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Part 1

San Francisco 2009

Phoebe and her fiance, Jack, were having breakfast in a restaurant. He's reading a newspaper while she's looking at the people on the sidewalk. Everyone seemed to be going out enjoying a sunny Saturday morning. She stopped at the little girl who gazing at her through the glass wall. It's not the first time she saw her, as if the girl was following her everywhere. She had a long brown hair and big eyes which always looked at Phoebe adorably.


"Huh?" he rose up from the paper.



"The girl."

Jack couldn't have enough time though, the little girl ran away hastily.

"Do you want a daughter?" Phoebe asked of all a sudden.

"I don't know." He answered indifferently.

"You aren't interested talking about children."

"Um, I'm thinking we enjoy a couple of years first. A child is lots of works, sweetie!" Jack grabbed her hand and put a kiss on.

Phoebe sighed, her fiance was good, except he didn't like children. Now she was 34 years old and it had taken plenty of her time to find the man like him. A stock broker, pure human, and handsome, especially he accepted who she really was. He didn't go away after finding out her and her sisters' secret, he's going to get married to her on the contrary. Phoebe had the feeling Jack might be afraid of having a magical child. If so, she could gradually persuade him then.

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On Sunday, the Halliwells were having a picnic in a park. Wyatt and Chris were playing with Paige and her boyfriend, Mike. Piper and Leo were busy with the barbecue. Phoebe hung up her phone, Paige looked up:

"Is he coming?" she asked.

"Yeah, but he'll be late." Phoebe answered disappointedly, Jack often had reasons so that he wouldn't see her family. He's just interested in her only.

The kids were giggling, Phoebe had intended to play with them after calling him, but she just sat there, being dumbfounded. She looked far away and realized the little girl was behind a big tree sneakily observing her. She wanted to call Piper and Paige but both of them were busy.

"I wander around." She stood up walking out.

The girl instantly followed her. Phoebe really walked for a while then got out of her sight when she passed by a group of people. The little girl looked around seeking for her with no luck. Several minutes later, she walked back to where Phoebe was with her family before, thinking her 'target' must have returned there.

Her face turned sulky seeing Phoebe wasn't there either. Suddenly someone called her from behind:


The girl turned around, getting frightened that Phoebe was calling her, she ran off.

"Hey! Baby!" Phoebe went after and reached her shoulder.

"Wait!" She knelt down touching her arms tenderly "Do we know each other?"

The girl shook her head.

"So you live nearby?" Phoebe smiled.

The girl just shook her head again.

"Are you here with your parents? Where's mommy?"

"Mommy doesn't live with me." Little girl answered in a low and childish voice.

Her blue eyes looked very sad, Phoebe nodded feeling regret for asking that question. She touched her braid gently.

"Did you get lost? I'll take you to your family." She suggested.

"No. Daddy doesn't know I'm here." She ran off, but stopped on her way, then ran back of all a sudden to hug Phoebe. Her small arms wrapped Phoebe tight, Phoebe was quite confused, she didn't think a little girl could have such a strong feeling for a total stranger. However, she held her back fondly recalling she herself had craved for motherly love in her childhood. When she'd been out, she had often looked at beautiful and gentle women dreaming about them being her own mom. The fact that they were not had hurt her so badly.

"What's your name, baby?"

"I'm Phoebe."

Phoebe was touched, little girl had the same name as hers, and be lack of motherly love like her as well.

"I'm Phoebe, too!" she whispered. The girl tightened her embrace.

"Hey, Pheebs!" Piper called "Who's that?"

Little Phoebe startled and separated from Phoebe then running away without a word. Phoebe walked back to join her family.

"Who's that girl?" Piper asked.

"Phoebe." She replied "This's her name. I don't know anything else."

"But I've seen you hugged her fondly." Paige teased "Looks like someone's longing for getting married and having children impatiently."

In the meantime, Phoebe's cell phone rang. It was Jack. They just talked a few words, then she hung up.

"Okay, let try my skill." Leo called loud.

Mike was serving wine. Paige shrugged her shoulders, all of them understood what Jack had told Phoebe on the phone. He couldn't come since something very important just happened to appear. Piper gave her sister a sympathetic smile.

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4 days later…

"What're you doing here?" Phoebe was surprise but happy to see the little girl right in her bedroom.

"I'm sorry I didn't say bye to you."

"It's okay." Phoebe smiled "But why did you leave? You could join us?"

"I can't."

"Why? We're good. We'll welcome you, baby!"

The little girl just shook her head.

"My nephews are around your age. They'll be glad to play with you."

"They won't like me." Little Phoebe spoke since she saw Phoebe was disappointed and unsatisfied at her stubborness.

But Phoebe didn't answer. She wondered what made a kid think her family wouldn't like her.

"I miss you." The girl said. Phoebe looked back seeing her eyes shed tears.

"I miss you too!" she replied and pulled her into her lap.

"Please don't hate me!"

"Don't be silly! I won't." Phoebe kissed her hair "Maybe we'll meet on Sunday morning at the park?"

"Daddy's promised to take me out." The girl looked up "How about Saturday?"

"Yeah, my sisters are out at night. You can come here." Phoebe agreed.

"I will."

Phoebe woke up looking around, she couldn't believe it's just a dream. She had been working on her laptop when falling into a sleep and seeing little Phoebe. She had to admit that she missed the girl so much, that might explain her dream.