Chapter 12

Albus had never experienced this emotion before, his stomach was spinning, his mind was being thrown against a brick wall and his body was weightless as if he was floating. Had she really said those words? Was she just toying with him, no Minerva was not the kind of woman to do that.
"Come on we're going to be late!" Minerva muttered softly as she pulled Albus up from his currently place on her office floor.
"Minerva?" Albus asked when he got to his feet.
"Albus please we must hurry!" Albus' reflexives were just quick enough to grab her arm before she stormed from the office.
"Minerva, did you mean what you just said?" He asked pulling her back closer to him so he could see and read her face.
"Of course." She answered simply before leaning up and placing a tender kiss upon his lips. Albus was in paradise; his lips had been made for this moment.
"Now hurry we're going to be late!" She snapped as she pulled from his arms and jogged out of her office. The old courtroom had never seen so many people. At least half of the people who worked at the ministry were flittering around the already full seats.
"Nice of you to join us finally Miss McGonagall." Lucius Malfoy's voice rang strongly through the stone walls of the court room.

"I prefer to be prepared then early Mr. Malfoy." Minerva answered back her voice as equal terrifying if not more then Malfoy's. She was strong and fierce. Excellent qualities for a teacher Albus found himself thinking. The hearing ran quite smoothly, as suspected Lucius Malfoy's story was polluted with lies and Minerva was naturally able to control the jury and drag the truth from the witnesses. They were putty in her hands. She was amazing, her speech was strong and powerful and just the site of her fighting for him stirred something deep within side Albus. Eventually the verdict came. 13 votes to 2, not guilty. It took a few minutes for the words to sink in, he was free Minerva had done it. He would not be going to prison, his brother would not be going to prison and Minerva loved him. It took him at least two minutes to drift back from his world of ecstasy to the earth again.
"Congratulations professor." Minerva whispered softly into his ear from her seat next to him.
"This could never have happened with out you Minerva! Thank you, thank you so much." He whispered back, he felt the hair on his arms prickle as Minerva's well manicured nails scrapped over his arm lightly.
"Let us go see if justice can be spread elsewhere." Minerva whispered again. The long walk down the dark corridor that leads to Alastor Moody's office was quite pleasurable. Albus walked hand in hand with Minerva on the way down every now again her body would brush against his causing ripples of pleasure to flood his body. It was love, such a love that Albus knew he could never bear to let it go. Striding confidently into the office, Albus was quite shocked to the see it empty he knew that Alastor should be on his lunch break but he also knew that during his lunch break Alastor preferred to work while he had the chance of silence. Yet Alastor could not be seen. Albus felt Minerva jump slightly as the door slammed heavily behind them.
"Good afternoon Minerva, professor." A cold voice filled with anger cut violently through the air.
"Gary!" Minerva gasped heavily. Albus watched in horror as the strong fierce woman he has just spent the last few hours with disappeared and was replaced by a seemingly much smaller and fear filled woman who seemed to have no control of what she was feeling.