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Summary-Due to a carefully planned setup, Saint Tail has been kidnapped by a mysterious woman in order to cause destruction and chaos. Now it is up to Asuka and co. to save her from this woman with help from the woman's own brother!

Story Synopses

Saint Tail-Meimi Haneoka is an average eighth grader schoolgirl with a secret. By day she's your typical schoolgirl, but by night, she is the infamous thief, Saint Tail! However, she is not your average thief, in fact, with guidance from her friend, Seira Mimori, a nun-in-training, Saint Tail steals items that were unjustly taken from the innocent! However, despite these motives, she is pursued by not ONLY the police, but her classmate, Daiki Asuka. But lately, these two have started to discover their feelings for each other. This takes the place of the last 4 episodes in the series.

Magical Project S-The "Tenchi Muyo" series has had many incarnations over the years. The one that this fic crosses over with "Saint Tail" is "Magical Project S." The story revolves around a young girl named Sasami Kawai. She WAS your average grade school student, but her life took a SERIOUSLY drastic turn when she was chosen by Tsunami, the chosen candidate to become Queen of Juraihelm, to become Pretty Sammy, the heroic "Magical Girl" who has to do good deeds in order to restore the "Balance of Gemini" in order to prove Tsunami's worth as Queen. However, one of the candidates who lost her chance of becoming Queen, Ramia, was not too happy with that decision, and created Pixy Misa, the evil Magical Girl who was Pretty Sammy's rival. BUT, the thing was that Pixy Misa was actually Misao Amano, the daughter of a famous composer, and Sasami Kawai's best friend! Also, Ramia relies on her less-than-willing younger brother, Rumiya, to transform her into Misa, hypnotizes Misao. Problems with that, however, are, 1. That Misa is lazy and makes her own subjects (called "Love-Love Monsters") to deal with Pretty Sammy with disastrous results. 2. Rumiya starts developing a crush on Misao! This takes place in place of Episode 16 and 17 where Ramia kidnaps a group of housewives to help Misa fight Sammy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Saint Tail or any of the Tenchi Muyo series.

Damien Shepard Presents

The Magician of Destruction

Chapter 1-Just another average day…or is it?

Location-Seika City, St. Paulia Catholic School-Classroom
Time-3:45 PM Japan Time

It was after school at St. Paulia, and the students were cleaning up. But Meimi Haneoka, who by night was the infamous thief, Saint Tail, was too zoned out to do so. During her last job, her rival, Asuka Jr. yelled to her that she reminded him of a girl who he can't stop thinking about. Meimi was obviously surprised by this revelation.

"Asuka can't stop thinking about someone. Is he thinking about me?" Meimi asked herself.

"Meimi? Are you alright?"

Meimi turned to see her friend and accomplice, Seira, standing right behind her.

"S-Seira! What are you doing!" Meimi yelled in surprise.

"I was just wanting to see if you are alright." Seira answered.

"I'm fine. It's just…I can't stop thinking about what Asuka said."

"Try not to think about it. You'll worry yourself to death." Seira said, trying to comfort Meimi.

"I hope you're right. I also hope the next day will be normal just like always."

Little did she know, tomorrow would be anything BUT normal.

Meanwhile, on a distant planet…

Location-Main Palace-Bedroom
Time-3:50 PM Japan Time

Screaming could be heard throughout the palace.

"BLUNDER AFTER BLUNDER, SHE FAILS ME IN MY PLANS!" could be heard all around. A woman with a strange mix of red and purple for hair color, and menacing, yellow eyes, was screaming at the top of her lungs in her bedroom, tearing it apart. The woman's name was Ramia. She was a candidate to be queen of this planet, but she was cast aside for another candidate, Tsunami. The girl she was talking about was Pixy Misa, her Magical Girl chosen to cause destruction and chaos throughout Earth. However, she has always been defeated by Tsunami's Magical Girl, Pretty Sammy.

"DANG IT ALL! WHY IS THAT PIXY MISA SO DANG WEAK! IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!" She yelled punching the wall so hard, her brother on a top area of the room fell out. Her brother, named Rumiya, was a young boy with a slightly lighter shade of red, and blue eyes.

"Ow, Sis. Why do you have to hit so hard!" Rumiya asked.

"I'm just too mad! I need to figure out a way to get rid of that Pretty Sammy!" Ramia yelled.

"Sis, why not just give up already?" Rumiya said, trying to find a way out of this whole mess.

"Give up? Yes…give up this useless hiding behind her monsters. Misa should fight Sammy on her own."

"Ummm…that's not what I meant…"

"But Misa is too weak to take on Sammy alone, she'll need some help." Ramia said. With that, she used her powers to find a suitable person to make into another Magical Girl. The crystal ball in her room flashed through a lot of suitable choices all throughout the world, but the chosen one was that of Meimi Haneoka herself!

"Perfect!" Ramia yelled. "Let me borrow the Magical Dictionary and look up this girl's info!"

Ramia then ran to Tsunami's room.

"Tsunami!" yelled Ramia.

"Ah, Ramia." Tsunami greeted. Tsunami was a healthy woman with long, sky blue hair, and pink colored eyes. "What is it that you want?"

"May I borrow the Magical Dictionary?" Ramia asked.

"Sure. Keep it as long as you need." Tsunami gleefully said, handing Ramia the Magical Dictionary.

Ramia ran back to her room. She opened the Magical Dictionary and found Meimi's profile on it.

Entry 2,534,912: Meimi Haneoka

A usually cheerful girl, is secretly the mysterious thief, Saint Tail. However, she does not act like a regular thief does. Rather than steal for herself, she steals things that were unjustly taken from people. She cares deeply for her friends and family, and treats her work with diligence.

She goes to a Catholic School. Meaning she believes in God. This is shown with her thefts often.

She gets help from her friend, Seira Mimori. (See Entry 2,534, 947.) by finding "Lost Lambs" she commits thefts and steals things that were unjustly taken already and returns them to the rightful owners. However, despite these virtuous motives, she is being tracked down by her rival and fellow classmate, Daiki Asuka, (See Entry 2,534, 955.) Her tricks are derived from mainly self-taught, low-class magic, but some tricks are learned from her father, Gen'ichiro Haneoka, (See Entry 2,534,910) who is an accomplished low-class magician born on Earth. She is an athletic girl who's favorite subject is P.E.

Likes: Friendships, Family, Anything cute, doing the right thing.

"Yes! Perfect! She will do nicely!" she yelled with a plan in her head. She then called her brother.

"What now?" Rumiya asked.

"I have a plan to "petition" this girl into working with us. Tomorrow, you will go to the church where this girl gets the "Lost Lambs" and you will trick her friend into thinking you are one."

"That's going to be hard doing that in my bird form." Rumiya said.

"Who said you're going as a bird. You're going in your original form. You will tell her that I have stolen our mother's favorite necklace, and when she comes to steal it. We'll snag her in!"

"But Sis, why can't…Aww just forget it." Rumiya said as he walked away, knowing what he said would have no effect on his sister.

"Soon, Sammy will be nothing more than a memory. And I will finally claim my rightful place as Queen of Juraihelm."

Ramia's laughing could be heard throughout the castle.

Next Time: Ramia's plan is executed with near perfection! If only Rumiya wouldn't betray her, but even that won't stop her plan. What will happen to Saint Tail? Next chapter: "The Setup."