(Ceartas means justice in Gaelic)

The course of justice

Chapter 1

Albus Dumbledore stood silently in the waiting room next to the ministers office, he paced impatiently he had been waiting for over 30 minutes. The minister in question Durga Dendrites had gone in search of the best Ceartas the ministry employed. A Ceartas was almost like a barrister in the wizard world, they were employed by people to stand and defend the client as well as question witnesses. Of course if you couldn't afford a Ceartas the members of the wizengamot would do this themselves but the trials always went much more smoothly when a Ceartas was

Albus Dumbledore himself was in desperate need of a Ceartas, his brother had once again been performing illegal magical testing on animals, of course none were painful or awful most just changing the colours of the goat's fur. Aberforth had never had any intention of hurting anyone or anything he was a peaceful man and hated violence, but of course he was still performing unregistered magic. His brother had escaped just before Albus arrived to warn him. And of course just seconds after Albus' arrival the Aurors turned up and accused him. Unregistered magic wasn't a huge crime the most he could get was 2 years in a normal wizard prison, but Albus was not willing to spend 2 years of his life counting the cracks in a cell wall.

Albus whirled round the face the door as it creaked softly, Durga Dendrites stood in front of him a woman standing next to him. She was a very young this woman, her black hair was pulled into a loss elegant bun at the back of her head, she wore a white sharply pressed blouse that was neatly tucked into a long black skirt, she also wore a light emerald summers robes the flew out behind her slightly when she walked. Her bright emerald eyes shone out at him behind square shaped glasses.

"Professor Dumbledore," She greeted him extending her arm to greet him with a friendly hand shake. "It's good to see you again sir." She greeted politely, Albus watched as her bright eyes flickered over his appearance before returning to his face a humble smile gracing her pretty face.

"This is Minerva McGonagall Albus, our youngest and best she's Max's daughter, Leonard McGonagall's granddaughter." Durga claimed his face breaking into a beam of pride at the fact that a McGonagall was working in his ministry. But Albus didn't notice this; his eyes were solely focused on Minerva, could this be the girl he had taught less then 6 years ago? She looked so different, Albus remembered her as being a lanky teen all legs and arms with a fiery temper, usually found out of boundaries with her best friends Alastor Moody and Arthur Weasley. She had been a common genius never needed to study or revise she always knew the answers with out even having to listen. But now… she was still tall, much taller then short little Durga Dendrites, her eyes shown with a determination and wisdom usually found in people much older then she was, her body was softened now with slight curves in all the right places. She was a very attractive woman Albus found himself thinking before mentally slapping himself for having such thoughts about a ex student.

"It's very good to see you again Miss McGonagall, I didn't recognise you for a moment you've… grown up." Albus muttered softly in that wise raspy voice.

"Please call me Minerva, now this may sound rash but we need to get to work, this case isn't going to be easy but I'm willing if you are."

"Straight to the point as always McGonagall, I'll leave you two to it." Durga stated clearly before leaving the room.

"Now Professor," Minerva said as she closed the door behind him. "What were you doing when you were found at the site?" Minerva asked softly pulling out her notebook and scribbling his name down. Albus went through the story telling her about his brother and how he had been trying to warn him.

"You're going to need a better story then that Dumbledore!" Minerva snapped coldly, seemingly annoyed at his answer.

"This is no story that was the exact truth!" Albus muttered his calm voice shaking softly even his own Ceartas didn't believe him.

"I didn't say it wasn't," Minerva answered sharply "But do you really want to see your brother take your place? Now I will ask you again what were you doing when you were found at the site?" Albus stared at her dumfound, she wanted him to lie how could this be the young girl he remembered so well always willing to mostly follow the rules with a passionate hate for lying.

"Professor…" She whispered softly at the shocked look covering his face. "I'm sorry; I'm used to working with people who will do anything to get out of trouble. You're an honest man and the decision is up to you, but I personally think you would do well to lie just this once." Minerva whispered her eyes meeting his and not looking away. She had very beautiful eyes.

"I understand, but you must know I'm a rubbish liar." He watched as Minerva lent forward to him and for a second Albus had the feeling she was going to kiss him, but of course she didn't.

"Well we will have to change that won't we?" She breathed easily before pulling away from him again.

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