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Part 4

"The Charmed Ones poked their noses in. Our sacrifices have gone." The bounty hunter said as soon as his materialization was finished.

The sorcerer glowered his eyes angrily "Didn't I ask you to watch them carefully?"

He had been preparing for intensifying the powers of the group of bounty hunters which the one in front of him was a member. They were medium in hierarchy. It didn't mean they would become very powerful after that, but their powers would grow stronger.

"If we're capable of fighting those witches, we wouldn't need this ritual." The bounty hunter snapped. "Our head was vanquished."

The sorcerer stared at him skeptically. Their head was an upper level demon, which required a potion consisted of his flesh to be vanquished. However, he had never encountered the Charmed Ones before. There's no way his vanquishing potion was available for them.

The bounty hunter knew what the sorcerer's thinking about, so he explained quickly:

"Belthazor's daughter helped them."

"How?" his mouth dropped down.

"A shield activated from her pendant. It protected them, and caused the energy ball to bound back."

The sorcerer meditated for a while, then grumbled "You're cunning, Belthazor! But it won't work as you wish." He turned to the bounty hunter "You can go finish your job. Belthazor's powerless now."

His original plan was to kill Cole so that all of his powers would return to the Wasteland where his soul would never come again. Then he would change Cole's soul into his own one by an incantation. The soul existed through life to life, it could forget its previous lives, and adapt to its new one. He believed his magic was strong enough to force Cole's soul to mix with his essance and serve him. He would get his own vanquish in the next step, and the entrance to the land of all demonic powers was widely open to him. Now things had changed. If he got the pendant, he wouldn't have to take the risk of getting vanquished. The sorcerer tried to suppress his excitement thinking about this prospect.

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Phoebe couldn't work at all. She managed to focus on an uncomplete advice, but her mind was totally empty, except the thoughts for little Phoebe. She didn't think about the girl being a demon, but remember her hiding behind a tree looking at her, or waiting for her desperately in front of the Manor. It's obvious that little Phoebe loved her and wanted to be with her, Phoebe loved the girl as well. Suddenly she recalled the old dreams which she was singing a lullaby to a baby, or playing with her. Maybe that's little Phoebe. It's easy to find her had Phoebe's hair and eyes. They even had the same name. "We must have a relation." she thought. And if little Phoebe was a daughter of a demon, Phoebe realized some familiar features on the girl's face. Her sisters would call her crazy if they knew what's she thinking… Was it possible that a girl had both of her and 'his' features anyway?

Cole. He had decorated their bedroom with balloons and flowers on the day he found out her being pregnant. He had kissed on her tummy happily, he had been so much happy. Cole. They had had the time expecting their child together. Now Phoebe didn't get the hard feeling thinking of him, he wasn't a threat anymore, he wouldn't be able to ruin her family or harm any people in his insaneness. If she gave a minute to think of him, she wouldn't think about the period of his last months. Time could heal all wounds, Phoebe wasn't saying she had forgiven him, but she would admit the truth that they had shared their best time together. Also the worst time?...

"My life is with you and our baby. We'll be strong together. After all, we're family." Everything after that had turned terrible, she had lost all in her hand, and been trying hard to find them again. It's coming to light that Jack was not the right. Phoebe unconsciously rubbed her tummy assuming happiness was still far away. A premonition hit her of all a sudden.

A young woman picked little Phoebe at her school. They drove to a parking lot where she asked little Phoebe about her girl took it off and gave it to the woman with no doubt. She got it, and grabbed little Phoebe at her head, smoke fumed from her hand. The girl's face distorted in pain, and was killed. The woman morphed into an evil looking man.

Phoebe gasped. She didn't have much time, while Paige would never agree to orb her there. She knew her sisters wasn't coming in a mission of saving a demon.

"I won't fail." Phoebe whispered. All she had to do was warn little Phoebe in time, then they would be safe. She created a spell hurriedly.

"Spirits of heavens

Crossing through time and space

Knowing my deep worry

Take me to the place I should be"

She disappeared…

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Cole was going to leave his office when a bounty hunter appeared in front of his desk, throwing an energy ball at him. Cole dodged, then replied him with his own energy ball which was evidently stronger. The demon got vanquished, however, another bounty hunter took the opportunity to get in, and hit Cole in the meantime. Those demons' attacks weren't so hard, but it's enough to send Cole against the shelf this time. The demon conjured the strongest energy ball he could to finish his target, but Cole shimmered out a few seconds before it caught him, and reformed behind him, cleverly breaking his neck. After the demon's corpse faded away, Cole fell on the floor, holding his chest. He wasn't invincible anymore, the wound was unbearably burning. Nevertheless, he managed to pull the cell phone in his pocket out, and called his daughter.

"Where are you?" the little girl asked in her sulk and childish voice.

"I'm sorry, sweetie! I've lots of works to do. I can't leave right now." Cole pressed his hand on his wound trying to repress the pain "Sarah'll pick you and make the dinner. I'll be home late."

There's no answer from her.

"Phoebe?... Ok, I'm calling Sarah. Just wait there…"

"I hate you." Little girl shouted.

"…and keep your pend…" Cole heard her hang up the phone. He hoped her to understand what he's talking about. He still had to make another phone call before going to see Fiona.

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"Yes. See you at home. I'm going now." Sarah shut her phone off. She gathered her handbag and keys, and was about to leave when the sorcerer blinked in. Her face turned white in panic.

"Who… who are you?"

"I promise it won't be long." He muttered reaching his hand out to grab her head.

15 seconds later, Sarah collasped lifelessly.

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Fake Sarah stopped at the school, pressing her horn to get little Phoebe's attention. The girl stood up walking towards her car slowly. Phoebe appeared behind the gate where was quiet at that time. She recognized little Phoebe was going to get in the car.

"Phoebe!" she called loud, rushing out.

"Phoebe, c'mon!" Sarah opened her car door.

But the little girl wanted to wait for her mommy, she was so surprise and happy. Phoebe quickly held her, and told "Go with me!" while glaring at fake Sarah furiously.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Sarah asked.

"Tell her you're going with me!" Phoebe said.

"No. Your father's waiting for you at home."

"I'll take you home." Phoebe looked at the girl fondly "Didn't you want to see me? I'm here with you now, baby!"

The little girl seemed to accept her suggestion. She always wished to have time with her mommy.

"Your father asked me to pick you up. Be a good girl, Phoebe!" Sarah got out and snatched her hand roughly.

Little Phoebe reacted as if a premonition hit her. Phoebe pulled Sarah out "Stay away!"

"You're not Sarah." The girl uttered, stepping backwards.

Fake Sarah rushed on to take little Phoebe, but Phoebe blocked her way, and pushed her out "I said stay away."

Then she and her daughter ran off together.