Chapter 3

Albus walked slowly down the sleepy corridors of the ministry of magic, this was to be his forth meeting with Minerva. The first part of his trial was going to start in two days and already he was nervous. Though Albus thought to himself the idea of seeing Minerva in action, arguing for him was not one he could dismiss easily.

Opening the door to her office, Albus was quite shocked to see not Minerva but a man sitting at her desk. The man in question was quite tall; his long legs were sprawled across Minerva's desk his back pushed against the emerald chair. His dark hair was well tamed; he looked as most wizards in the ministry did like a respectable business man. But Albus noticed straight away that this man was anything but normal, his air was different to that of his business man. His eyes glinted dangerously as they eyed Albus up fully. This man had a sense of insanity around him.

"Who are you? Where's Minerva?" Albus asked the man quite rudely for his normal character he didn't trust this man at all. The man smiled softly at him.

"I could ask you the very same questions all though I unlike you do happen to know the answers. After all having Minerva talk none stop about a man can teach you who he is, and living with the woman in question I can usually tell where she is."

"Who are you?" Albus asked again his temperatures rising; he disliked it when someone obviously knew exactly who he was yet he knew nothing about them in return.

"That is none of you concern boss," The man answered sarcastically. "I have a simple piece of advice for you my friend. Albus Dumbledore or not… stay away from Minerva! I've seen the way you look at her, how your eyes undress her. Disgusting, but then Minerva's just as bad isn't she, the way her eyes light up when she talks about you." The man sighed heavily. "She will be my wife Dumbledore, we will be married and she will be tame, no more talking about other men…" He grinned again at Albus his perfect white teeth beaming out at him.

"You will not be invited to the wedding" He muttered again before closing his eyes and laughing suddenly. This man is mental Albus found muttering again.

"Who are you?" Albus demanded more fiercely for what felt like the 20th time. The man laughed once again before disappearing completely. Albus found himself pulling out his wand and whirling around the room quite a few times before a face appeared bang smack in front of him causing him to stumble backwards slightly.

"Gary, Gary Winterbourne." The head muttered before once again disappearing and this time not returning.