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"Count D!" Chris came running around the corner full speed, nearly knocking into the Count holding a tea tray.

"What's the matter Chris? Are you hurt?" D set down his tray and kneeled in front of the boy, checking him over as he smoothed golden hair out of his eyes. He reminds me so much of my dear Detective Leon, a spitting image of him.

"No it's Leon! Something has happened to him I know it!" D nodded and stood up, intent on getting his jacket and going to Leon's apartment. "Count?"

"Yes I felt it too Chris, but I'm sure he is okay. Let us go check on him hmm?" The boy nodded solemnly and ran to get his jacket, hoping that the horrible feeling in his stomach would go away. Please be okay Leon, we all need you…

D told Tet-Chan to watch the pet shop while they were out and pulled Chris' rain jacket snug around them as he spun his cloak around him to protect his delicate clothes from the light drizzle. He pushed open the door and took the boy's hand gently in his own, hailing a taxi to take him to the LAPD precinct #27.

Count D held Chris in his arms as the boy cried, soundless though he was the tears still ran down his cheeks. "Why did it have to be Leon? There were eight other cops there why did it have to be him!" Leon's little brother opened his mouth in a silent wail, burying his face once again in the Count's gentle yet strong arms as he cried out his pain and fear.

"Shhh, Leon will be fine. You'll see, I promise you he will wake up before you know it." D ran long painted nails through blonde hair, lulling the boy to sleep with the use of his powers. "Rest now little one, and momentarily ease your pain." The Count cradled Chris in his arms as he walked over to the ICU ward, peering through the big window to see Leon laying still and lifeless on the bed. D looked around before slipping Leon's chart out of the folder by the door and quickly flipped through it, trying to understand what had happened to his dear friend.

My heavens, how could this have happened? D frowned as he read that Leon had been shot through both thighs, consequence being he may never walk again. In addition to that a bullet had barely missed puncturing his lung, although it had come awfully close. He was now in a comatose state and provided the lung did not get infected, he would be mostly okay.

The Count clucked his tongue softly as he replaced the chart and looked once more through the glass at the Detective's thin and frail form, softly whispering his name before walking towards the exit.

Leon you must wake up, wake up now you have people who need you. Don't give up my dear Detective, live. Live for those who love you…Leon opened unfocused eyes to see a slender figure leaning over him in the darkened room, gentle and warm hands caressing his face. Please stay with us love, be strong for us… Soft lips gently touched his in a ghost of a kiss before they pulled away, the figure retreating into the shadows as he slipped back into a deep sleep.

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