogwarts it is very hard to keep any of such extremity." Harmony mentally rolled her eyes at that comment and waited for the hat to sort her. "Interesting..." said the Sorting Hat. "You will surprise all who are here as you have surprised me." Then in a booming voice that rang loud and definite the hat said, "HARMONY IS NOT TO BE SORTED INTO ONE OF THE FOUR EGISTING HOUSES. SHE IS ONE IN HER OWN, A VERY UNIQUE THING. A NEW HOUSE WILL BE MADE FOR HER AND SHE SHALL STAY IN WHATEVER PART OF THE CASTLE SHE WISHES. IT IS NOT FOR US TO DISAGREE OR DOUBT, JUST KNOW THIS IS WHAT SHALL BE."

"Well" said Dumbledore"so it shall be. Harmony, please create your house name and symbol."

"Ok..." replied Harmony pointing her hand to the wall with the current four house's coat-of-arms. She mumbled something that nobody quite caught and in the middle of the wall appeared her new house coat-of-arms. It was stunning and everyone found themselves looking in awe. Instead of only one creature on it, it had three.

"She can't just make up creatures to use as representatives of her house" cried Hermione, offended at the creation of the new house. "Two of those creatures do not exist and the other one represents Slytherin, therefore she can't use it." Hermione sat down again, realizing that she had stood while she was speaking or half-screaming.

"You may know more about me than the majority of the people in this room, but you do not know me or my creations. I made all three of these creatures and they are MINE. They do exist and I will prove it." A powerful magical centre formed from Harmony's hand. It grew and grew until it was big enough for her creations to come through. A loud whinny sounded through the hall as the first of the three stepped through. Everyone's breath caught in their throat as the beautiful creature stepped through. He was like a unicorn, but it had two horns and wings. He was a beautiful shade of black and it's horns shone in the light. His eyes were like black diamonds that could capture your soul if they wanted. He was the most proud and majestic creature known to the world, even though none had been aware of his existence until now. "I would like you all to meet Midnight. He is the first of my creations and has more magic in one of his hairs than most of you will ever know." Harmony smiled as Midnight shook his mane and rubbed his head lovingly against her. "Ohhh I missed you too" said Harmony placing a gentle kiss on his nose. And then the powerful magical centre began to twist again as another one of her creations stepped through. "Purr" exclaimed Harmony as she moved towards it and wrapped her arms around her neck. Purr promptly began purring, a deep sound that resonated from her throat. "Everyone, meet Purrfection. She is my second creation and like Midnight, has plentiful magic." Purrfection was, like Midnight, very much black and she was a very large cat with wings. She came up to about waist level on the average person. Then the magical centre shrank to a small hole as the last of the three creatures slithered out and then it vanished into nothing. "My beauty." hissed Harmony in parseltongue. Everyone gasped as they heard her.

"So you can speak parseltongue too? I'm glad I'm no longer the only one who can speak the language of the snakes." hissed Harry from where he was sitting at the Gryffindor table.

"Yes I can. I have many talents that you don't know of." replied Harmony still speaking in parseltongue.

"Who is thissss" hissed Harmony's third creation.

"I am Harry Potter." Harry hissed back.

"The thought to be savior of the wizarding world" Harmony hissed to her pet. "I missed you Sensations. Come to mama." Then switching into English she said"This is my third of my creations, no less powerful, and even more deadly. This is Sensations, justly named because if bitten by her, you will experience everything that she has ever done, said or seen and then keel over. It is a most terrible way to die."

"I wouldn't think so..." hissed Sensations, causing Harry to laugh and everyone to look at him.

Sensations was a black snake, with dark magic resonating off of her. She could shape-shift into larger versions of herself and her main food type was blood.

"Harmony" said Dumbledore in a slightly reserved voice"are these creatures registered in the Ministry of Magic"

"No." said Harmony shortly, leaving it at that.

