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Anything looking like this (Tari: or T:) is our Guest writer (T: MEEE) Tari, who is kinda psycho. She's in love with a fictional serial killer (Tari: HE'S NOT FICTIONAL! ERIK IS REAL!) Her Erik being the Phantom of the Opera Erik not my story Erik. And she's a crazy lunatic about typos and singing/playing in tune. One last note, I promise, she's in love with her violin tutor. (ANGEL OF MUUUSIICCC! HAHAHAHAHHAHSAHJDKASAKJNFKA:JEFA) smack BAD TARI! Ehhem... sorry bout that folks... This might be borderline PG-13/R for language and innuendo done by Tari. (T: NO PORN HERE YOU PERVS!) Now, on with the regularly scheduled story.

Please no flaming. They will be used to roast marshmallows. YUM! (A/n: that was Tari) If ya hafta flame put in at least one thing that you did like. If it's italicized and bolded then it is me as pure me giving unchecked by speaker -Kal- random bits of information. Exact;y what I'm doing now... If just bolded it be Kal narrating. I REALIZE THAT IT IS VERY INFORMAL! THIS IS ME (Tari: and MEEEEE!) PLAYING AROUND WITH UNREAL STUFF. Also events are not in chronological order. I will give the year the event is in right before I start telling it. Some character clarification: Erik (T: oooo! ERIK! I wuv ERIK!) (Kalle: No Tari not the Phantom...) MAC is apart of the stunt team for LotR, Kelle Edwards is his love and plays Hermione in ALL HP movies, (I know in real life Hermione be played by Emma Watson) Kal Billingum is main character and so is Eric Billingdon. Also when Kelle and Erik go to their auditions they are going to be 2 years older. And Erik starts out with being exrta hobbits and children. Changes to character list they can change into: Additions: Ron, Ginny, Talia & Dirk, Vanyel Ashkevron,& Tylendel, & Stefen, Sherrill,& Ylasa & Keren (Mercedes Lackey) Lirael, Sameth, Sabriel & Touchstone (Garth Nix) Removals: Tenel Ka & Jacen, Jaina & Zekk. The & indicate Pairings, in case of Mercedes Lackey Lifebonds, yes, there can be 3 people lifebonded at the same time... Also I've figured out a better way to describe the 'split versions' of Eric and me and that is SIMULACRUM! Though more sophisticated for those simulacrums gain our power as well, in that they can change into who we can ghange into.


DO SO NOW BEFORE YOU CONTINUE! now on to the story...


Insert Title Here

Senior Year: Eric and I had just been supporting role lovers in a one act that deals with the before, during and after bits of prom called Prom. (Real Cheesey I know) We'd had an event on another planet that I will not talk about, trust me you don't wanna know. We'd also been thoroughly beaten in a bike crash. Spring finally rolled around when we realized what our little excursion off our planet meant. We could do more than we thought. So we decided to go to 'Harry-Potter-Earth' (I know it's a crappy name but hey no plan at all just writing + me be lazy not as good…) We wanted to see what happens between Harry and Ginny. And compare it, like we do every time. (I wanted to write this out just for the heck of it.) Cuz there was no guarantee that Rowling would continue with her uncanny talent for describing real events. Of course she thinks she's making the whole thing up, but it is real close to actual life of Harry Potter. WOOT! Anywho...

The Burrow: the reception after Bill and Fleur's wedding. Eric and I are as insubstantial as we would be if were inside memories.

"So Harry, when are we leaving?" asked a very hyped up Ron. (A/n Ron and Hermione have started dating)


"Going where?" Ginny had just appeared. Harry looking shocked tried to edge away when Ginny grabbed him by the arm and whispering to the other two, "let's go inside. I need to talk to all three of you." After dragging Harry inside, with Ron and Hermione following, Ginny shut the door and turned to face them. "Listen Harry, I know you won't like hearing this but, I want to go with you, Ron, and Hermione, wherever that may be." Harry and Ron both looked as if they were to say something against this when Ginny held up a hand. "Listen I know you don't want me to for my safety. But I don't give a bloody damn. All I know is that I want to be with you Harry. If I die it won't be your fault. Or yours Ron. We all know it'll be dangerous. It's like when Luna, Neville, and I wanted to go with you three when you went to the Department of Mysteries. Either way I'll be in danger. I might be more protected here, but I don't care. I want do something useful and try to give the Order a better chance at defeating Vol- Voldemort." Ron winced.

