What heroes are made of


Warnings/notes: Yugi/Anzu, failed drabble (more than 100 words), slightly weird, minor ooc?

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. This one's a bit like 'On The Endings Of Faerietales', I'm afraid. Sorry for that.

(!) Spoilers for the end of the serie. Which I haven't seen yet, but heard enoughabout to know it.

written at 27th december 2004, by Misura, for Star of Heaven, as a small Christmas-present.

Please note that when I say 'Bakura' in this ficlet, I mean 'Ryou Bakura'.


Yugi has always believed that he needs to be special. For her. That he needs to be a hero, her knight in shining armour, who is able to protect her from everything that could ever happen to her.

The past few years, the list of Bad Things That Might Happen To Anzu has grown quite a lot, really, even if he's been assured that every evil he's defeated has been banished for good. Forever.

But forever is such a very long time. Nothing lasts that long; 'forever' actually means the same as 'tomorrow'. Yugi knows this for certain, or thinks he does.

Just look at the many times it took them before they managed to finally free Bakura from the Spirit of the Ring. Every time they did it, Yami assured him the Spirit would be gone for good. And Yami wouldn't lie to him, so that means Yami's just been misinformed. As misguided as Yugi himself has been.

Nobody's perfect after all. Though he thinks that Yami came pretty close.

Yami was definitely special, a hero who's saved him and Anzu and the whole world more than once. And since Yami was a part of Yugi, his bright shadow, the mere fact of his existence made Yugi a bit of a hero too.

Yugi thought -assumed, really, since Yami never promised him anything- that it would always be like that, that he'd be special for the rest of his life. That it would last forever.

When the tomorrow came that ended it all, he wasn't prepared for it. Because there were too many questions left unanswered, too many things he didn't think he could do without Yami.

He's not a hero anymore, not even a little.

He's just plain old Yugi, a none-too-tall student, who speaks softly, acts shyly and likes to play games. Normal, innocent games, in which nobody gets hurt or forfeits his soul if he loses. He doesn't win all the time anymore, about which he doesn't truly care. It's not that important, after all.

The world will still be there the next day if he fails to gain a victory. The world has no need of him, no more than Anzu has.

Beautiful, kind-hearted Anzu, who deserves a knight, a hero.

Yugi wants her to have that, wants her to get the best boyfriend that can be found on this world, so that she can be safe and happy. What he himself wants is unimportant in comparison.

And so he tries to stay away from her, to give her room to breathe and spread her wings.

It's only on a rainy afternoon in February, when he walks home and Anzu appears out of the blue with an umbrella to keep them both dry, that Yugi realizes the truth.

Anzu doesn't need a hero. She never has needed one.

Anzu -is- a hero -a heroine, that is.

He finds he has a lot to tell her when they've reached the gameshop, and Grandpa has invited them both in for some hot chocolate.


A/N: Tell me you spotted Yami/Yugi hints in this, and I'll be most put out. Grr.