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Gohan lay awake in the soft grass with his eyes closed for a long time. He listened to the sounds of nature and waited patiently for the return of his grief, self-hatred, anger, emptiness and all of his other unpleasant emotions. To his surprise, they didn't.

He still felt content and complete. This confused him, but he enjoyed the feelings and decided that it would probably be better if he didn't question the feelings, lest they disappear.

He continued to lie there in the soft grass, and presently wondered why he was lying on soft grass and not on the cold, hard floor of his cave.

Then it all came back to him, the chase, coming upon the boy who turned out to be a girl, fighting with the girl, then, well, nothing.

After they had met each other head on and tried to kill each other, he remembered nothing, nothing except that odd, but magnificent void. And that was allowing that the void was even real, and that he hadn't dreamed it up. He wasn't really sure at this point.

Surprisingly, he no longer felt anger when he thought of the girl. It occurred to him that this in itself was odd, but he also found it odd, slightly unnerving and very out of character for himself to have acted that way in the first place.

He suddenly realized that he could have seriously injured or killed her and was immediately ashamed of himself and his actions. It not only went against everything his parents had taught him, but he hated killing and hurting people, animals and even plant life! Not to mention that he had no idea why they were really fighting in the first place.

Then he remembered that he had no idea what had happened to her or even if she was still alive.

His eyes flew open to see a bright, cloudless sky and a golden sun high in the heavens. And after a moment it hit him that he had been out for at least a day. He wondered absently how long he had been unconscious, and continued on to wonder if Piccolo had even noticed that he had disappeared. He immediately dismissed the idea. With a sigh, he sat up and surveyed his surroundings.

The forest floor was scorched in many parts and was littered with craters of varying sizes. Whole trees had been shattered, and in some places, whole sections of the forest had been destroyed.

He felt his stomach drop, and a lump rise in his throat as he realized that he was the one responsible for this destruction. He was supposed to protect people and other living things from this type of destruction, not cause it himself! He felt sick, and had a very strong urge to retch.

He tried to stifle it, but failed. He turned his head to the side and emptied his body of the remnants of the large lunch he had consumed the day before, or at least he assumed it was the day before, in truth, he had no way of knowing.

Once he had finished, he wiped his mouth off on his tattered sleeve. Then he leaned back slightly with his hands behind him and tilted his head toward the sky. He took several deep breaths, and after he had sufficiently calmed down, decided that he should examine the full extent of the damage he had wrought.

He stood carefully, expecting soreness, pain, tight muscles and all those things one expects to feel after one has been in an apocalyptic battle such as the one Gohan and the girl had been fighting. However, as he stood, he discovered that he felt fine. Or to be more precise, he felt better than fine, he felt stronger and healthier then he had ever felt in his entire life!

Looking down at himself, Gohan was surprised to see that the only sign that he had partaken in an apocalyptic battle the day before was the tattered state of his clothing. Ignoring that, he was fine, no bruises, cuts or breaks, he wasn't even exceptionally dirty.

Although this was truly a puzzling turn of events, he decided that there was nothing to be done about it. So he simply accepted his current state of health and left it at that.

Gohan glanced around, wondering what direction he should take because he was still hopelessly lost. He was about to head in the direction of the sun, when he once again sensed the same presence he had felt on that eventful day when he had fought with the girl. Without thinking, he turned around and went the other way, blindly following wherever this strange feeling chose to take him.

This may seem like a dangerous thing to do, and it probably was considering the trouble the feeling had gotten him into the day before. However the boy felt that at this point he had nothing to loose and therefore could risk following it. He also reasoned that since he still had no idea where he was, it really didn't matter which way he ended up going. In truth, all of these thought were really products of self-delusion springing from the fact that he simply couldn't not follow the feeling. For whatever reason, though, he did choose to follow the feeling, and that has made all the difference.

Gohan had been walking for a while when he stumbled upon (or rather fell into) a large, yet shallow crater. He sat up where he had fallen, examined the crater and immediately felt sick again. He had caused this destruction. He sat there a while longer and wondered forlornly how many innocent creatures had he had killed without meaning to during that terrible fight.

He was looking sadly around the crater when his eyes fell upon a lone figure sitting cross-legged with its back to him on the opposite side of the crater. She, he had decided it was a she because of her long black slightly mussed hair that hung unbound around her, sat with her shoulders hunched seemingly completely oblivious to the world around her.

