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Part 14

"Everything has been settled. I can't do any cancellation." Cole murmured.

"Have you tried?" Phoebe asked, looking straight at him.

He turned around to face her "Yes."

"Maybe I can help." She suggested hopefully.

"You can't."

He sounded resolute. Phoebe decided another way to touch him.

"My dad left me after I was born for a short time." She started "I didn't know him in my childhood. I think I don't really understand how much and deep fatherly love is. It's a loss of my life. The problem is I don't really understand how lost it is."

"So you don't really feel sad about it." Cole deduced.

"Piper's a little older than me. She cried bitterly the day he left. She was too young to know thoroughly what it meant. But she knew him, she called him dad, she's used to seeing him everyday, and having his care. She didn't want him to walk out with a suitcase." Phoebe continued emotionally "Piper never likes talking about it. She tries burying it deep in her heart. She's made peace with dad, it doesn't mean she's forgotten what he did. It remains deep inside where she buried."

Cole didn't answer, but looking blankly far away.

"Prue's the oldest. She's around our daughter's age at that time. Piper said she didn't shed a single teardrop. She just stared at dad brushing Gram's grip off, then resolutely walking out of the door. This image engraved in her mind deeper than any other moments he's looking after her or playing with her. Prue felt resentment towards him since then." Phoebe bit her lips, it's not easy to talk about her late sister even after such a long time "She grew up in Gram's care, with… this resentment. It didn't impact her feeling and her outlook on life in a positive way. It was hard to persuade Prue to meet with dad when he returned. Then she passed out before dad could redeem his mistake to her."

"It's different." Cole muttered.

"I know you're different." Phoebe approved, "Our mom was dead a short time before that. I didn't really know her either. Before we found out our heritage, we didn't expect to see her again. However, we believed strongly that mom loved us, she wouldn't have left us if she'd had a choice. We hugged each other, cried with each other thinking of mom. Tears brought peace to us, because we knew mom knew we loved her, and she loved us." Phoebe paused a little to soothe her own emotion "The fact that we lacked both of our parents. But we believed in motherly love, that appeased our orphanage, and nurtured our hearts. You have no right to take away Phoebe's happiness of having her father sooner than the fate does."

It appeared to her that Cole lost his balance of all a sudden, he tried to hold the banister, while his body was going to fall down. Phoebe hurriedly grabbed him, putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Come on! Let bring you back inside." She led him to the couch, and helped him sit down.

Cole leaned on the back, squeezing his eyes. Phoebe held his hand in concern "How are you feeling?"

She felt him grasping her thumb, his face twisted in pain. A few minutes later, sweat oozed on his forehead, he loosed her hand, opening his eyes vaguely.

Phoebe stretched his fingers, and entangled her ones to his. Cole slowly reached out his other hand to touch her face. He caressed her cheek with his palm and the back of his hand in turn, while looking at her longingly. That way he gave her the feeling of being treasured. Her tears dropped, she knew no one ever loved her as much as he did. Had he not been her first love, had she comprehended enough in life at that time, she would've behaved him differently. It was stupid that she needed to love and be loved several times to realize how invaluable his love was.

"Please don't cry!" Cole whispered, wiping her tears out.

"I love you." she sniffled.

"I love you too!"

Phoebe rested her head on his chest, he embraced her, and massaging her back. They stayed like that while their love healed all the pain they had caused to each other in the past. Their hearts at last found way to get back together.

"Let me help you!" Phoebe pulled out, looking at him.

"We'll go pick Phoebe. I'll stay with both of you until the fate separates us."

"No, Cole! We need you all of our lives. You can't give up!" Phoebe said in a firm voice "Tell me your disease."

"It isn't a disease." Cole breathed heavily "I'm weak because I've lost my soul."

"Why?" she gasped.

"In a deal to bring our daughter to life." he replied "She wasn't a complete soul on the Wasteland like mine. She needed a ritual to strengthen it."

"You should've come to me." She reprimanded him softly.

"I was afraid." He said "I did come back later, just wanted to know how you're doing. I saw you and your new boyfriend. A gentleman, in comparison with a half human without a soul I am."

Cole hadn't thought Phoebe would accept him in his condition considering how she had treated him before. She snuggled up to him again "No one can be compared with you."

"Thank you!" He kissed on her head, his arms wrapped around her.

"We'll find your soul." Phoebe suggested.

"I did." Cole related "I found my soul, but it refused to rejoin me. I tried to free it then, but it was drawn back to the sorcerer."

