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Violet Parr is just your average thirteen year old girl. Like most girls, she is in to boys and wants to be treated like an adult. Unlike most girls, she and her entire family are Super Heroes. Violet (a.k.a.: Invisigirl) has the power to turn invisible and the ability to form force fields. In addition, she wants to have a normal and regular life. But how can you be normal if your father can lift a locomotive, your mother could slap you a hundred feet away, your brother can run a hundred miles and still be back for dinner, and your baby brother can transform from a ball of fire to a little devil in a matter of seconds? Even though Violet yearns to be a normal person, she can't escape the responsibility of saving the world when ever duty calls. Whether it's evil villains bent on world domination, to psychos seeking revenge, it is up to Violet and her family to put a stop to the evil in the world.

One month after the defeat of the Underminer, Violet noticed that her family going through a change in their lives. Bob could lift heavier objects, Helen can stretch farther, and Dash could run faster. Violet also noticed that she hasn't changed yet. She goes to Edna Mode for help. This is where our story begins.

"Hello?" shouted Violet in front of the laser gate of Edna's house.

"Do you have an appointment?" asked the security guard.

"Uh. . . no."

"Sorry little girl, but all visitors need an appoi. . ." he was interrupted by a short woman. It was E.

"Get outta here. Go do something useful. Get me some coffee or something." she turned to Violet. "What is it? Who are you? What'cha want?" she continuously asked.

"E, it's me. Violet Parr."

"Oh, hello there dahling. Please, come in."

She opened the laser gate and Violet walked in. When she entered Edna's estate, E greeted her.

"Violet dahling! So good to see you again."

"So good to see you too E. Listen, can I ask you something?"

"Sure thing. What is it that you wanted to ask? Patch job, new mask, or maybe. . ."

"Actually E," Violet interrupted, "it's nothing really. Just two things I want to say. One: well, it's just that my family is changing. You know, my dad is getting stronger, my mom can stretch farther, and Dash can run faster, you know? It's like, everyone except me is going through some sort of super hero puberty."

E answered, "It's true dahling. Every Super sometime in his or her life will go through a change. I mean, not everyone changes at the same time you know. Maybe your body isn't ready yet."

"Well, I don't want to wait." complained Violet. She started to relax a bit. "That brings me to my second thought. E, I was wondering. Can you. . . uh. . . well. . . make me a new. . . super suit?"

E stared at Violet then burst into laughter. "A new suit? You must be joking. A new suit, besides giving the super a fabulous look, is to help use their powers in battle. I mean, I can't make you a new suit that will make you disappear to an unknown world or help you project a force field that will shield an entire city."

Violet continued. "Please E."

Edna sighed. "Fine." She took out a drawing pad and a pen. "It will be beautiful, eye-catching, spectacular, like you dahling."

"Yeah, maybe we can add an extra, like maybe a cape or something."

"No capes!"

"May I ask why?" wondered Violet.

"Dahling, if there is one thing I shall not and will not put on any super suit, it's a cape."

"Uh, okay. But what about the color? I will still have the same red/orange/yellow color right?"

"Sorry dahling. Your suit won't match your glamorous name, you understand?" she answered.

"I guess."

"Your suit will be just as glorious and marvelous as you are. Your color will be pink/violet/purple."

"Wow!" Violet said amazed. "But what about extras?"

"Well, I can't do anything about your force fields, but I can design and fabricate your suit with a substantial, special material that will make you invisible, even to, heat-seeking vision, x-ray vision."

"Thanks E!"

"E smiled. No problem dahling. I just love doing what I do."

"Oh, when will my new suit be ready?"

"Patience dahling. Fine visual art can never be rushed you know."

Suddenly, Violet's cell phone rang.


"Vi, where are you?" It was Helen.

"I am at E's. Why?

"You need to get to downtown fast. A new villain is wrecking havoc all over Metroville. Plus, he took your grandfather hostage."

"I'll be there." She hung up and turned to E. "See ya."

"Yes, yes go out and save the world. Come back in two days and your new suit will be finished."

Violet sprinted back home, slipped on her old suit, and rushed to downtown.