Silence reigned, Ginny was panting a bit from talking so much then, "Alright, you can come Gin." Harry said. Ginny threw herself at Harry and kissed him.

After they broke apart Harry asked, "So does this mean we're going out again."

Ginny grinned, "This might answer your question," and kissed him again. Hermione and Ron looked happy, and then they kissed too... After that Eric and I decided it was time to go back home. Random kiss I know but hey it kinda works. It's better then random snog lead to making love... ANYWHO!

NOTE: Tari actually went to the ELF convention, so you get figure out what is fact and what isn't. Tari also helped write this. Also we wrote this in December, the Convention was in August... so some stuff isn't quite right.(Tari: Cause I have such a great memory. But I digress.) Also all of Tari's POV was written by her... NOT ME! (T: So ha!) Now back to your regularly scheduled program...

August before Sophomore year. Before: During LotR's reign in New Zealand During Post production on RotK I send in copy of unfinshed story & rough outline of what happens through out book Erik takes it to Peter & asks to do a mini movie on book and put in extended and/or theatrical DVD. Asks if can drag Kelle to 'act as Kaladelia'. Pete agrees after reading the chapters and rest of plot outline. Film is comprised of little scenes of chapters I have... Also Battle with Noras & the coronation are filmed. To connect the scenes Kelle does a commentary of general events. With intro by me (I recorded at home then sent it in) We got the stunt team to be the rest of the Friends of the Cloak, and others who weren't already cast as people like the Fellowship, Arwen, Galadriel etc. When finished got put on extended. Eric and me met the cast/crew one of the premieres RotK, on a Saturday that we weren't busy and could disappear for a day w/o raising suspicion, parents knew where we were. Setting: Vienna, VA and Florida at a three day LotR convention. Called ElfCon... WOOT! Standing outside Tari's door talking to her mother.

"Hey, Mrs. Johnson. I was wondering if Eric and I could take Tari and James down to ElfCon."

"Why so early and who are those two." Mrs. Johnson looked very puzzled.

"Oh. He is Erik Mac who was apart of the stunt team for the Lord of the Rings and is apart of the stunt team for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, (a/n suspend your belief and imagine that the LotR people allowed Erik to be apart of the stunt teams...) which is coming out in December. This is why we're going down there a day early because he's speaking and promised to help set up. And she is his girlfriend, Kelle Edwards, and she plays Hermione Granger." Silence. Mrs. Johnson looks from me to Eric, to Erik to Kelle. At that moment Tari comes to the door, looks at us, and says, "Hi guys!" She yells as she gives Eric and me an enthusiastic hug, "I was wondering when you all would get here."

"You knew they were coming?"

"Oh yes. I actually suggested it. That's why I told you that you didn't need to come. For anyone who comes with, and stays in the suite of someone who is part of the show, get's free tickets, a backstage pass, and prime seats.

"Okay. I guess you'll have to take them. James! Kal, Eric, Erik, and Kelle are here! You guys can come in by the way. Are you two packed?" Mrs. Johnson asked as soon as James came to the door.

"Yes mom." replied James and Tari in unison.

"Alright then get your stuff and we'll load up the van." Erik said. They left to go do a last minute check-over and get their bags.

"Wait your driving down there?" Asked Mrs. Johnson.

"No, just to the airport. And don't worry I can get the plane tickets changed." The two children returned and it was no time until we were ready to take off.

"Well, good-bye mom, dad. See you when we get back." Tari and James each hugged of them and got into the car.

"Bye kids! Be good! I LOVE YOU! JAMES MAKE SURE THEY DON'T GET INTO TROUBLE!" With that Erik started the engine and we took off. When we were out of site of houses and we sensed no one was looking Erik and Kelle disappeared so that Eric and I could concentrate on getting the van invisible and teleport to a un- frequently used road in Florida, near the town were the convention was to be held. Then once the van reappeared in Florida, we split ourselves again so that there was a Kal Billingum, an Eric Billingdon, an Erik Mac, a Kelle Edwards, a James and a Tari Johnson all in the van. (A/n both Johnson kids know our secret. Tari knows more then James) Erik drove into town and stopped at the hotel where we would be staying and the convention was held. We checked into our suite, and to keep the other sleepers not involved in the convention, from hearing our parties that might happen at midnight or so, we put um silence barriers... (A/n Tari and James had a room, Erik and Kelle had a room as did Eric and me. All in the same suite. Each room had a bathroom and doors going to and from the 3 rooms) and then went to the conference room. The conference room was where all the talks would take place. Three other rooms were employed for the convention. One for the secondary track of talks, one for the fantasy art show, and the last for - wait for it - MERCHANDISE! Naturally to get to the conference room you had to go through the merchandise room. Racking up expenses every day. A certain large dwarf-like person was seen walking by.