"You should look into registering them at some point in time" said Dumbledore"but until then, where shall you be staying"

"I wish to stay with the Slytherins. I will create a branch from their common room to make my chambers." said Harmony. "Oh and one other thing, my house will be called Nature."

"So be it. Now how about we start with our feast" said Dumbledore, clapping his hands to reveal mounds of food on every table.

Harmony whispered to Midnight and Purrfection and they both disappeared as she picked up Sensations, allowing her to wind herself around Harmony's neck to keep herself from falling. "Let's go talk to that wizard boy, Harry" hissed Sensations. Harmony nodded and walked over to the Gryffindor table. "Do you mind if we sit" hissed Sensations.

"Not at all" Harry hissed back as he moved over to make room. It was only then that Harry was able to get a good look at Harmony. She was beautiful with brown curls falling down her back and the sides of her face. She had dark brown eyes, no black eyes, no grey, no blue, violet, no green, no red... "Wait a minute" said Harry"Your eyes keep changing color."

"Sorry" said Harmony"they tend to change color according to my emotions or to the emotions of those around me. Everyone seems to be feeling quite different things at the moment."

"Cool" said Ron, entering the conversation. "Hi, I'm..."

"Ron Weasley" said Harmony with a smile.

"How did you know? I didn't think I was that famous" said Ron.

"Don't worry, I haven't heard anything but good things about you" said Harmony smiling. "Hermione here has told me all about both of you."

"She has" asked Ron confused"But Hermione? How do you know Harmony here"

Hermione figured that now was as good a time as any"I discovered her. I found her accidentally and told Dumbledore that I had found a...a...um, well Harmony and that I thought that it would be appropriate for her to go to school here. But I had never actually seen her before. I just found her magical presence one afternoon and well here she is."

"So you didn't even know if she was human" asked Ron a little confused.

"Umm" said Hermione.

"Sorry to interrupt but the Headmaster doesn't really want anyone to be aware of the facts except Hermione. It is a little personal too." said Harmony"It was nice to meet you all, but I should get to meeting the Slytherins now, since I am staying with them."

"About that, why did you decide to stay with the Slytherins" asked Harry.

"Because it is a suitable place for me to stay I suppose, among other things..." said Harmony as she wandered towards the Slytherin table.

"Hello" said Draco icily as he looked at Harmony"Can I help you"

Sensations bared her fangs at the hostility that the table was showing towards her creator.

"Please show me your arm." said Harmony.

"No, not for the likes of you." sneered Draco back at Harmony.

"That is your first mistake" said Harmony as her eyes turned red and her hair had little lightning bolts jump through it causing her hair to stand up and flow around her face, never obstructing her view. "Your family is loyal to those who shall soon serve me" said Harmony in a deadly quiet voice that only those who were right next to her could hear"what lies on your arm is an abomination and I shall rid you of it before the day is done. Do not make me your enemy because unlike my darling Sensations here, when I bite, you don't just die but you live. All is born only to be reborn, but how you are reborn depends on how you live your life. I can make it so that you are reborn inside of an immortal creature that lives inside of me, forever in great pain that never ends or lessens."

"I'm not scared of you." said Draco. "You wouldn't dare harm me because if you did my father would hunt you down and do unspeakable things to you before killing you."

"Ha, don't make me laugh. Your father is only capable of being but a miniscule thorn in my side at most." said Harmony her eyes changing to a deep violet color.

"Don't you dare insult the Malfoy family" exclaimed Draco, outraged.

"Then don't underestimate me Silver Dragon, or you won't be able to use your precious family name to scare others off anymore." said Harmony as she turned around and levitated off the ground, only to vanish into thin air.

"What does she mean by that?" asked one of Draco's fellow Slytherins.

"Headmaster" squeaked a frightened Hufflepuff that had seen the whole thing"I thought it was impossible to apparate in Hogwarts."

"It is my dear child, it is" said Dumbledore with slight bewilderment in his voice.

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