"What's the name?"


"We vanquished him." she informed "He wanted to steal the pendant. We should look for your soul again."

"How? It isn't my soul anymore. I can't sense it, you can't scry for it." Cole explained "Lemol kept it somewhere else after I rummaged his cavern. I've spent 5 years hunting for Lemol, and killed half of the Underworld in the process. All I gained is nothing."

"I see. Thanks to you, evil subsides nowaday." Phoebe concluded.

Cole had sought for the sorcerer's trace around the Underworld, then gotten rid of anyone who he had interrogated to prevent those creatures from spreading the rumor that he had lost his soul. His doings had influenced the good side positively.

"But we can't just leave your soul somewhere unknown. I need it. I need you to come back." Phoebe said.

"With countless powers from the Wasteland again?" he asked.

"It's fine with me. As long as you're alive." She determined, caressing his lips with her index and middle fingers, then kissing him.

7 years had passed through. Phoebe still remembered Cole's kiss, which could be able to burn her desire up over her body. She dragged her hand through his hair behind his ear as in the old days. Suddenly, she broke their kiss, pulling her hand out in panic.

A lock of his hair was on her palm.

"Cole!" she uttered.

He brushed it away, kissing both sides of her hand.

"Can I live my two last days happily with you and our daughter?"

"You know I want more than that." Phoebe whispered.

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Friday evening,

Piper was putting the dishes into a cupboard. Paige orbed in from the attic.

"I've found the recipe to make the potion." She handed Piper a piece of page "It'll uncharm a cursed soul."

"Great!" Piper got the piece "As soon as we find Cole's soul, he can be back."

"Unfortunately, the book doesn't mention how to locate it." Paige was annoyed.

"Where there's a will, there's a way." Piper encouraged.

"I know. Maybe I'll find something that may help at Magic school. Furthermore, we can try some ways on our own. I don't believe we won't get it if it does exist." Paige emphasized.

"Impressive!" Piper teased at her sister's resolution.

"I never acknowledged Cole as the one in our family. I always wanted to get rid of him." Paige admited "Now we all know the truth. He didn't betray us, he didn't choose the throne over this family at his free will. Plus, it's for both of Phoebe the sister's and Phoebe the niece's sake."

Piper smiled in agreement. They went to the living room, Piper sat near Leo, and Paige sat near Mike.

"Guess they're going back. They must've had a happy day together." Piper said.

"Absolutely." Paige nodded.

"Baby Phoebe is too young. It's really hard to leave her father at this age." Mike sighed.

"She won't have to." Paige snorted " We're cooking the unspelling potion. All we need to do is find his soul."

"It isn't supposed to be easy." Leo said "Remember Cole has turned the Underworld upside down with no luck."

"You're not speaking that way when they're here." Piper scolded him.

Meanwhile, Cole, Phoebe, and their daughter shimmered in. Little Phoebe ran to Piper, holding three posicles in her hand.

"Hi, sweetie! Where have you been?" Piper asked.

"Paris, Sydney, and Tokyo." The girl answered merrily.

"Whoa, it's wonderful!" Paige commented.

"I've shimmered mom and dad home." Little Phoebe bragged.

"Have you? You're so good!" Piper praised.

"Where are Wyatt and Chris?" she asked.

"Upstairs, watching cartoon." Piper answered.

Little Phoebe shimmered to her cousins. Cole sat down on the couch, Phoebe sat on the arm of it, holding his shoulder. Everyone could realize how happy she was tonight, she looked radiant.

"You had fun?" Piper asked.

"Yeah, it's the happiest experience." Cole replied.

"We have good news here." Paige informed "I've found the recipe of unspelling potion."

"Really?" Phoebe grinned "Thank you, Paige!"

"So, no worries, you two will be happy together." Piper smiled.

"I'm already happy now, having Phoebe and our daughter besides me," Cole grabbed her hand on her thigh "and your acceptance. It's more than enough to me."

"You actually considered this family your family before we do." Piper said "I'm glad all of us are here today."

"Cole, this is my fiancé, Mike. He's just proposed me today, and we'll get married soon." Paige introduced "Mike, you heard of Cole. I believe Phoebe'll be delighted if I see him my brother in law."

"Nice to meet you." Cole reached his hand out.

"Nice to meet you too." Mike shook hands with him.

"All right, I'm cooking a special lunch tomorrow to celebrate the reunion." Piper said "Your presence is requested."