"Oi! John! Get over here! I got more friends to introduce!" Erik yelled. As John Rhys-Davies came over, James and Tari stared.

"Dude! I knew he was six feet tall, but hearing it's different then actually seeing it. And you'd I'd be used to a 6 footer cuz of me bro... but James is skinny and he's HUGE!" Tari whispered to me.

"I know. I was dumbstruck when I first saw him to. Hi John. Good to see you again." I said after he gave Erik a bone-crushing hug.

"Well let me see. It's Kal, Kelle, and Eric. Right?" We all nodded, shook hands and hugged. I was winded...

"John, this is Tari and James Johnson. They are friends of Kal and Eric."

"Wonderful to meet you Tari and James." John said as he shook hands with them, they nodded. "So are you all excited."

"YES!" we all replied enthusiastically.

"Oh and Kal just a heads up, we're showing your movie, and you might be called up to explain it. Kelle you definitely will be up there, and Kal you can drag Tari up to the stage with you if you want."

"Sweet! I get to talk to over 500 people about my movie... wait a minute 500 hundred. CRAP! Goddess help me!"

Tari's POV:

The next day the Convention started. I was so glad that we didn't have to register, that line looked about 25 miles long. Hah. I'm with the band. Not quite, but I'm still "privileged" being with Kelle and Erik and all. Anywho, Erik, and Kelle's talk wasn't until four that afternoon, so we had a bunch of time to kill.

"I vote that we do that old fan standby...and SHOP!" Kal grabbed my hand and "dragged" me into the merchandise room.

"HOLY CRAP! It's a big freaking picture of Kelle...that's kinda creepy. Her eyes are following me..." I paced back and forth watching the eyes on Kelle's picture. Kal hit me and we moved away from the "creepy" picture. About an hour or two and 200 dollars later, we decided that we should probably get out of there before we lost all our money. But there are some things that you can only do once, and this is one of them. Blowing your money on all things LotR...ah the joy. Ah je ris...

"Hey, Kal. I get the feeling we forgot to do something."

"Well, we hit all the stands...and there was that one talk...OH! EAT! Right. We might want to go get some grub."

"OOOHHHHH...right. There's a food thing somewhere."

We headed off to get the much sought after food.

Unfortunately our stomachs don't have watches.

"SHIT! We're gonna be late for Kelle's talk if we don't run." Dragging Kal behind me, I tore off through the throng of people to the conference center. (A/n K: ummm... wherever Tari drags me I either grab Eric or he follows looking annoyed at Tari for taking me away...)

Kal's POV:

As we sat down the announcer dude, Larry came out on-stage, "Is everybody ready!"

"YESSSSS!" shrieked the crowd.

"Okay, give a big round of applause for Erik Mac and his Girl Kelle Edwards!" The versions of me and Eric came out onto stage and behind them was a projection of Erik, Kelle, Tari, Eric and me in a big friend hug. The Erik & Eric were on the inside then me on Eric's other side and Kelle on Erik's other side leaning our heads on their shoulders, and Tari on my other side.

"Right, we have a special movie for you all! For those of you who've watched the second C.D. in the extended Return of the King, then you've most likely seen this before. It's a sequel to Lord of the Rings. But before we show it, I need to invite the creator on-stage. Who happen to be my best of friends, introduced Kelle to me and encouraged us both to go out for in my case the Stunt Team for Lord of the Rings and Kelle for Hermione... Kal & Eric!" Erik announced, I stood nervously grabbed Eric's and Tari's hand and dragged them to the stage.

Once there I whispered to Kelle, "Is that really the best picture they could find of you and Erik?"

"Ummm... no but it also had you and Eric. And since I knew Tari, Eric and you were gonna be here I sent them this picture, for we knew we'd be able to get you up here to talk to the crowd." With that she turned her attention back to the sea of heads and said, "Kal, would you like to tell these nice people about yourself?"

