Summer's Child


Summary: Did you really think that Draco didn't have a soft side? During the summer, Draco has the manor all to himself; he then finds a girl who's been thrown out of her own home and takes her in…will chaos ensue? You be the judge…

Disclaimer: You know who owns what and credit is always given when it is due.

Note: PG13 coz of Christine's usual cussing.

Chapter One: Christine Hampton

"Christine!" Debbie, my so-called mother, shouted from the kitchen. I woke up reluctantly and walked slowly to the kitchen. I yawned as I entered the kitchen and leaned on the doorframe, "What do you want?" I asked as I rubbed my eyes. Debbie shot me a death glare and walked over to me with a spatula at hand. She grabbed me by the strap of my tank top and pulled me, my face now inches from hers.

"You do not talk to me like that!" She spat at my face as I looked away. "Look at me!" She demanded as I still didn't look. "Look at me!" She demanded one last time before she slapped me. I finally looked at her with no emotion on my face. She roughly let go of me and forced me to hit the wall behind me. "Now, make some breakfast for your father." She said getting back to cooking (no it's not food when you eat it…it's not even edible.) crap like she usually does.

I straightened my tank top and spoke up, "Stephen is not my father. Why don't you get rid of Stephen and get your own life? For once, do something right." I said as I turned to leave the kitchen, which was also our living room at the same time. She hastily walked over to me and hit me behind the neck with the spatula she held. From the pan the spatula was in, it somehow send a blazing sensation that made me jerk towards the nearest table. She pulled me by my ponytail and slapped me in the face, "You do not turn away from me like that!" She shouted as blood started trickling on the corner of my lip. She then pushed me to the hard cemented floor.

I slowly tried to get up as I heard Stephen entering from the back. "Mornin' darlin'," he said with his usual annoying Texas drawl. I actually don't have a clue as to how Debbie fell in love with that horse-ass-kissing-bastard. I stood up and watched Stephen get all over Debbie angrily. Little did I know that my eyes started to lose its pigment and my pupils began to narrow. And then with that, the house shook and Stephen's car blew up in the lawn. (it wasn't the lawn, really, it was already a street…but you get the picture)

Stephen turned and said in his usual Texas accent, "What in the devil's name, happened to my car?" he shouted as he ran passed me as if I hadn't even existed. With the spatula now on the floor, since she had dropped it, Debbie walked over to me and cornered me. "What happened to Stephen's car?" she shouted at me. I didn't answer. "Answer me, you son of a bitch!" she cussed as I started to lose my ability to hear. This time, it was the last straw…it's been fifteen years and I've been taking in all this crap. I couldn't stand it anymore. This was too much.

I decided to do the worst as it was probably something I've been planning for three years. I pushed Debbie off just as Stephen entered and got himself involved, "Why did you push your mother?" he asked with hatred starting to grow in his eyes. I decided to answer back, "I cannot take this crap anymore. I've wanted to get out of this dump for almost my whole life!" I shouted as Stephen now started to hover over me. "Really? Is that what you wanted, sweetie?" Debbie said in an irritatingly sweet tone. I nodded as my fear dismissed itself. "Alright, no problem, sweetie…we can arrange that…Stephen?" Debbie said as Stephen feigned to escort me courteously to the door and then opened it, but after that, Debbie slapped me and literally kicked me out.

"And you better not come back, you whore!" she shouted as tears started to fill my eyes. This really wasn't the best time…let me tell you why…you know how girls are supposed to celebrate their sweet sixteen? Well, I guess my celebration isn't so sweet…

Now, here I am walking and shaking in the cold rain as several families looked out their windows and several kids retreated to the warmth of their homes. I tried to sit under a tree until the rain dies down, but it didn't work. Funny how it's raining during summer, but there was always something logical behind it; I just didn't bother thinking about it.

Soon enough, I found a huge manor. I looked up to see someone pacing in their room and then close the lights after a while. That's when I took the chance to run to the front porch and sit there until the rain died down. I had lost my energy enough to not be able to cry. I put my knees up to my chest and looked around as cars passed the manor. I found a bench on the porch and decided to sleep there for the night, I'll start looking for some place to stay in the morning. But right now, I needed rest for tomorrow's search.

It was now day time and I was feeling warm and cozy. I felt a warm quilt around me as I took in a scent that smelled somewhat like mint. This didn't feel right. I shot bolt right up as I looked around. I was now in a huge four poster bed with green covers and green and silver curtains surrounding me in the sides. I opened the curtains and stepped out of the bed. I was now in a huge white, silver and green room. I looked over to the desk and saw a pile of thick books neatly placed on the sides and a feather inside a bottle…must be those quills. I thought.

I now went over to the full-size mirror. I looked at myself and saw that I wasn't wearing my own clothes anymore. I was now in a white polo, that was clearly bigger that me. I checked under the polo and saw that I was still wearing my own shorts, which were surprisingly dry. My hair was dry and my shoes were gone. I then heard the sound of running water go off as I stepped back and grabbed a book to see a door opening.

A tall, and very well toned boy came out in only a towel around his waist. I shielded my eyes with the book and supposed that he looked at me. "Well, I see that you've woken up. How was your sleep?" He asked simply, I slowly put the book down. Millions of ideas ran through my mind at that single moment. One of them was what had happened while I was asleep, how was I able to get dressed without knowing it? And if we-nah…couldn't have been…actually, you'll never really know…

End of Chapter One