"I'm afraid I can't." Cole refused sadly, everyone looked at him "Don't want to sound pathetic, but I don't think I'll live through tonight."

"I thought…" Piper was about to argue.

"Probably because I don't have daily restorative potion this week." He explained.

The air sank heavy, a few of sighes were repressed, Phoebe turned away, wiping her tears.

"Well, I've prepared the camera for this get-together." Leo said "Why don't we take a family picture?"

They called the kids to go downstairs. Leo found a proper place for his camera and set to self-timer mode.

"Put your smiles on, guys!" he prompted, looking through the lens.

Piper was sitting in the middle, holding Wyatt. Phoebe was on the right with little Phoebe in her lap. Paige's carrying Chris on the left. Cole's standing behind Phoebe, while Mike's behind Paige. Being satisfied with the preview, Leo walked to his place behind Piper before the shutter clicked.

"I think it's time to say good bye!" Cole murmured.

Piper suggested the children got back to their cartoon.

Paige stood up, walking towards him, holding out a small vial "I made it for you." She said tenderly "Hadn't I vanquished your de…- doctor, you would have more time around, and we could find your soul in time."

"Not your fault at all." Cole told her "I understand it's your duty. Why don't you think if you hadn't planned to vanquish her, you wouldn't have seen me there, and Phoebe wouldn't have come to me."

"We'll try all our best to bring you back! You won't have to wait too long!" she promised "This potion will make 'it' painless, and easier."

"Thank you, Paige!" he received the vial.

"Okay," her eyes glistened, she stretched her hand out "We never got along well together…"

Paige remembered she had kept a grudge against him since knowing he'd been The Source, and he'd treated her badly. Now she found the truth that he had been possessed by The Source, and the one who had tortured her wasn't him at all. He did have tried to save her on the contrary at that time. However, she wasn't brave enough to admit it directly to him.

"We do now." Cole said "Nevertheless, I appreciate your defence to your family. You'll look out for them, will you?"

They gave each other a squeeze of the hand, Paige tried to make a strained smile, then ran out.

Mike stepped up "Hope we'll have a chance to get to know better."

"I wish you and Paige a happily ever after." Cole shook hands with him before he followed his fiancée.

"We did have this chance." Leo muttered.

"And we're good friends." Cole agreed "You're the only real friendship I had in my life!"

"I myself don't have many friends." Leo grabbed Cole's hand "We'll do it better next time!", they shared a hug.

"All of us expect you to come back, you know?" Piper choked.


"Oh, I hate seeing a member in my family die." She sniffed "I hate seeing my baby sister in mourning."

Piper gestured her hands trying to find her words, finally she reached out snatching him, sobbing on his shoulder "You weren't there when she's grieving for you the last time."

Cole held her back gently "Please take care of my girls!" he whispered to her and Leo "And yourselves too!"

"We'll all be fine." Piper pulled out "I mean including you, Cole!"

Cole held Phoebe's hand, looking deeply to her eyes, she managed a weak smile, giving him an "I-am-here" look. He then told three of them "Thank you for everything! I've never felt regret knowing you."

After Cole and Phoebe walking upstairs to their daughter, Piper found Paige in the conservatory with red eyes. She didn't need to see her to know why she had run out before.

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Part 15

"Are you sure she'll be ok with it?" Cole asked tentatively.

"Yes. This way you keep hope in her heart." Phoebe assured "It doesn't make sense to hurt her feeling when you're coming back."

"What if I'll never…?"

"You will." She touched his cheek "You have to trust me."


"If the worst comes to the worst," she interrupted "I'll tell her later."

He nodded, they went to their daughter's room together.

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Cole pulled the blanket up to little Phoebe's chest.

"Good night, daddy! Good night, mommy!"

"Good night, baby!" Phoebe said.

"Actually we're saying good bye now!" Cole started "Remember I told you I'll have to work abroad for a while."

"Are you leaving?" his daughter asked sadly.

"Yes, … a few hours later." He lowered his voice.

"You lie me, you just want to leave me!" the girl sat up.

"No! I don't want it, I never want it." His eyes were watery, he looked up, asking for Phoebe's help.

Phoebe sat on the bed, pulling the girl into her arms "Don't think badly of dad. I used to live far away from you, it didn't mean I didn't love you, baby! But there's something we have to do to prepare for our future when three of us will live happily together."

Little Phoebe tilted her head on her mother.

