Warnings: Shonen-ai

Pairings: Dark X Daisuke

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Japanese Terms:

Arigatou - Thank you.

Aniki – Big brother.

Gomen – Sorry.

Gomen nasai – I'm very sorry.

Hai – Yes.

Sugoi - Amazing/Cool/Awesome.

Urusai - Shut Up.

One -Winged Tenshi: Chapter Eight

It hurt. Whenever he moved his whole body hurt. Daisuke kept crawling on the forest floor, distancing himself from the place he had fallen. He had piece of glass going through his shoulder and cuts all over his body. Daisuke could fell that there was something wrong with his leg; it was probably broken. He hadn't expected it to hurt so much, then again, he had been pushed out a window. That had…sucked as Dark would have put it. He sure hadn't seen it coming.

He was probably lucky to be alive. The fall could have done a lot worse. Still…he was battered and crawling around in a forest he didn't recognize…it wasn't exactly the best situation to been in. Daisuke wondered if someone would come look for him. Would anyone notice he wasn't there? Would anyone care? Would anyone find him? He wanted to be back at Satoshi's house with Dark instead of lost in a forest, but what if his father was still out there? What is he hurt Dark?

He felt sick whenever he thought about the horrible things his father, or even Krad, could do to Dark. They weren't nice people. To get what they wanted…they'd go as far as they had to. The two weren't known for their kindness and generosity. Dark would be fine…right? Of course he would! Dark was capable of taking care of himself. Still… Daisuke couldn't help but worry about the purple haired teen.

"Just…keep moving…" Daisuke muttered to himself.

He wasn't sure how long he'd been outside, but it felt like forever and he was tired. It was getting cold and his clothes had been shredded. There were rips and tears all over his clothing and the material hadn't been thick to begin with. He would freeze to death if this continued. The noises, which were obviously being made by wild animals, weren't helping either. He half expected a wolf to pop out from the bushes. So far, all that had showed up were two bunnies and a squirrel. The squirrel had looked vicious, though…it had really big cheeks…

"I-I'm n-not s-scared…" the red head repeated a few times.

His stuttering and cracking voice proved otherwise, though. He didn't remember much about the fall. He had hit a couple of trees and been smacked around for a bit. He lost consciousness and finally woke up in a ditch surrounded by huge trees. He'd been walking looking around for a way back to the house ever since. He had made little progress since he couldn't walk and had no idea where he was going. Why wasn't there a map or some sort of sign? Why did the house need a forest anyway? Okay…so his house had a forest too…but that was beside the point!

The place was too big! Satoshi was one guy, why did he need such a big house? This was getting him nowhere… He was no closer to finding out where he was and he'd been ranting in his head for what seemed the past twenty minutes. Oh great, just what he needed. Now he was crazy. Just great… Daisuke flinched as his hand came in contact with a sharp rock. He hadn't seen it and he had placed his hand over it while he had been crawling. Now that he thought about it, his leg was probably not broken. He had just sprained his ankle or something. That seemed more logical.

He wasn't used to this. He had spent the better part of his life indoors. He wasn't used to feeling such pain and despair. Sure his brother had hit him before, but he had never really broken any bones or anything. Being in a forest was new too. Even when he had gone outside as a child, the forest had always been off-limits. It had been deemed dangerous and not somewhere a child should play. Daisuke didn't know what kinds of things dwelled in the a forest.

He had always read stories in which the most horrible things happened to characters when they went into forests. Monsters would attack them and gobble them up, or they'd run into enchantments and illusions. Sure, he hadn't believed in those things at first…but now… The forest he was in sure looked like something out of a horror novel. There was a monster lurking about, his father, and he did have to worry about magic. Of course, the people lost were sometimes found. Like the princesses were always found by their princes and the princes always used their intelligence and strength to find a way to fix everything.

Even though this wasn't a story, he still had a prince that'd come and save him. Dark would find him and take him home. He was sure of it.

Dark was freaking out. He wasn't running down hallways in his underwear screaming or anything, but he was freaking out. He had screamed at the top of his lungs when he had seen the blood. This, of course, had alerted Satoshi that Dark had found something. After trying to decipher what Dark was saying, Satoshi figured out that Daisuke's blood was probably what had caused that big red stain on the forest floor. It seemed the fact that Daisuke was hurt made Dark very angry.

He had stopped ranting and was giving the window a murderous glare. The teen's body was shaking with rage and he looked ready to kill. Satoshi figured he should try to calm Dark down before he did something he might regret. Whoever had done this was obviously going to get the crap beat out of them by Dark…if not worse.

"Hey…" the blue-haired boy called out. "We have to go find Daisuke…it'll be okay."

