Warnings: Shonen-ai

Pairings: Dark X Daisuke

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Japanese Terms:

Arigatou - Thank you.

Aniki – Big brother.

Gomen – Sorry.

Hai – Yes.

One-Winged Tenshi: Chapter 2

Voices. Daisuke heard voices. Daisuke hadn't talked in years. At first, he would talk to himself just to make sure he still had a voice, but after a while; he just stopped talking completely.

What was the point of talking when the only person around was yourself? That was just plain stupid. He had forgotten what voices sounded like. He hadn't heard them in a long time. Daisuke had been heading for the kitchen when he had heard the voices.

Sometimes Daisuke missed having conversations with others. He wanted to discuss the books he had read or just listen to someone else's voice other than his own. He put his ear to the door that led to Krad's study and listened.

"Shit. I hate my parents. They fucking want me to be the perfect son or something" said a voice Daisuke did not recognize.

"Calm down Dark," said a voice that was obviously Krad.

"I can't believe they kicked me out of the house!" said the person who Daisuke assumed was Dark. "I'm their SON!"

"Yes, well you've been ranting for the past ten minutes so please shut up," said Krad.

"How will I survive? Am I going to die on the harsh, cold streets?" said Dark in a dramatic tone.

The person was obviously male and had a pretty voice, or so Daisuke thought.

"You can come live with me…I guess," said Krad. Daisuke assumed Dark was a friend of Krad's since he was being so nice to him.

Krad was nice to people he liked, unless they did something to displease him. Krad always wanted things to go his way; he hated it when they did not. If you were unlucky enough to get on Krad's bad side that would be the last thing you ever did.

Krad had a terrible temper and very little patience. Daisuke had seen many people face Krad's wrath. He pitied them, but could not help them. Krad hated it when people stood up for others. It usually made things worse.

Most people, though, figured out that Krad was not someone to mess with and did what they were told.

Krad's philosophy was "the only person you should look out for is yourself." If it did not benefit you to help someone else, then you shouldn't do it. Krad hated people who relied on others. He thought they were weak and Krad believed only the strong survived and that the weak should perish.

"I knew you'd make that offer so I took the liberty of bringing my things with me," said Dark.

"Pick any room you like. Try not to make a mess anywhere," said Krad.

"Great!" said Dark.

Daisuke heard the two men get up and walked away from the door. He didn't want to get caught listening, so he went to the kitchen like he originally planned.

He could get punished for eavesdropping. Daisuke was smart, he knew better than to do something Krad wouldn't like.

Daisuke got the food and went back to his side of the house. What his brother and that man had been talking about didn't concern him. People had come to live here before.

As long as they didn't bother him, he didn't bother them. No one came into the west wing. The guests always avoided it.

It was dark, creepy, and gave off strong feelings of sadness, loneliness, and depression. The place suited Daisuke's mood perfectly. He was glad people avoided his side of the house.

He didn't want anyone to hurt him again like Krad did. If he didn't get close to anyone, they couldn't hurt him.

Daisuke had decided that as long as he stayed away from everyone, they couldn't hurt him. They couldn't disappoint him. They couldn't crush his hopes. They couldn't make him sadder than he already was.

If he had his heart broken again, he was sure it would shatter and Daisuke wasn't sure he'd be able to mend it.

He was sure the boy would be gone by the time he ran out of food. Not that it mattered, Daisuke had gotten very good at stealth, and no one noticed him.

Even when he stood right in front of someone, it took then a while for them to notice him. He was invisible. He was nothing.

Daisuke was sure the boy would avoid the west wing like the others and leave him alone. There was no need to be worried.

Daisuke, though, had a feeling that something was going to happen. Daisuke had learned to trust his instincts, they were always right.

Daisuke had many gifts, he just didn't tell Krad about them. Krad hated him already, he didn't want to give him reason to hate him even more.

Daisuke reached his kitchen and put away his food. The house was huge. It had about five kitchens, though; the one in the east wing of the house was the one that was mainly used.

There were about forty bedrooms, ten bathrooms, three indoor pools, six living rooms, seven gardens, many acres of unused land, a lake, a stable, about four libraries, and many other rooms.

It resembled a castle somewhat and you could tell the people living inside were filthy rich, which they were. None of this mattered to Daisuke.

As long as he had his space, he was fine. He wasn't happy, he had never and never will be happy, but he was fine.