"You know in your heart that daddy loves you, right?" Phoebe kissed on her hair.

"Will you come back?" the girl asked her father.

"As soon as I can, sweetie!" Cole sputtered.

"Promise!" she held out her forefinger.

He linked his one to her, a giddiness attacked him of all a sudden, he knew his end was coming up.

"You can shimmer back to here to visit us." His daughter said.

"Umm, I'm travelling over many countries. I don't know if I can manage that."

"We won't like dad staying away too long, will we?" Phoebe said in Cole's stead "So we should let dad concentrate on his works, and finish them in the shortest time, and shimmer back here permanently. Does it sound better?"

The girl pouted her lower lip.

"But we'll keep in touch via emails, right daddy?" Phoebe suggested.

"Everyday." Their daughter's face brightened.

Cole glanced at Phoebe, who gave him a nod.

"Yes." He adjusted her blanket "Now is bedtime."

Little Phoebe slipped back on her bed. Cole kissed her forehead and her cheek tenderly.

"Good night, sweetie!"

"I love you." She yawned.

"I love you, too!" he put another kiss on her forehead, switching the lamp off.

Before leaving the room, Cole took one more look at his daughter. Phoebe squeezed his hand. Yes, he's assured litte Phoebe was loved here.

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She watched him walking in her bedroom, then shut the door behind her back. He took out the vial Paige had given before, drinking it at one gulp.

She opened the wardrope, finding his pyjamas, and handing them to him.

"No, I don't need them."

"Sokay, you may want some juice, which would you rather have, orange, grape, or pineapple?" she rambled.


"Or wine? You can have wine tonight, if you like…"

"Phoebe," he wrapped his arms around her.

"I want you to feel comfortable." She mumbled.

"Then stay with me."

"No. I'm not saying good bye to you, Cole!" she shouted, pulling apart.

"I'm afraid we don't have time…" he held his head, staggering towards the bed, his hands reaching out looking for a support.

She rushed to hold him, he immediately grabbed her hand, they managed to sat on her bed. That was when he fell unconscious. His body leaned on her, his head on her shoulder, still keeping her hand tight.

She held him in silence, the whole world seemed to being frozen like in this room. She had never felt empty, solitary, and resolute as this moment. She refused to say good bye to him, and he didn't tell her anything yet, he didn't promise anything, he even didn't give her a good bye kiss… Now she's going to watch the love of her life dissolve into nothing right in front of her eyes. The only thing could console her a little was he wasn't feeling pain.

She managed to lay him down, pulling his legs on the bed, while he still held one of her hands.

"I'm here." She whispered " With you. Tonight. And forever. Nothing can separate us, even the death!" she put a kiss on his hand, then pressed it against her chest "You must believe in me! I'll bring you back. And we'll have a future with more children. Five, or six. Seven will be the best. I can't do it on my own, you know?" she gently caressed his jaw, and his cheek "The boys will look like you, and the girls will look like me. We'll name our first son Cole. Don't argue with me about that. It's fair."

She bent down lying on his chest, and nuzzling his shirt "I love you, and everything we've shared in the best, and the worst time. You must come back to make me your bride, Cole Turner!"

His grip on her hand loosed, she looked up, catching a drop of tear falling down from the corner of his close eye. He dematerialized in a blink, leaving nothing but the imprint of his body on the sheet. She trembly touched it, feeling the heat still lingering there.

"You're not leaving. You're coming back."

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The bounty hunter put the ball that keeping Cole's soul on the rock in front of him. He chanted the spell he had stolen from the sorcerer before. The ball glowed, a bright light escaped from it entering his body, shaking him violently. After it finished merging with his essence, he transformed into Cole's appearance. One thing left he had to do was getting his own vanquishment.

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The bounty hunter shimmered in an alley, holding an athame, blocking the way of a young woman.

"Demon!" she muttered.

He raised his weapon up, attacking the woman. She kicked it away without hesitation, knocking him off in her next blow. He lied on the ground helplessly, she grabbed the athame, was going to stab him with it, when the Charmed Ones appeared in orb light.

"Athame!" Paige called. It orbed in her hand.

The woman looked up in surprise.

The demon seized his chance to shimmer away.

"Cole!" Phoebe called.

"Who are you?" the woman asked.

"Not your enemies for sure." Paige answered "As you see, we're witches."

"You've just saved a demon. What kind of witches are you?" she challenged.

"We're sorry. But he's our demon. We want to take care of him ourselves." Piper knew her explanation sounded funny.