He placed his hand on the purple-haired teen's shoulder and led him to the door. They walked down the hall in silence. Both were worried about the red head. The pair grabbed their coats and walked out the front door. The estate was huge. It had several gardens and an enormous forest. Even Satoshi hadn't been everywhere yet. It was easy to get lost and some parts where dangerous. Both were using magic to illuminate their path using a simple spell that was easy to master.

The light the spell created didn't illuminate the whole woodland, though. The place was huge and there was no way they'd be able to search the whole thing in one night, which would be a problem. Daisuke was probably very weak right now and he couldn't survive in this place alone. He'd never been outdoors much, so he didn't know much about it. He could eat something that was poisonous or get attacked by something dangerous.

Dark feared for Daisuke's safety. He didn't want anything to happen to the boy and he couldn't protect him if he wasn't around him. He had never felt so worried in his entire life. He had never cared about someone else this much before. He'd had flings and all…but nothing like this. This was different. Daisuke was important to him, more important than anything else. If he lost him…

"We'll find him."

Dark looked over to Satoshi. How could the blue-haired boy be so sure? For all they knew, Daisuke could already be dead. How could Satoshi be so calm? Then again, Daisuke didn't mean as much to him as he did to Dark. Satoshi couldn't understand what he was feeling because he'd never fallen in love with anyone before. The stoic boy had never shown interest in anyone before. Dark looked over to the other boy. Satoshi had always been described as cold and heartless.

The boy never seemed to show emotions and always bottled things up inside. He never really showed affection towards anyone, not even his family. He preferred to live alone rather than with his relatives and didn't socialize very much, not even when he threw parties. Everything made him sort of a mystery. Dark supposed that in a way, Satoshi was his only real friend besides Daisuke. Even though they were always at each other's throats, they always helped each other out when they were in need. It was an odd friendship, but it worked.

"We should spread out!" Dark called out to Satoshi.

They had been searching for a long time with no results. It was frustrating Dark and making him into a nervous wreck. He tried to keep his cool, after all, becoming hysterical wasn't going to help Daisuke, but he was loosing his last nerve. He didn't know how much longer he could go on without having his cute boyfriend in his arms.

"We'll just get ourselves lost too," Satoshi replied calmly.

"I don't care!" The aggravated teen snapped. "We're not getting anything done now as it is!"

"This isn't helping, Dark! Calm down!"


Satoshi sighed. This seemed to really have taken its toll on the other teen. Things were so complicated and hard right now. He wished everything could just be simple, but things rarely worked out that way. There was always something in your way to complicate things. Life wasn't easy or fair. Many people never got what they wanted and misery was a common thing.

"Dark…we'll find him," the blue haired boy said simply.

Dark shrugged and continued his search. He wanted to believe the other boy…but it was so hard. He took no comfort in the other's words and couldn't help but feel like he was never going to see Daisuke again.

Things are never what they seem. People change before your eyes and are never who you thought they were. Someone dear to you could turn into someone else and you'd be powerless to stop it. Sometimes, Daisuke thought Krad had changed, but then he realized, Krad hadn't changed, he had. His older brother had meant the world to him. He had been his only family and contact to the outside world. They had shared a bond, even if it had been a twisted one.

Daisuke would stay hidden in the shadows, while Krad would bask in praise and glory. The blonde had always been smart. He had made tons of money on his own and his wealth increased every day. People admired his business tactics and sought out his advice. Women threw themselves at his feet and marriage was on all of their minds. Daisuke had led a different life. He had never been noticed and always been kept hidden. He was shunned and something tossed aside.

They had been brothers and Daisuke had thought there was no stronger bond. The young red head knew of Krad's cruelty and secrets; he could read his brother like an open book. It was the same with Krad, he knew everything about Daisuke…at least…he had. The red head was no longer the same weak child he had been before. He had learned to stand up for himself and face his fears. He had found someone who loved him and discovered what love was. He no longer thought of Krad as his most important person. The bond they had shared as family paled in comparison to the one he shared with Dark.

It seemed like now he saw Krad for what he really was, a monster. He had always thought his brother was the greatest person alive and even though he did bad things, he was still the best. He had refused to admit to himself just how much his brother really hated him. Maybe, somewhere deep inside, he had hoped those malicious feelings weren't real. But…it seemed like he had been lying to himself for a long time. Dark opened his eyes to the truth.

He saw what love really was and realized…his brother didn't feel that way towards anyone. Krad didn't understand love because he didn't have a heart. How could he? He did horrible things to people and didn't spare them a second glance. No one with a heart could do such things. If he had really had a heart, he wouldn't have left him all alone… It had been dark and so lonely. Daisuke had been abandoned in that side of the house and left all alone while his brother did who knows what.

He had tried to make the best of it, but it hadn't worked. If Dark hadn't saved him from the loneliness, he was sure he would have died. He had already started to forget how to speak and smile. There had been no one to talk to or smile for, so he had just stopped doing those things. He had always heard the other children speaking about their brothers and his was nothing like theirs. Krad had never protected or helped him…what a joke…that was all a lie…protect? Help? Krad would never do such things and it made Daisuke sad to think about it.

