Self Defense

Disclaimer: Owning Yami No Matsuei would be nice. sigh But I don't, sadly.

Notes: This was just a weird little thing inspired by Child Abuse Prevention. The "grab, twist, pull" technique was introduced to me by them. Also, NEVER under any circumstance, take this seriously.

Hisoka couldn't sleep. He moved restlessly around his room for a few hours, before he felt as if he would go mad. He walked outside to clear his head in the cool night air.

"What is…?" he muttered, seeing two people under the sakura tree. He walked closer, curious, just in time to see a tall, pale-haired, man stab a strange woman. That should have been a clear "run away" signal. But hey, Hisoka was surprised.

Then the man turned around, his right eye glowing evilly. That's when Hisoka tried to run.

Sadly, the man was faster then him. Hisoka found himself thrown to the ground, and was temporarily stunned. This didn't last long, however, and Hisoka found that his clothes were being removed. He screamed, like any normal person would do. Then he had a thought.

/Didn't those Child Abuse Prevention people talk about this/ Hisoka mentally prepared himself for what he was about to do.

Muraki leaned forward onto the unfortunate boy. He began to molest the poor little kid, then started to talk to him.

"You are beautiful boy. The knife is not good enough for you…" he purred. He opened his mouth to say more, but instead…

Hisoka took a deep breath, then grabbed his attacker in a place where no male should be grabbed, twisted, then pulled down hard. The man got off him immediately, then took off fast.

Hisoka sat there for a little bit. Blinked, then shrugged and went back inside.

I'm well aware that this is just plain weird, and at times just doesn't seem to work. But, let it be known this is my first fic about anything. Therefore, it's also my first Yami No Matsuei fic, too. Maybe there will be more in the future, (Maybe they'll have actual points to them. sweatdrop) but I think I will improve my writing first. Please RR! Criticism is welcome!