Die Another Day Not Today...

John was lazing around in his bedroom. Well when he says his bedroom he means his and Bobby's bedroom. Although in the past few weeks it had virtually been his, and only his room. Bobby only used it at night. He spent most of his free time, sorry all of his free time with that bitch Rogue.

John had been distant from the outside world lately, locking himself in his room on his free days. He had to avoid all of the patronizing glances he was earning. The stupid twats still hadn't forgiven him for something that quite frankly he didn't want to do. Its not like he did anything really, really bad when he teamed up with Magneto to be hated as much as he is now. There it is, the traditional time for Bobby to turn up 11:00pm.

That's the curfew. Bobby entered the room and doesn't even so much as glance at John before entering the bathroom to get ready for bed.

John stood up angrily after 15 minutes and began banging on the door. "Bobby fucking hurry up! What's taking you so long, you've been in there 15 minutes" The door opened slowly and Bobby appeared dressed in his pale blue sports shorts and a whit vest top.

"I'm sorry, no need to get all worked up over it. You take just as long", said Bobby sarcastically.

John ignored Bobby's comment and pushed passed him into the bathroom. He slammed the door and locked it tightly so Bobby would not disturb his appointment in his sanctuary. John over towards the right side of the room where the sink was, the walls were decorated with white tiles, how boring. Also the windows were steamed up from when Bobby got a shower, no wonder he took so long, wonder what he was doing?

He looked at the black medicine cabinet in front of him, red and yellow flames were proceeding up the sides of the cabinet. The memory made a slight smile make itself noticeable on John's face. Bobby got so mad the day he painted it black, his excuse was that white was such a boring, plain and natural colour.

When Bobby had gotten over the fact that whatever colour he decided to colour it John would always go over it, he decided that it would be a good idea if they both illustrated small flames flickering up the side. John sighed and opened up the cabinet. He looked around until he set his eyes upon some cough medicine. He picked it up and placed it on top of the sink, before reaching back up and grabbing the silver razor blade that once lay beneath the cough medicine.

He walked over to the opposite wall and slid down it until he was sitting with his legs spread out before him. He moved the razor blade around in his fingers, seemingly in deep thought. This was like a routine for him, someone or Bobby, usually Bobby would upset him, or anger him and he would take it out on himself, it was a hard habit to break.

He snapped out of his trance and slowly lifted his left sleeve up. Of course it was a long sleeved jumper he was wearing. He couldn't risk the likes of Bobby seeing the scars. In the end John decided upon taking the jumper he was wearing off. Still his wrists were not seeable. He was wearing wristbands, just for extra precaution.

He removed them slowly, careful not to rub any cuts that may have been produced lately. Once they were gone it revealed large crossed lines in different sizes up his wrists. John cringed and moved his eyes upwards to scan the fresh cuts on his upper arm. He had run out of space on both wrists and decided to start on his upper arm.

He took one last look at the bathroom door before digging the metal into his skin hard and dragging through his skin. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes tightly at the pain as all the normal thoughts were running through his head as he continued to slash Worthless, Lonely and Freak. Before darkness took over him, and he fell unconscious.

He woke up to banging on the door, with Bobby yelling loudly. " Allerdyce, get the fuck out of there, its 1.19 already"

John moaned as his eyes adjusted to his surroundings. His arm had stopped bleeding now but still ached from the pain he has inflicted on it earlier. There was blood smeared over the floor, and his Green Day T-shirt was soaked in it. He cursed under his breath and tried to move but sighed when he fell back down. His eyes were watering but he decided that now was not the right time for his facade to shatter.

He heard Bobby speaking again but this time his voice was soft showing concern. "John are you okay in there" John heard the door rattling as Bobby tried to open it. He nodded then realized Bobby couldn't see and decided to respond.

"Yeah mate, go back to bed okay" Said John his voice rough.

"Okay but are you sure your okay you've been in there a while..."


"John, what's wrong you sound hurt, open the door now" Ordered Bobby franticly shaking the door trying to force it open.

John drifted out of consciousness once again as the door gave way, sending Bobby to the floor.

"Oh fuck John" Bobby ran over to his friend and took him in his arms. He took John's left arm and began looking at the deep slashes imprinted on it. He began sobbing and decided to clean up.

He ran over to the medicine cabinet and hurriedly swung open the door. He pulled out a small white box with a red cross scribbled on top of the lid. He didn't bother shutting the door of the cabinet just ran over to where John lay. He opened the box and took out some cleaning wipes and began cleaning the blood off John's arms. Cringing when John moved in his sleeping state from the pain.

When he had finished wiping John's arms he wrapped them up in bandages and started to undress John. He discarded John's Blood soaked T-shirt and his jeans and threw them both into the washing basket. He then afterwards cleaned the rest of John's body and floor all the while crying for what his friend had done.

By the looks of it there were lots of old scars too, that meant John had been doing this for a while? How could he have not seen it? He was supposed to be John's best friend how could he have abandoned John like this? He had been spending so much time with Rogue that he had completely forgot about John.

John began to stir as Bobby was snapped out of his thoughts. "John wake up, everything's going to be okay now, you don't have to worry anymore". Bobby soothed.

"Bobby... is that you" Asked John weakly.

"Yeah it's me John, I'm here".

"Bobby I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to know".

"Shh John, I'm the one who should be sorry this is all my fault", whispered Bobby sadly once again taking John in his arms and lifting him up. He exited the bathroom and glanced at the broken door and sighed before taking John and laying him down on his bed.

"Bobby this is your bed"

"Yeah I know, I want to keep my eye on you. John when you did... what you did, you weren't trying to kill yourself were you"

Questioned Bobby grabbing John's hand.

John shook his head slowly and answered. "No, went to deep." Laughed John trying to break the tension.

"Look its not funny John you scared the fucking life out of me"

"Sorry." John said sadly.

"Aww come ere', I just don't wanna lose you that's all." said Bobby embracing John.

John smiled slightly and returned the hug. "I'm quite glad you caught me, will you help me stop" Asked John hopingly.

"Of course I will, now you can't go to lessons tomorrow, we'll both stay here", said Bobby.

"No you go."

"No were staying here you need your rest, and I'm going to take care of you!' Said Bobby strictly. "Besides it's the least I can do I haven't been the greatest friend to you lately".

John didn't reply just moved himself closer to Bobby and rested his head under Bobby's chin.

Bobby sighed and wrapped John up in the covers, allowing him to be as comfortable as possible.

Soon enough Bobby heard the familiar sound of John's heavy breathing which signaled John's sleeping state.

He pulled John closer to him and lay down to go to sleep, just before unplugging the alarm clock and smiling to himself.

Okay very short….. I know, but I will update soon, really I promise. I'm hoping for some feedback on how I can improve the story! So please review. Will have more chapters and in the later chapters more john/Bobby! Hurray!