He wasn't sure where he was right now. It was so cold and dark. His head hurt and he was shivering. Daisuke felt his vision get blurry and he felt like he was going to be sick. Every time he tried to crawl, he fell. It was like his arms weren't strong enough to support him anymore. He fell on top of some leaves and curled up into a ball. It seemed this was as far as he could go. He had no more strength to keep moving.

He started coughing loudly and couldn't seem to stop. He was sure his cheeks were flushed, but he couldn't figure out why. The woods seemed more menacing by the minute and he wished more than ever that he was back in his room. Maybe it would have been better if he had never left his home. He wouldn't have caused Dark any trouble and he wouldn't be lying in the middle of a dark forest all alone. He could have died all alone in his room, forgotten. No…that wasn't what he really wanted. He wanted to be with Dark. He didn't care if he was being selfish, but he wanted to be with Dark forever.

He had never asked for anything before since there had never been anything he really wanted, but he wanted something now. There was sound. Was someone coming for him? Daisuke turned his head a little and came face to face with a pair of glowing yellow eyes. He wanted to scream, but his voice seemed to have given out. This wasn't a rescuer…he knew this for sure.

Fear filled Daisuke as he saw the wolf advance towards him. It was bigger than normal and looked very hungry. It circled him like the predator it was and watched his every move. Daisuke knew he couldn't escape it, so trying wouldn't do any good. He was too weak to run away and moving might startle it into attacking. He was trapped and all alone. There was no one here to help him. He had no idea what to do. That's when the wolf pounced. His teeth sunk into the red head's arm.

This time, Daisuke found his voice and he screamed. His voice filled the entire area. He never knew he could be this loud, but he wasn't under normal circumstances right now. Right now, his left arm was being torn up by a wild creature that wanted to eat him. He felt his consciousness slipping and this was not good. If he didn't do something, he'd be killed…but his eyes were dropping and he couldn't seem to stay awake. It hurt…but he couldn't keep his eyes open.

"Sorry…Dark…" he whispered as he lost consciousness.

He heard a scream. Dark turned his head in the direction of the sound. It had definitely been Daisuke's voice. His eyes widened and he ran in the direction of where he heard the scream. His feet made crunching noises as twigs snapped under his feet. Branches scratched his face as he ran towards the voice. He tripped a few times, but he kept going. Satoshi was right behind him, but he paid no mind to the other boy. Only one thing mattered to him right now: rescuing Daisuke.

When Dark reached his destination, he could have cried. Sure enough, the red head was there. Okay, so he was a bit battered, but he was there. When the relieved teen saw the wolf, he attacked it without a second thought. He was angry and emotionally unstable right now. He didn't care who had to hurt as long as Daisuke was okay. He threw a thunder ball at the animal. It was wounded severely and blood splattered all over the place. All Dark could think about was how it had Daisuke's blood in its mouth. It had hurt what he loved the most and it would feel as much pain as it made Daisuke feel.

"STOP! DARK! NO!" Satoshi yelled.

Dark had been about to completely destroy the animal when Satoshi had yelled for him to stop. The wounded wolf had made his escape during Dark's hesitation. The angry purple-haired teen turned to face his friend.

"Why the hell did you stop me!" He asked with rage.

"Daisuke…wouldn't have been pleased if you had killed it…" the other teen said slowly. "He wouldn't have wanted you to become some sort of killer…the way you looked just now…you looked like a demon…"

Dark knew Satoshi was right. Daisuke would never hurt anyone and he would have been devastated if he had found out Dark had killed something, even an animal. The red head was just too nice for his own good. He was always worried about everyone else and always put himself behind everyone else. He was always more concerned about other people's wellbeing than his own. It was just something else that made him cute.

"I know…" mumbled Dark.

"Let's help Daisuke now," Satoshi commanded as he crouched down to have a look at Daisuke.

The boy was in real bad shape. There was distinct bruising on many parts of his body as well as deep gashes. Dark was horrified to find that Daisuke's skin was a dark purple color and that his clothes were covered in blood. The once clean clothes the boy had been wearing were now dirty and torn. A piece of glass was still going through his shoulder and his cheeks were covered in tiny cutes that were probably also caused by glass. It also looked like Daisuke's leg was either broken or he had a sprained ankle. Dark was no doctor, so he couldn't be sure.

"What do we do!" Asked Dark, panicked by what he saw.

"I don't know if we should move him…" began Satoshi. "…we might make things worse…"

"He'll fucking die if we don't do something!" Dark yelled at the calm boy.

Satoshi nodded and sighed, "I guess it'd be best to move him…"

Dark moved past Satoshi and carefully lifted Daisuke. He secured his arms around the younger teen and held him close. He didn't want to lose him again and felt as though if he let go, Daisuke would disappear. Dark followed Satoshi as they made their way back to the house. Their search was over and they had finally found Daisuke.


