Happy Ending

A few days have past ever since the hospital trip. Michael moved in with the Parrs and started his life anew. Jack-Jack roomed with Dash, and Michael slept in the Parrs guest room. One day, he got his schedule for Western View Middle School. Violet looked at his schedule.

"Well, it looks like we both have the same P.E., English, and History period."

"Yeah, it looks like it." said Michael. "Tell me. What is it like, you know. . ."

"Don't worry. Everything will be just fine. I promise. You will like it at school, and you will love our family."

Helen and Violet went out to shop for school supples for Michael. They bought notebooks, pens, pencils, and other stuff.

"Mom," Violet asked. "I feel a little sorry for Michael. I mean, him starting a new life and worrying about what will happen in school, you know what I mean?"

"Yes sweetie. I know. He felt a little uneasy after we decided to adopt him. Do me a favor and try to make him feel at home. Make him feel loved, and a part of our family."

Violet looked at her mom and both exchanged smiles. They went and paid for their stuff and were later out and on their way.

Back at home, Michael, Dash, and Bob were just sitting around the house doing nothing.

"I'm hungry." complained Dash.

"Yeah, me too." Michael added in.

"Well, what do you guys want?" asked their Dad.

"Well, let's get some pizza." said Dash. Bob gave an angry glare at his son. "I mean, what do you want?" he asked Michael.

"Actually, I'm perfectly okay with pizza."

"Very well then. Pizza it is." Bob said, walking to the phone. "Say Michael, what do you want?"

"Uh, pepperoni is good."

"Okay." Bob dialed some the number to a pizza store. "Hello, can I get two large pizzas. One pepperoni, one cheese, thin crust."

"Sure thing sir." "What's your address?" Bob gave the address to the pizza boy. "Thank you sir. Your pizza will be delivered in about 25 minutes."

Bob hung up and he went to the kids. "It will take about 25 minutes."

Ten minutes later, Helen and Violet pulled into the driveway. They took out Michael's school supplies and brought them inside.

"Hey guys." said Violet, walking toward her older brother. "So, here is everything you are going to need." She poured the school supplies on the coffee table.

"Wow . . . thanks Vi. Oh by the way. What's school like?" asked Michael.

"Oh, it's fun, boring, exciting and dull. You will like it." He gave her brother a big hug. "Trust me. By the way, what's for dinner? I'm starving."

"Well, Mr. Incred . . . I mean, Dad just ordered pizza. It should be here right about . . . "


Bob answered the door and a pizza delivery man gave him the two pizzas. Bob handed the delivery man th money in exchange for the pizzas. He closed the door and brought the two boxes of hot pizzas to the kitchen counter. He opened the boxes, revealing the pizzas. A sensational aroma filled the kitchen. Bob got a pizza roller to cut them, until Michael emerged with his V Sword.

"Dad, may I?" he offered.

Bob smiled and put back the pizza roller back into the cupboard. Michael skewered both pizzas with his sword.

"Hey Dash. Please put five plates and put them in a line." He requested.

Very quickly, Dash got five plates and placed them in a straight line. Michael tossed the pizzas in the air and it flew to the ceiling. As they came down, he rapidly sliced the falling food in midair. Those slashes cut the pizza equally, and it divided it evenly onto the plates. Everyone applauded at Michael's activity. They picked up a slice of pizza from their plates.

"A toast, to Michael." said Bob. "We wish you nothing but happiness in life. Welcome to the family."

Everyone celebrated for their new family member. Michael felt very happy. He had a family, a place to live, and a new life to live. The family finished the pizza and later, went to bed. Violet went to Michael's room.

"Hey, how ya doing?"

"Okay. Thank you for making me feel welcome."

"Well, tomorrow, you start school. I hope you'll enjoy it."

"Thanks Vi." He looked at the clock. "It's getting late. I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, good night Michael."

"Good night Violet. See ya in the morning."

The End