The crowd screamed "TELL US!"

"Well, uuuuummm I've known this guy," I gestured to Eric, "since well basically since we were born. Our mothers were childhood friends, same as our fathers...," Kelle jabbed me in the ribs, "ANYWHO... For those of you who are frequent visitors to I am Kaladelia Undomiel. This movie is the story The Seven Friends of the Cloak. Again those who have been to my profile at least know the beginning of the story. I first started it in sixth grade and I didn't know a lot of things, like the master of Sauron was Melkor and Eldarion was the firstborn/only mentioned child of Aragorn and Arwen. I know this now but was too lazy to change these facts. And Elendil is Eldarion... Basically, the children of Aragorn and Arwen, Kaladelia, Elendil and Boromir who are triplets, Ester and Estal, who are twins, and I spell Estal with an 'A' not 'E' and lastly Aramorn. Also Cock-robin Smallburrow who if you a) forgot or b) never read Return of the King, he is one of the hobbit shirriffs that comes to arrest Frodo and CO. Sam recognizes him and Kal's lover is Earendil, distantly related to Earendil the Mariner. They destroy the Cloak eventually...

MOVIE STARTS! and ends

The Q&A period...

"Are there any questions for anyone on this stage?" asked Erik. Silence...

"Have you guys ever made out or done anything like that..." shouted out a random person in the back.

"Well see, I had this idea for a random orgy scene, but I got turned down. Sorry all, I know you're disappointed." remarked Tari. Silence and some very odd looks were exchanged in the audience. I just made out James slapping himself on the forehead at his sister's craziness. Tari seeing this as well sates, "Oh and that's my brother James..." Again awkward silence... (A/n as you've probably noticed by now I absolutely ADORE using DOT DOT DOT...)

"Ummm...Yeah, don't listen to Tari, just a little psycho, like most of my friends. In answer to your question... maybe..." I told the crowd. "Any others."

"Were you born in the same hospital room?"

"No. We were born in adjoining rooms. Others..." Eric said quickly. I hoped no other really weird questions came out.

"Could any of you sing a song?"

"Sure, what do want to hear?" asked Tari.

"Phantom of the Opera!"

"Erik and Tari will sing Point of No Return." They sing a wonderful duet...a capella. So HA. IN TUNE BITCHES! (A/n that was Tari NOT ME I'm sorry...). Then Tari and I sang Find Your Grail from Spamalot. To highlarious (a/n I'm well aware that word is spelled wrong and its correct spelling is hilarious, but I wanted you guys to pronounce it a certain way...) results... Then all of us sang random songs from that no more questions so Eric, Tari, and I sat back down. Kelle and Erik talked for a little while longer then let us go shop/eat/sleep. Also a concert by Emerald Rose took place at 9 and didn't end till 11:30. After that we entered our suite and PARTIED till one in the morning. Then we dispersed into our rooms...


Tari's POV: (MAJOR CONDENSED-NESS ahead. Tough beans)

So. I'd have to say that the highlights were talking to Sean Astin, John Rhys-Davies, and ELIJAH WOOD! beats Cecilia sorry. Fangirl moment. SHUT UP SPELL CHECK! So John was hilarious as all get out - he had some amazing stories to tell us. And being with Kelle and Erik has its benefits. We really got to talk to him like, away from the angry security dude. Who had been cut...and we named him CORTEZ! Scary. Anywho. Sean Astin was so nice, but he had a flight to catch, so we didn't get to talk with him as much as John. And of course, ELIJAH WOOD! spazz attack anywho...well he was...indescribable? He called Dom and Billy for us, so we got to talk to them, which was beyond cool. It was Billy's birthday too, so I got to tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (K: Also Erik yelled: HI BILLY! Et be your anniversary of meeting Leggy!) Hehe...demonic chuckle um, he gave a funny talk to the rest of the patrons...In which he dropped the f-bomb a few times. Ha. Oh, this one person asked him if (as a joke) he would marry her. AND IT WASN'T ME! So ha. (A/n: yea, this IS Tari here, and I'm a lunatic so deal. sticks out tongue) but anywho, I wanted to ask him if he's gay. But I decided against it...cause when he called Dom, Dom greeted him with "HI GAYBOY!" so I have my theories! And most of which involve...wait. You DON'T want to know. Haha. But thats where Erik and Kelle come in. Maybe if I pay Erik to snog him...if anything happens we'll know. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA—ACK! carted off by men in white coats-aka Kelle and Kal BOTH whack me on the head - hard. OW! AND ELIJAH TOTALLY HIT ON ME! no seriously! Honest to bob! (AND KAL BELIEVES ME! SO HA! falls to the ground foaming at the mouth) sorry. Kal takes sword from wall and whacks Tari on the head damn. (K: Yes I DO have a Robin Hood-like sword on a stand in my room. I also have a sword cane... BUT me bro has 2 scimitars, 2 daggers, one which fell into his knee, an Irish hand-and-a-half bastard sword, and various other weaponry in his room...) But I digress. Needless to say, ElfCon was an interesting thing to behold. Oh, and Kelle and Erik got me some time alone with Elijah. During which...well. I can now vouch that he's not gay. Ha, just kidding. But there was some exchanging of INFORMATION. NOT as Kal suggested "saliva." Bloody perv. Hmph. (A/n sorry if it makes no sense. We did this at around 4... AM. So BAH! HUMBUG!) It was with a heavy heart that we departed from the best 3 days of my life. sobs