(Yes…it's warm now…but…I'm still tired…)

(So tired…)


Daisuke had been asleep for three days now. He had been running an extremely high fever as well as contracted infections from all the wounds he had. It had been pretty bad and there had been a high chance he wouldn't survive. Even now, there was risk, though not as great as before. He was no longer covered in blood or dirtied. Dark had made sure Daisuke was cleaned up and properly cared for. He hadn't left the red head's side since he had been found.

"Is he awake yet?"

Dark looked up from his seat towards the doorway. He watched the purple haired teen enter the room. Of course Daisuke wasn't awake yet! If he had woken up, he would have told him by now. Dark glared a little at the other boy and then went back to watching his lover sleep. Daisuke looked so clam and peaceful, yet he knew he could very well be dying at this very moment.

"Does it look like he's woken up!" Dark snapped.

Satoshi sighed. Dark had been irritable ever since they had found Daisuke. He spent all his time in a chair, waiting for the younger boy to wake up. He only moved to go to the bathroom and occasionally stretch his legs. He ate his meals there and did nothing but watch the red head sleep. It was very unhealthy, but Satoshi didn't know how to get Dark to move.

"I can watch him for awhile," offered Satoshi.

"I'm perfectly capable of caring for Daisuke!" Dark shot back.

"I didn't say you weren't, I just wanted to know if you needed a break."

"I don't need a break! What I need is for Daisuke to wake up!"

The blue haired boy was getting very angry right now. Dark was acting like a child. He knew it was painful to watch Daisuke in such a state, but it was no excuse to act like a brat. Dark needed to get some fresh air. It wouldn't do him any good if he also got sick. Why did the teen have to be so difficult?

"I know this hurts…" began Satoshi slowly. "…but you need to get a grip! Stop acting like such an asshole! This isn't helping Daisuke get better!"

Dark fumed and yelled back at Satoshi, "What the hell do you know! Leave me alone!"

"Your fucking attitude isn't helping anyone!"

"Yeah? Well your dumbass ideas aren't helping either!"

"You're acting like a child! Think about Daisuke!"

"I am!"

"Dark…" a soft voice interrupted.

Dark and Satoshi turned to see Daisuke slowly open his eyes. He looked so pale and tired even though he had been sleeping for awhile now. His eyes were half open, as though he'd fall asleep again at any moment. His cheeks were still flushed and it was obvious his fever wasn't completely gone. Most of the bruising had started healing and the cuts on his cheeks were hardly noticeable now.

Dark took the glass of water that had been placed on the nightstand and placed it under Daisuke's lips. The younger boy greedily drank the cool water and tried to sit up, though he found it a bit difficult.

"Don't push yourself," muttered Dark as he helped Daisuke sit up. "How are you feeling?"

"It's hot…" replied the red head slowly.

Dark quickly pulled back some of the covers in order to cool off Daisuke. He didn't want him to be too hot.

"You've been asleep for three days," Satoshi stated.

"I don't feel well…" Daisuke mumbled.

It was true, he felt terrible. His head hurt a lot, and he felt kind of dizzy. His nose was running and his eyes kept insisting it was bedtime. It was hard to stay awake. Daisuke's mouth felt dry and his eyes hurt because of the light. He felt as though he was going to throw up and he needed more sleep. He had never felt this bad before and why was he shaking? Even though he wasn't cold at all, he was shaking. This was all so strange.

"You have a bad fever and most of your cuts were infected," Dark whispered as he got into bed with Daisuke.

"What are you doing?" Daisuke asked as he turned his head to face Dark.

It hurt to even move a little. Why did he feel so dizzy? He was sure the room would start spinning anytime soon. He felt worse now than when he did while he had been outside. But…at least he was with Dark again. Daisuke was sure that if Dark was with him, everything would be fine. He'd get better and be with the older boy again.

"I'm tired now…" mumbled Daisuke as he buried his face in the older boy's shoulder. "I wanna sleep…"

"Okay," replied Dark quietly, as he pulled Daisuke closer.

Dark rested his cheek on top of Daisuke's head. He had missed the boy's sweet scent and just holding him tightly. Funny, before he would have just moved on if someone he had dated had left him, but if Daisuke were to leave him, he was sure he'd die. There was just no way he could ever live without the other boy.


Satoshi turned to look at Towa-chan. Daisuke had fallen asleep again and it looked like Dark wasn't letting him go. He stepped out of the room and went into the hall with Towa.

"What is it?" He asked.

"There's someone here to see Dark…" she replied.

"Dark isn't in the mood to entertain guests."


"I'm sure he'll make time for me," a voice said behind Satoshi and Towa-chan.

They both turned and Satoshi gasped.


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