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"John... John wake up" Bobby shook his friend lightly trying to wake him.

"No, go away," John protested and pulled the covers over his face blocking the sunlight from his view.

"We don't have time for this today John. You don't want to be late for Maths again, I don't know about you but I'm certainly not in the mood for another one of Scott Summer's famous rants. He went on for thirty whole minutes last time!"

"Fine fine, just give me a minute to get changed" John finally agreed reluctantly making his way from the bed into the bathroom.

Bobby nodded and walked back over to his bed and began to check he had all his necessities for the day.

John emerged five minutes later fully dressed and perfectly presentable for the day ahead.

"How the hell do you do that?" Bobby inquired in astonishment.

"Do what?" John smirked knowing exactly what Bobby was referring to.

"You take a measly five minutes in the bathroom, when I take about an hour to get ready. Yet you still look amazing!"

"Aw, poor Bobby Wobby is getting all worked up. Don't worry about it babe. You look way hotter than me anyway." John winked in Bobby's direction playfully before grabbing his rucksack and exiting their shared room.

Bobby stood in shock before ensuring himself that John was just playing with him. He only wished he would be serious for a change...

Later on that day...

"That ex of yours can be such a bitch sometimes Bobby." John complained dropping into one of the chairs in the recreation room.

"Please can we not have a repeat of this. How many times have we been through this?" Bobby questioned agitatedly.

John shrugged.

"Enough. If Rogue still hasn't got over the fact that I like someone... Erm I mean don't like her then that's not our problem"

John's eyes brightened with curiosity after hearing Bobby's words. "You like someone?"

"No!" Bobby denied all too quickly.

John laughed to himself before continuing to speak, "you do realize that your the worst liar on the face of this Earth right?"

Bobby blushed and shook his head taking a nervous gulp of the water he was currently drinking.

"Well you are, now you know. So are you gonna tell me who the lucky girl is?"

Bobby choked on the water he'd swallowed followed by a coughing fit. Once he'd recovered, red in the face he shook his head.

John raised his eyebrow in amusement.

Bobby stopped what he was doing when he realized that John's gaze was still focused upon him.

"Look dude, it's nothing important, seriously"

"Aw, but I wanna know," John pouted.

Bobby had all kinds of arguments happening inside his mind right now. In one sense he wanted to confess everything to John right there. But on the other hand, those actions could lose him his best friend once and for all. He concluded it would be safer to keep things the way they are now.

"Fine, but not here"

What the fuck? What's wrong with him, he'd just mentally agreed that he wouldn't do this.

"Somewhere private?" Asked John.

He nodded whilst standing up and they began taking a slow pace back to their room.

Bobby's heart was beating so fast, he had no idea how he planned to explain this to John. So many thoughts were passing through his mind, rejection, misunderstanding, hatred, anger... what if John was so disgusted with him that he never even spoke to him again.

Once they reached their room John wasted no time in unlocking an pushing the door open, he gestured for Bobby to enter first and then followed him in afterwards.

Bobby sat down on his bed and looked up nervously to John who'd chosen to lean against the wall directly in front of the bottom of his bed.

"Why are you taking this so seriously? It's just a stupid crush".

Bobby shook his head. "It's more than that, this person makes me feel so good. Whenever their around I can't help but feel happy, when they touch me I get little tingles throughout my body and butterfly's just thinking about them" Admitted Bobby.

John couldn't help feel jealous of whoever this person was, and was also well aware of that familiar anger creeping up. "Just tell me, who is it?" He almost growled.

Bobby paused for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and answering, "it's... John I... this is awkward!"

"Come on just spit it out man, it's not that hard" John urged.

"JohnIthinkIreallylikeyou" Bobby quickly explained all in one breath.

John wasn't sure if he was hearing rightly, damn his imagination. "Could you please repeat that... slowly"

Bobby sighed, "John, I think I really, really, really like you."

John's eyes widened, there it was again. "You mean like as best friends or...?"

"I want you to be more than just my friend John"

John stood in shock. He could hardly believe his ears, he'd waited so long to hear those words emit from the boy sitting before him.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. I knew you wouldn't feel the same way" Bobby quickly stood and pushed past Bobby moving towards the bathroom.

"Hey!" He quickly grabbed Bobby's arm. "Who said anything about me not feeling the same way?"

Before Bobby had time to react John's lips were upon his own. He stood motionlessly marveling at the taste of John.

When Bobby didn't react John quickly pulled back. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm still slightly shocked that's all, I've waited for this day since I met you..."

John nodded. "I know me too, now are you gonna shut up and kiss me or is this going to be one sided?"

Bobby laughed before complying to John's request.

When the need for oxygen became evident they both released each other reluctantly.

"I know one thing that we can relate with Iceman." John stated.

A flustered Bobby questioned, "really, and what's that?"

"When we touch, you make me feel incredibly 'happy'".

Okay there it is, I ended this really abruptly. This wasn't how the original plot ended but I really had to get this story out of the way. Thanks to all of you who reviewed throughout the writing of this fiction, without you I would have deleted it by now.

One thing that I found funny whilst writing this was the sentence "Who said anything about me not feeling the same way?".

I made a typing error which originally made it look like, "Who said anything about me not feeling the same gay?". I know, not very amusing but I laughed anyway. Any one else?