September 10 Sophomore year at Summer's Best Two Weeks (SB2W) Lake Gloria, Pennsylvania. Youth Group Kick-off weekend. By zip line. (K:Warning: Might be a bit Cheesy...)

"CHEEEEEEE! I'm so happy. We're finally going down this thing with each other, well as close as possible." I told Eric as we ascended the zip wire tower. This was my third time going down, once with a friend the other with one of my small group leaders. It was in the middle of our free time, and I had a few minutes before, had done a backflip off a trampoline and smacked the water. So I decided to go on the zip wire again, only this time with Eric. As I was processing this we had reached the top.

"You again, this what your fifth time?" Said the guy in charge of the zip line.

"Nope, third." He shook his head and told Eric what to do. Then he let Eric go, after a couple of seconds I was let loose, and I promptly flipped upside down. The feeling was wonderful, I felt like I was soaring, suddenly a little before the lake, I felt the line buckle, I opened my eyes and flipped just in time to see, HIM, Karl -the one Chosen that received the people to change into, who opposed mine-let go of my safety cable. I cried out as I fell. With all my effort I flipped onto my stomach and slapped the water, but what I didn't know was he had somehow tied a string to my hand and the zip wire was dragging me along the bottom, my foot got caught on a root and I heard a snap and I fainted from the pain and lack of air.

When I came to I was in the Rec Dec. Eric's bruised face was leaning over me with a look of concern turning to joy. I started to ask him what happened to him but before I could say anything he said,

"I heard your cry and got undone from the harness as fast as possible. When I was free, I ran down to the dock and jumped in. The boat was out looking for you. I felt around with my mind till it connected then dove and dragged you to the bank. When we arrived HE appeared, everyone gasped so I knew he wasn't just showing himself to me. 'Hand her over NOW!' He had screamed. 'How many times have we been through this Karl! How more times will I have to beat you until you get it through your head that you will never kill Kal?'

At this Karl snarled and threw himself, palming a knife as he did so. I stepped to the side. Karl ran passed and tripped over a root I had just conjured up. I then snatched his dagger away with my magic and flung it far into the depths of the lake. Karl rose and lumbered towards me, then he lashed out with his foot trying to trip me up. I dodged it and tackled him, as soon as we hit we started rolling about trying to stun each other. Eventually I managed to K.O. him and sent him back. After that I gathered you up and walked to the Rec Dec. I told everyone that I wanted to work alone. I didn't mean to, but I think I added some power into my voice and let trickle out the fear for you, and the anger towards Karl, and they scattered. Then I semi healed your ankle, and cuts. You woke just as I was starting on mine." He stopped; I carefully sat up and wrapped my arms about his waist.

The June before our senior year of College, Eric and I get MARRIED! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Along with Kelle and Erik in New Zealand. (A/n now reverting to reminiscing)

Kelle and I wore a skirt that was a sea landscape, it had dolphins frolicking, colorful fish, seaweed coming out of the dark 'depths', coral, whales, etc. with varying shades of blue going from a light greeny turquoise to black/dark navy, showed the depths. The top was a corset-like bodice that showed a gorgeous summers' day with the sun at its zenith. The animals were outlined in glitter, greener blues for mine, and purperlier blues for Kelle. I had on slippers made of rose quartz and the tips were carved to look like dolphin heads. Kelle had similar slippers only made from sapphires. Our rings had two dolphins forming a heart with a chunk of jade streaked with rose quartz inset in my ring and chunk of emerald streaked with sapphire. Our hair was in the style very much akin to my prom hairstyle, curled tendrils, two braided 'arches' coming from four buns. There were some metal dolphins worked into my hair to make an illusion that they were leaping and frolicking in our hair. Kelle had tigers 'prowling' in her hair. Our tiaras had alternating blue-pink tinted dolphins inset in silver.