After his brother had cut off his wing and people rejected him, Daisuke spent more and more time alone in the west wing. He eventually stopped coming out.

Daisuke was sure Krad was pleased because of this. He had always told him he was annoying and a burden, so if he didn't leave the west wing, he couldn't be a nuisance to his brother.

He would make sure Daisuke was all right every couple of months, but that was it. They never talked and it never lasted more than a few seconds. They had made their own system.

Krad would ring a bell and Daisuke would come. This side of the house was always quiet and the bell echoed threw the walls of the barren, silent walls. Daisuke always heard the bell.

Krad would look at Daisuke, then leave. Sometimes when Krad looked at him, Daisuke would see so much hatred and anger that he had to look away.

The way Krad looked at him always made him feel like trash. Krad didn't need to use words to make Daisuke feel bad about himself, but he used them anyway.

The words, though, made the pain even greater. What was that saying? Sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Whoever said that was lying. Words can sometimes hurt even more than physical pain.

Daisuke, of course, believed everything Krad told him. After all, why would Krad lie to him?

Books were the only thing that kept him sane all those years. He read about everything, but loved books about Tenshies. They were always about heroes and had happy endings.

He loved to read stories that had happiness in them. He wished he knew what that felt like.

He was getting depressed again. He was also bored. Maybe he could read another book. He looked around his room.

Books were scattered all over the floor. He had already read all of them. He had even memorized most of them.

He had pretty much read all of the books in the library of the west wing. He would go out to one of the other libraries, but he couldn't risk meeting with the new guest.

Daisuke decided to take a little walk around the west wing. Who knows? Maybe he'd find something interesting to do.

Bored. Bored. Bored. Seventeen-year old Dark Mousey was bored. There was nothing to do. His thoughts drifted back to when he had been kicked out of his house.

"Dark," said his mother sweetly.

Dark knew something was up. His mother was not a nice person. She was manipulative, bitchy, and just plain evil. Did he already mention she was the essence of evil?

"Yes, mother," answered Dark as emotionless as possible. She could use your emotions against you. She was always in charge.

She loved to have control over ever aspect of Dark's life. She already had control over Dark's father.

He did what she told him to without question. He was her puppet.

"I've been hearing some interesting rumors," she said calmly.

"R-rumors?" said Dark.

Dark hoped she didn't notice the stutter and that he hoped he didn't have an expression on his face.

"Yes son, I've been hearing rumors that you are in a relationship…with a boy," she said with a look of disgust on her face.

(Holy shit! How did she find out about that? Someone must have seen us!)

Dark had long admitted to himself he was bi, he just hadn't bothered to inform his parents.

He knew they wouldn't accept it and that his mother would try to "fix" him. He had in fact been in a relationship with a boy, but it had ended about a week ago.

He hated how his mother controlled his entire life. No more. He had had it. He would not let her get away with mocking him like this.

"So what if I was?" said Dark defiantly. (TAKE THAT)

"Dark, you must never see that boy again," said his mother. He could see anger in his mother's eyes.

"I won't let you control my life anymore!" yelled Dark. (I could care less about ever seeing Yuki ever again. I really didn't like him that much in the first place, but it's the principle of the matter. She can't control me like this!)

"How dare you yell at me? I know what's best for you, can't you see that? You WILL do as I say!" Dark's mother screamed.

"Like hell I will."


Dark's mother had slapped him. Dark was shocked. She had never hit him before. She had always just used words, never violence.

"GET OUT!" she screamed at him.

Dark left the room and headed for the front door, leaving his angry mother in the parlor. Dark reached into the closet, which was conveniently located next to the front door, and took out a suitcase.

Dark was still bored. He had decided to have a look around the house and was so lost in thought he had not realized he had drifted to a part of the house he did not recognize.

He was glad Krad had let him stay in his house. Krad was…an unusual friend. Krad could be generous and kind to people he liked, and he could be cold and ruthless to those he hated.

You did NOT want to get on Krad's bad side. He could make your life a living hell. Dark had seen what Krad could do to those who messed with him; it was not pretty.

Sometimes Krad scared Dark, but he was just about the only friend he had. Most people Dark met were stuck up snobs; Dark hadn't really gotten along with them.

Was it just him, or did it seem to get more depressing and darker as he got closer to the west side of the house?

