Time Space Dreaming and Waking

In the darkest reaches of Time and Space. There is a throne of the Jade and Obsidian. A creature of loveliest proportion - the woman has hair of star light. Her name is Selena. Beside her stands, a tall woman with black hair and emerald highlights, in a dress of dark forest green and deep purple, her name Setsuna. Speaking together-

"In the beginning Time, Dreams, and Waking all intertwined.

Until Cosmos, decreed that Dreams separated from the other two.

Therefore, Destiny Fate and Eternity did as there mother bid.

Separating Dreams from Time and Waking, never to have the lines crossed again...

Until now...

There are some who can transverse the boundaries of Time and Dreams."

Setsuna steps forward, a staff that resembles a large key appears in her hand. She speaks as she moves forward

"Within the realms of Dreaming, Time has no power."

A flash from the garnet orb at the top of the key and the world dissolves.