Not exactly sure where in New Zealand it twas, but in place where LotR and Narnia both shot and looked like place where Harry Potter shot, in Scotland. Possibly near a lake. Out in the open air. Twas many statues and small set pieces from all three movies. For example, some of the tents were from the Narnian Camp, some were from the Rohirrim Camp, and the tent used for the Champions before the first task; were placed in a circle with flaps open at all times around the table, which was a replica of the table used in The Council of Elrond, that possessed 2 cakes and in between the table and the tents was the 'dance floor'.

The two cakes were colossal! One was chocolate with icing (thickly spread) chocolate and raspberries. T'other was vanilla with again thickly spread strawberry icing. Both cakes were five tiers and alternating the first four tiers had 'plain' strawberries - chocolate-covered strawberries around the Edge. The last tier had four, again alt., strawberry - chocolate-covered strawberry. All strawberries being the juiciest and most heavenly ones you've ever tasted.

The rest of the meal was a combination of Indian, American, British, if there is a difference between American and British, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, Italian basically if you've had it was most likely on the table. My mom with help of Havana's mother, and a few other good cooks, made everything, from hors devoirs to main courses to desserts both exotic and 'normal'.

The casts and crews of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Narnia, well those who are available and not doing shooting but we tried schedule it during a time where most people weren't shooting, came. As did mine and Eric's friends and families, from America and people we met in India when we went to Woodstock for our junior year of High School. The music providers were Tari, Chase, Jennifer, Dani, Havana, her parents, and a few others who were in the orchestras for the three movie scores. Tari caught the bouquet and immediately ran outside to go snog her gorgeous violin teacher and boyfriend, Chase.

The only thing that annoyed me was that news people filmed the wedding, mainly because of Kelle, so that, most likely, other random people are gonna see this. But hey, that's what ya get when you have a double wedding with the two stars who don't have the ' Hollywood attitude'. Meaning they've never been in a scandal while dating. Plus it took them like 6 years of dating and 2 affianced, before they finally got married… AND they never dated anyone else.

A/n this is Tari's POV… she wrote it… there'll be some repeats/discrepancies but meh… you'll live…

"Know what I hate? Stupid long distance flights where you cross 8 million time zones. Why the hell did you have to get married in New Zealand, Kal?"

I whined my way through the airport with my bestest friend Kal, her fiancé - Eric, her sort of pseudo twin - Kelle, and her fiancé, Erik. No relation to the Phantom of the Opera. Oh, and my boyfriend of 3 years, Chase. We had to duck and dodge through the stupid place because of one small detail.

Kelle and Erik were freaking movie stars. Yeah. Big whoodly-doo movie stars... Erik featured in the LotR movies, Kelle in Harry Potter. So there was much paparazzi to get away from. Naturally the airport security made it as difficult as possible for us to be inconspicuous.

"We had to do it in NZ so Erik's friends could make it without having to fly halfway around the world!" Kelle replied, dropping behind a barricade to avoid a photographer.

"So instead you make YOUR friends do it. Nice. You know, there are times when I wonder why I do it. First Kal, you ditch me in Junior year to run off to India, and have lotsa little magical adventures, now you draaaag me to NZ for your wedding. Just kidding, you know I love you!"

"Not more than me I hope" came the baritone voice of my schnoogle bear - um. Gentleman companion.

"hmmm, I don't know. Let's make a list of pros and cons between the two of you. Hm. Pro Kal -" I was cut off by a... how to say without disturbing the reader... rather passionate... embrace. Yes. Embrace.

"AWWW God! Come on you two! GET YOUR HAND AWAY FROM THERE! Nooo!" came cries of dismay from my friends - namely Erik and Kelle. Too much of a scene, draws paparazzi... etcetc. I blushed rather red (still not a big fan of PDA) and swatted Chase on the arm.