Sure enough, the temperature dropped, the lights dimmed, and he the atmosphere become more depressing and creepy.

(Maybe I should turn back.)


(What the hell! That was NOT me. What was that? An animal? No. it sounded too big to be and animal.)


Dark saw a figure move out of the corner of his eye. It was definitely too big to be an animal.

Dark was scared. He would never admit it aloud, but he was scared. Only a little, though. It was only a creepy figure that could be just about anything and could possibly eat him.


The creepy figure seemed to have fallen over a chair. It seemed the figure was afraid of him and had been trying to escape.

(What a loser. It fell over! Maybe I should see if it's okay.)

Dark went to the figure and what he saw took his breath away. Sitting on the floor was the most beautiful person Dark had ever seen.

It was a boy, who could easily be mistaken for a girl, with big red eyes, pale skin, long thin legs, red hair, delicate hands, and average in height, though shorter than Dark.

The boy, Dark could see, was terrified. When he saw Dark, his fear seemed to increase tenfold. Who was he? Maybe he was a thief and was afraid because he was caught?

"Who are you?" asked Dark in a commanding tone. (Just because you're hot, cute, and sexy…THAT DOES NOT MEAN, I'LL LET YOU OFF THE HOOK FOR STEALING!)

"I am me," answered the boy. (Why did I answer? Why is this boy here? Why did I speak? Why is this boy invading my home? What is going on?)

Dark again was stunned. The boy had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. It was smooth and soothing. He couldn't speak, but somehow found his voice again.

"What kind of answer is that? I wanted to know your name."

"You asked me who I was and I told you. A name is just something humans use to distinguish themselves from other humans. My name is not who I am," said Daisuke calmly.

"Then, what is your name?" asked Dark.


"Well…what are you doing here Daisuke?"

"I live here."

"Are you like a servant or something?"

"No. I live here."

"Okaaaay." (He's definitely weird. But he's HOT.)"Daisuke I think you're hot but I also think you're weird."

Daisuke gave Dark a confused look. "Hot? No. I do not feel hot. I think it's rather cool in here."

Dark chuckled. "Not that kind of hot Daisuke."

"What other kind of heat is there?"

"Not hot as in heat. Hot as in sexy."

"I am afraid I do not understand the meaning of the word "sexy." What does it mean?"

(A/N: Remember, Daisuke looked himself up at a young age and most of his knowledge comes from books. He doesn't know much slang and the only swear words he knows are the ones Krad yells at him)

Dark was stunned. How could a guy that looked like that not know the meaning of the word sexy?

"It's when everyone wants you and everyone is trying to get into your pants." (Yup, that about sums it up)


"Yeah Daisuke?"

"What would people want me for and what's in my pants that people want?"

"You know…like when people want to screw you."

"What does screw mean?"

Again Dark was stunned by Daisuke's innocence. Had this kid been living under a rock or something?

"You know…haven't your parents ever given you the sex talk?"

"You mean sexual intercourse?"

"Uh yeah."

"I read a medical textbook over it, but I do not understand the terms you keep using."

"Have you been living under a rock or something?"

"No, but I have not steeped out of this house since I was six," said Daisuke calmly.

"WHAT! Don't you ever get lonely? Don't you want to go outside? What about your friends?" asked Dark.

"I do not wish to leave this house since everyone hates me and I have no friends."

"That's so sad…"

"I have learned to live with it."

"Why does everyone hate you?"

"Because I'm a monster," Daisuke said while looking away from Dark.

Daisuke knew Dark would leave just like everyone else in his life. He had enjoyed talking to him, but when Dark found out what trash he was, he would leave.

"You're not a monster Daisuke…I…I think you're the most beautiful person I've ever met."

Daisuke wanted to cry. No one had ever said something so nice to him before.

"Arigatou. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me."

Dark looked at Daisuke's shinning eyes and rage filled him. Why was he treated badly? Who would DARE to treat someone as beautiful as Daisuke with so much hate?

"Daisuke, have you ever had any friends? Have you ever had someone love you?"


Dark, for some reason, felt very protective of the boy. He wanted Daisuke to feel love. He wanted Daisuke to be happy.

"Don't worry 'cause from now on, I'll be your friend," said Dark with a huge smile on his face.

Daisuke knew that indeed his instincts had been correct, but another feeling told him meeting Dark was a good thing.