Where have you been?

Catherine walks up to Luna and hugs her. Then with anger in her eyes and voice, Catherine, quietly yells. "WHERE THE HELL HAVE THE TWO OF YOU BEEN?"

Luna looks at the ground, while Art speaks up. "Catherine, cousin, we left to get help. I had overheard the plans of hurt our princess. They were planning to take the crystal away and kill her. I was sleeping in Minako's closet, on the nice pillow she had gotten me as a gift. Minako, Rei, and Mamoru were all there planning to kill Usagi." Art takes a breath, then continues. "As soon as I realized what was going on I went to find Luna. However, I could not leave my hiding place until they had left Minako's room."

"What I saw frightens me. Mamoru was using both the Princess of Mars and Venus as sex slaves. What he was doing to them and having them do to each other…" Artemis shudders remembering the memories he has carried.

"We decided it was best to bring in re-enforcements. The Sailor Stars were the only ones we could think of at the time. So we teleported to the planet Kinomoku, and visited Princess Kakyuu to ask her and her Starlights for help." Luna says quietly.

"Time passes different on that planet compared to Earth. There 10yrs have passed since we had arrived while here nearly 1000. It was just after our arrival on Kinomoku, that we found out that I was expecting Diana. Therefore, we stayed and trained her with the Star Lights. By then, Galaxia had visited there and wanted to help. We only left Kinomoku 3 days ago. But that must have been 3 months here." Luna states, while doing some figuring in her head.

"Is my Odango ok?" asks Seiya. "I don't think I could take it if she was hurt."

Fisheye speaks at this. "Yes she is alright, though for how long I do not know. When we first felt her arrive to this time, it was in a weakened state. Though when I last saw her earlier today, it seems that she is healing well."

The visitors nod. Luna looks to the Amazon Quartet. "When did you awaken? The last I heard of you four, you were to sleep until the princess had her own powers."

Jun smiles at Luna. "That is true. Even though the princess did not come for us, we awoke when our powers grew too large to keep asleep. We joined this Circus as we once did with traveling shows of the system. We thought it best to keep a low profile until needed."

Vesta continues. "It was about a few years ago when we found Prince Trowa Trenton Barton of planet Astoria. Therefore, we thought it best to protect a long lost prince until our princess came for us. It was then that we re-instated the Trio. They helped keep an eye on Trowa when we could not. Moreover, with Trowa's sister Catherine here, also. What more could we ask for. Save our own princess returned to us." As Vesta and the rest of the Quartet smile along with the Circus performers who have gathered.

In walks Trowa. "Catherine! What is with all the visitors?" As Trowa enters, the tent with the other performers to get ready for the shows, on his shoulders is a little 3-5 yr old girl. Chibi-chibi is laughing and giggling, 'till she notices Luna, Artemis, and the rest who are with them. Chibi-Chibi motions to Trowa, wanting down. After Trowa puts Chibi-Chibi down, she makes a beeline for the guests… "Chibi-Luna, Chibi-Artie, Chibi-Seiya, Chibi-Yaten, Chibi-Taiki…" Giving everyone, she knows a hug at the kneecaps.

Trowa watches with a smile at Chibi-Chibi's welcome to strangers. However, as he looks at the unfamiliar faces his own mind starts to bombard him with memories.

Dancing with a beautiful young woman, but not recognizing her.

Listening in on conversations while doing circus acts, though not of this time.

Reporting what he has heard to an angel, who welcomes him with open arms and a warm smile.

Spending time with the young woman, silver blond hair and the bluest eyes, he has ever seen, finding love with her.

Finding out a friend, of the Royals, is an Enemy.

Finding Serenity, no Trinity, no Usagi, or is it Bunny dead at the hands of the Earth Prince.

Trowa remembers he is the prince of Astoria. A planet destroyed by Earth's pyramid crystal power.

The same Earth whose prince has killed his lover, Princess Serenity. Trowa sees himself standing over the wounded princess, blocking the fatal blow. However, not in time to keep the palace's barriers up. The fighting of Prince Endymion and Trowa is fierce and long.

Then a bright flash and all is gone. "NNNOOO!" Trowa falls to his knees; tears go unchecked down his cheeks. "Rinity-ko. My love, I lost you." His head hangs down, between his shoulders.

Luna and Artemis empty the tent, of the other performers, during this tender moment. "Trowa, listen me. It's me, Catherine, can you hear me?" Catherine shakes his shoulder.

"Catherine, my sister, the moon princess is dead. I could not save her. Endy killed her. Because of me, the Moon kingdom destroyed. He had the barriers taken down for the fireworks. Because of that being down, the Negaverse was able to attack." Trowa cries onto Catherine's shoulders.

"It wasn't your fault. Endymion planned this. It was planned before we arrived back at the Moon Palace." Catherine tries to comfort Trowa.

"With the Royal Moon family gone, there is no hope in this time to bring true and everlasting peace." Trowa says in a monotone voice. Standing he walks over to Luna and Artemis. "It is good to see the Queen's advisors are still alive." Trowa sneers as he bows in respect to them.

"Actually, the princess is alive and in this time now." Luna states quietly. Trowa's head whips up as he looks to Luna. "Lady Luna, are you sure Serenity has been brought to this time? Please don't joke."

Fish-eye walks to Trowa and bows her head. "Sire, I know myself that she is indeed of this time. She is well, though, not a wakened to her memories as you."

Trowa looks over at Fish-eye. "Fish-eye, so she is here. I wonder if I know her. Have met her, at school or on the street." Frowning and whisper to self, Trowa, tries to imagine what the Moon Princess would be like at this time.

"Trowa, we have to get ready for a performance. Remember, our jobs at the carnival." Catherine asks as she stands up, pulling her brother with her towards their tent.

"Yeah I remember. Oh yeah, I am using about 9 of my yearly tickets for friends." Trowa says as he starts getting ready for work. "My friends are coming, with few girls from school."

Catherine stops getting ready and looks back at Trowa. "Oh, that's great." Smiling Catherine is ready, and looks out the flaps. "Is Quatre bringing them as usual? In that big truck, he calls a limo?"

The sound of a truck engine is heard near the tents. "It seems so; I just bet the girls are pissed at him for that." Trowa laughs, as he finishes.