The woman walked out in rage.

"I'm getting used to receiving this compliment." Paige growled.

"It's ok as long as we're aware of what we're doing. But I'm worried." Piper said "What if Phoebe misses a premonition and he's successful…"

"I'll always get it in time." Phoebe assured.

"I prefer your premonition to come a bit ealier so that we'll have time to throw this potion." Piper showed a vial in her hand.

"Pheebs, touch this athame, maybe you'll see something." Paige handed it to her sister.

Phoebe seized it, closing her eyes. It didn't take too long until her sisters saw her knitting her brows, and her shoulders shake in a jerk.

A moment later, she opened her eyes "He's going to attack Mike."

"Good choice." Piper commented "Hurry up!"

Three of them orbed out.

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Mike unlocked his door, walking in his apartment leisurely. He loosed his tie while using his leg to shut the door. The bounty hunter suddenly appeared before him. Mike was frozen a few seconds in shock seeing 'Cole'.

"Fight for your life." The demon snarled, rushing forwards in an effort to knock him out.

Mike raised his hand to break his attack, then hit him back. After some thrusts, he realized the demon didn't plan to win at all, he made many fatal mistakes in his defensive position. Mike immediately pull out a potion from his pocket. The demon seemed satisfied receiving it. He shrieked in pain.

"Paige!" Mike cried out.

Orb light appeared on an instant. The demon got up on his feet, shimmering into his real form. He looked around in astonishment.

"Phoebe!" he stammered "Where am I?"

"Trapped in a demon's body." She answered, feeling his familiar look to her.

Their potion had worked well, Cole's soul was split off from the demon's essence, both of them were still inside the same body though.

"He wanted your soul to go to the Wasteland, then come back here as you did." Piper explained "Now you can use his body and his powers to resurrect yourself."

"But I can't vanquish you again." Paige said, recalling they had killed Cole along with The Source before.

Now was a pretty similar situation, even though it seemed opposite, his soul was taking over a demon.

"Neither can we." Piper agreed "Mike!"

"No!" he refused "I haven't really known you, but I can't."

"I'll do it myself." Cole said.

"Our daughter and I are waiting for you." Phoebe stepped up.

He nodded, shimmering away.

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1 months later,

Well, that's it for today, I should go prepare the documents for my meeting now. Good night, sweetie!

Your daddy

Phoebe hit the send button, then shut down her laptop. She's writing to little Phoebe everyday as they had planned. It wasn't easy. No one knew why Cole didn't come back yet. It hadn't taken him too long the previous times. She and her sisters had tried scrying for him, but they found nothing.

When she returned home, Piper was going to leave for P3, and Paige and Mike are planning to spend the weekend at his place.

"You want to go with me?" Piper asked.

"No, I'm tired." Phoebe refused.

"C'mon, I don't think you should stay alone at home." Piper insisted.

"Yeah, at least you have someone to talk." Paige agreed "Maybe you can find a new idea."

"I know your plan with Leo tonight, Piper!" Phoebe said "All of you have done a lot for me. Now you should take time for yourselves. Don't worry. I'm ok." She tried to smile with her family, then went to her bedroom.

Phoebe took a quick glance at the bed, and sighed. Her little hope was broken up one more time. Everyday she opened the door in a hope that she would see him waiting for her there. But it had never come true. The room was cold, and empty as usual.

She grabbed the family picture on her nightstand, which they had taken a month ago. In the picture, he's standing right behind her, his hand on her shoulder.

"Where are you, Cole?" Phoebe whispered.

She held the picture into her chest, feeling a breeze blowing over. But it didn't carry his call with it.

Waiting was not the best way, Phoebe thought "I'll come to you then.", she started to chant the spell.

"Writher my love / Wherever you be / Through time and space / Take my heart near to thee."

She disappeared for a second, but re-appeared right after that. A chill ran along her spine when she realized she's still in her own bedroom.

What did it mean? Her love didn't exist anywhere in the cosmos?

"Writher my love / Wherever you be / Through time and space / Take my heart near to thee." She repeated in anxiety.

This time was worse, nothing happened.


She startled at his sweet voice, turning around.

"I'm not your lost love anymore."

Phoebe rushed to him as fast as she could. In his embrace, she'd never let him go again.

"Are we alone here?" Cole asked inbetween the kisses.

"Uh huh." Phoebe hummed.

"That's good. I love your plan of having six more children."


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