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Author's Note: This came about from reading way to many Hellboy and Labyrinth fan fictions. Just for fair warning, if you haven't seen Labyrinth, this story probably won't make much sense. It would be easier and quicker for you to just go out and rent the movie then for me to explain it to you. Go ahead and do that. I'll wait. Ready? Great. So please enjoy my silly little cross over fan fiction and, of course, please review when you're done.

Sarah William's apartment, New York, New York 9:54 PM

"Pleeeease," Toby whines for the millionth time.

"No, Toby," Sarah responds as she desperately tries to hold on to her temper.

"But why not?" he continues to whine.

"Because, Dad and your mom will be back tomorrow, and I really don't want to be read the riot act if you haven't gotten enough sleep," she explains again.

'Besides, I want you ready to go out the door the instant they get here,' she thinks.

"Besides, I need to work on memorizing these lines for my audition tomorrow. Now please go to bed and go to sleep," she says instead.

Her dad and step-mother had gone away to celebrate their wedding anniversary and decided to dump Toby on Sarah once again. Never mind that the twenty-four year old never agreed to this. Never mind that they had to drive several hours to get here. They still think of her as a free baby sitter whenever the mood strikes them. Toby has spent the last couple of days trying to drive his older sister nuts with his constant demanding. There was a time that Sarah would have done anything for Toby, but now he has turned into a manipulative whining brat that sets her teeth on edge.

'I went through ten hours of hell for this?' She asks herself.

Sarah thinks back to that night nine years ago when she accidentally wished her brother to the Goblin King. She solved the Labyrinth, made some new friends and did some serious growing up that night. She also met her first crush there. Just the thought of his frost blond hair, his tall lean figure and those miss matched eyes are still enough to send shivers down her spine. She quickly squashes any thoughts that would turn this story from PG to R and turns back to the petulant child standing in front of her.

"For the last time, Toby, go to bed," she orders.

He huffs, storms off to her bedroom and slams the door behind him, causing a few books to fall off of the bookcase next to the door. Sarah sighs and shakes her head. Curling her legs underneath her, she gets more comfortable and turns back to the script in her lap. She graduated from collage a couple of years ago with a degree in theater arts, but that didn't mean that agents were beating down her door to sign her up.

So, she now works at the local big chain bookstore to pay the bills and tries to audition for every play that she can which in turn has kept her life pretty busy. Unfortunately, it also means that she has no social life whatsoever unless you count her friends from the Labyrinth that she still calls on once and a while. But it's pretty hard to date a giant orange monster that has rocks for friends, a one eyed fox who thinks he descended from Don Quixote or a dwarf who likes to collect bright shiny objects. You can get away with almost anything in this city, but even New York has its limits.

Half an hour or so later, she hears her bedroom door quietly open. Sarah turns around on the couch, ready to yell at Toby to go back to bed, but her words die in her throat. In his hand is a book bound in red leather and he has an evil grin on his face.

"Where'd you get that?" she asks in hushed voice trying not to panic.

"The shelf in the back of your closet," he answers with a smirk on his face.

"Toby, give me the book," she says carefully getting up off of the couch and putting her hand out for it.

"No," he says petulantly. "I want to stay up. And you better let me or I'm going to wish you away to the goblins."

"Please give me the book, Toby," she says through gritted teeth taking another step forward.

"Are you going to let me stay up?" he demands.

Sarah makes a lunge for the book, but Toby dodges out of the way and runs to the other side of the room.


Sarah screams as all the lights suddenly go out, the windows burst open and a cold gust of wind whips through the room.