But what the hell am I doing babbling about me? Let's get some groundwork laid. And some me laid. Ooh, bad pun, sorry. Bottom line is, these 4 (Kelle, Kal, Erik, Eric) are not ordinary people. As I said, Kelle and Erik are movie stars, but Kal and Eric are MAGIC. They have some sorta shape-shifty ability, magical thing going on. They're the typical romance story too. Best friends as kids, suddenly puberty happens and wham, Kal gets boobs, Eric's voice goes haywire, and voila! Love that lasts forever. Or so I've been told. Nah, those two are great together, really. Eric would honestly die for Kal and he nearly has on many an occasion.

I don't know Kelle and Erik as well, but they were never really part of the Hollywood scene. No dating scandals or anything, but they dated for 8 years prior to this.

And now, for yours truly. Yes, the great and wonderful Tari - violinist, singer, and horsewoman extroadinaire. And oh-so-modest. Me, I've known Kal since I was 7 or so, and we were best friends from Sophomore year of HS to now... Right before our Senior year at college. eep. But I digress. Since I seem to be rambling about history of our heroes and their relationships, I must mention Chase. Ah, Chase. Funny story behind him and me... I met him sophomore year of High School at church - he was a violin soloist in a concert. After much prodding from Kal and another friend, I approached him afterwards and acquired his number for violin lessons. I fell in love with him right there, but then after some extensive research via google, I found that he was gay. Damn. But each month he came to my house and tutored me in violin. I slowly wormed my way into his heart until upon senior year of HS, (once I was 18) he asked me out. No idea how it happened, but it IS possible to turn a gay man straight if you're patient enough. So 3 years later, he and I are still going strong. Kal's got us lined up to play at the wedding reception - I've arranged a duet of All I Ask of You for 2 violins. It'll be awesome.

Drafted as bridesmaids were myself, Jennifer, Fifel, and Panda (sorry Helena, can't remember who's actually in this so...) Anyway.

All of us arrived at the hotel where we would be staying for this week long sojourn. The wedding was actually in 2 days, but Chase and I are gonna stay and party a bit down here. It'll be great.

The next 2 days passed without incident. Unless you count the fiasco involving the cake. Yes the most stereotypical thing that could ever go wrong at a wedding did. The one from the caterer was deemed a national biohazard and the place blew up... THE END.

Just kidding. Though that would have been amusing. I meant terrible.

Really. So. Wedding, right. My little baby's all grown up and getting married. Damn, that makes me get the heebiedebajeebies. There's a crap load of people here, all running around making everything look right and go right and "That's why everything, every last little thing, every single tiny microscopic little thing must goooooo according to plan!" Ooh, Corpse Bride moment, my b. I had to burst into song right there. A passing Elf gave me an odd glance, and I winked suggestively at him. He hurried on his way, and Kal came walking up to me.

"No hitting on the guests. Especially Elves. They let ANYONE in their pants, Chase won't be too happy about that."

"Ok mother!" I grinned cheekily at her, then frowned. "Wait. What are you DOING out here! Go get dressed you ninny! Come, I take you, cause I gotta change too!"

We entered one of the many Narnia-esque tents set up for this purpose and began the arduous task of getting into our dresses. Thankfully she catered a bit to my taste, so I wasn't stuck in some pink frilly abomination. Of course, I actually designed the bridesmaids gowns so... bwaha. Mine was a white corset (like a historical one from PotO) and a dark blue skirt down to the floor... plus heels. Yay.

Kal and Kelle's dresses are freaking amazing. These are all her - designed and sewn. The top is a corset with a pattern of a summer's day on it. It was an ocean scene, with sea animals and things all over it. The shoes were crazy - rose quartz for Kal, sapphire for Kelle... crazy I tell you.

So as we were lacing up, Kal just HAD to ask "So, any plans for you and Chase yet?"

I rolled my eyes and grimaced. "I am SO not ready to get married. I still think you're a lunatic for doing this, but... I'm glad for you!"

A horn was blown somewhere on the site, to signal the beginning of the wedding. I planted a kiss on Kal and Kelle's cheek, and took my place in line for the processional doodad. Praying I wouldn't trip over myself, we began the loooong walk into the Tent o' Marriage. Inside I was doing a happy jig because Kal had the musical sense to NOT have Pachabel's Canon played. Thank goodness.