He wondered if she was the girl he had fought with the day before, and couldn't decide because the two appeared to be so different. The girl he had fought had had a harsh and arrogant air about her as well as giving off strong feelings of hatred cruelty. This girl however practically reeked of pain, sorrow and regret, there was no trace of harshness at all.

He got up slowly, careful not to make too much noise for fear of spooking the girl and possibly sending her running away. His fears were unfounded, though, and she didn't even acknowledge his presence as he slowly made his way across the crater. He waked around her so that he was next to her, her hair was hanging in front of her face so he couldn't see her face, but she continued to pay him no attention.

He was worried about her and couldn't help but wonder if her behavior was partly his fault. He knelt down beside her and reached out a hand and placed it on her shoulder.

Or at he tried to his hand was half way to her when she spoke, startling him into stopping. "You're hurt, it's my fault." She said it was a statement not a question.

"No, actually I'm fine, better than fine even, if that makes sense." He told her.

"No, I hurt you, you may feel okay now, but I hurt you. I hurt everything. I destroy everything. I don't mean to, I don't want to. Look at the forest; I'm sure it was beautiful before I got near it, now I have tainted it with my disgusting self. I am a monster; all I can do is destroy. But I don't want to, I don't want to hurt anybody…" she said quietly in a pain filled voice.

Gohan stared, this couldn't possibly be the same girl he had faced the day before. But apparently it was. He did the only thing he could think of he reached out with one hand, took a gentle hold on her chin, and turned her face toward him. With his other hand he lightly pushed the long strands of hair out of her face. His actions startled her so much that she was stunned into silence.

He looked her in the eye and said quietly yet firmly, "I know how you feel."

She started shaking her head and opened her mouth to protest, but he continued, "I hurt you too, I hurt all the inhabitants and plant life of this forest, I didn't mean to, I hate destruction. But I did it we both did it. And for that I am eternally sorry, yet nothing can change that. All we can do now is seek forgiveness, and the best place to start is with each other. So, I am sorry, for sneaking up on you, fighting with you, and hurting you, and I hope with all my heart that you will be able to forgive me."

She looked at him, shocked by his words, mistrust and disbelief evident in her eyes, "Why should you ask forgiveness? I shouldn't have been so harsh to you in the first place all this is my fault."

"No, I could have walked away, either of us could have stopped this before it started, but we didn't. I need to ask for forgiveness as much as you do. So let's agree to share the burden of this pain, let's forgive and learn to heal. I know that I at least don't need anymore enemies, but I sure could use a friend."

The girl smiled hesitantly and said, "Alright then, I'll forgive you, that is if you can find it in yourself to forgive me."

Gohan smiled back, "Of course I forgive you."

They then sat there in a comfortable silence for a couple of minutes until a loud roar rumbled through the clearing causing them both to fall backwards. They quickly stumbled to their feet, blushing furiously. Gohan grinned sheepishly and preformed a stunning Son grin in the style of his father and the girl smiled awkwardly as though unused to the feeling.

"So um…" Gohan said intelligibly.

"Yeah…" agreed the girl as another yet smaller roar was heard coming from the boy.

"I guess all this forgiveness stuff made me hungry, cause I'm starving!" Gohan said while clutching him poor rumbling stomach.

The girl looked about to speak when another roar interrupted her, only this one came from her. She blushed, laughed a little while holding her stomach (again awkwardly as though she wasn't used to the sensation) and said, "I guess the same goes for me, cause I'm starving too!"

"Oh hey!"


"Since we're both starving, why don't we go hunting or scavenging for food together?" Gohan asked.

"That sounds great! What should we eat?"

"Oh, hmmm… I don't know, how about fish?'

"Nahh… not really in the mood, are you?"

"Not especially."

"Okay, how about some good old meat."

"Sounds good," Gohan said with a smile, then it faltered, "You should probably know that I'm not really that great of hunter."

"No problem!" the girl told him, "I learned from real pros, and with my help you'll be the best hunter in the universe, next to me of course!"

"No, we'll both be the best, and all the food in the universe will fear our combined might!" Gohan said in a macho voice.

They were both silent for a moment, then they looked at each other, and fell over laughing. The girl recovered first and got to her feet, she held out a hand to her friend. He took it; she pulled him to his feet. They smiled to each other, chose a direction and set off hand in hand to go and find some food to stay the wild beasts that were their stomachs.