The actual ceremony was long and very bizarre - there were so many different cultures woven into it. I nearly died standing up there, smiling like a fool. It's amazing my face didn't crack from the strain. Hehe.

Well, the rings were CRAZY awesome as well. 2 dolphins forming a heart around a chunk of jade streaked with rose quartz for Kal, and emerald with sapphire for Kelle. The boys all looked very nice, I must say. Man, Chase looks good in a tux. Focus... focus... YAAAAAY! Cue card for the awwwww, the 2 couples just said their I do's. To tumultuous applause, and an unnecessary amount of photography from the "GODDAMN PAPARAZZI!" Silence.

Oops. Blasted internal monologue became external. Flashing a grin, I made an extravagant gesture. "Carry on!" Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

After much greeting and smiling, and being polite to people I really don't know, it was time for the fun part! Reception! Let's boogey down everyone... bow chicka bow wow. Or something. Damn. We have to EAT first.

Who needs food. Oh, apparently these people do. Well, there's a hell of a lot of food. Very multicultural - French, Indian, Italian, Chinese, American, Greek... hell of a lot of food. After more smiling and greeting, we eat! I grab a seat next to Kal.

"So, what's it like to be married?" I wiggle an eyebrow in a signature Tari motion.

"Great so far!"

"Good. Listen girlie, lets hurry up this eating thing, so I can play!"

Yes, I am a selfish little attention whore! And damn proud of it! My little moment finally arrives, everyone finishes eating and it's called for dancing! YAAAY!

As is tradition, the first dance goes out to the wedded couples. Chase and I grab our violins, step up to the podium, and I thwack the microphone with my bow. It shrieks as microphones do, and I wince.

"Sorry. Well, I just wanted to say that this piece is for the 2 couples here that just got married, so Kelle and Erik and Kal and Eric, if you would come up front please? There we go. This is probably a familiar tune for you all."

I turn to my boy, and begin the piece. Yes, this is ass-kicking!

Playing for my best friend's wedding... she's so happy right now, I almost tear up while I'm playing. Hah, 16th note runs are no problem! I feel so...

warm and fuzzy. Beginning to get creeped out. Oh well. The song ends, and I jump down onto the dance floor. I shove my violin at Eric, threatening him with castration should he harm it, grab Kal, and cue the DJ.

"I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!" SCORE! My favorite dance song ever. I paid the DJ extra for that. Kal and I dance wildly to the song, and everyone comes out to join us. Even little Kiran from the LotR movies!

When the song ends, I reclaim my violin, inspect it for damage (Eric gets to keep his... well, you know) and pack it up. I am then whisked off by Chase. The DJ gets short shrifted, other people keep stepping up to the microphone for little solo/duet performances. Among them were Jennifer, Dani, Havana, and her parents, and they all kicked some major butt! Of course, me and Chase were the best. Cough. Not like I'm biased or anything.

But it was a lot of fun...dancing our asses off.

Oh snap! Bouquet throwing time! I laugh at it, and it thwacks me in the head. Damn, flowers hurt. Then I realize what happened, and move to throw them at someone else. Chase prevents me from doing so, and tucks one flower into my hair.

The rest of the night goes by far too fast and before I know it, its 2 o clock in the morning! Kal, Kelle, Erik, and Eric get into their van, and leave the premises to go off and do their... business. Chase and I also depart for our rooms...NOTHING HAPPENS! I swear! ok, well, since I'm writing this, I can't actually swear, but I'll spare you all the details. Ha. Ha.



Back to my pov:

Then we got into our van with Erik and Kelle in the front, while Eric and me in the back. Once out of sight of everyone, we apparated to an undiscovered island that is near Hawai'i. It was lovely; there was a small house with a glass roof, flowers, and plants on the inside and around the house. In the sea dolphins 'sang', it was a beautiful sunset, like my prom dress. Once there, our simulacrums disappeared, and we walked into the house. We changed into bathing suits and went for a swim with the dolphins I drew so much power from Daine's character that I just decided to change into her. Suddenly Eric was tall and lanky, Numair. I talked to the dolphins who were happy in the oceans and found it amusing that I was in the form of a two-legger and informed me that I had a strange mate. I laughed and translated. After frolicking with the dolphins and other sea life that came by, we got out and went to bed…

THE END MY LOVELIES! Well… Read and review… I know rather like last ch. ending... but couldn't figure out anything else so... yeah REVIEW...