Title: Chilton, Meet Rory

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: T/R, J/P, H/L, S/L, C/L

Summary: Christopher and Lorelai got married when they had Rory and Shawn (her twin brother) and they moved to Starshollow. Jess has lived with Luke his whole life and he, Lane, Rory and Shawn are best friends. Christopher and Lorelai had another kid when Shawn and Rory were 9 and moved to LA. The four friends kept in touch and visited each other often. Now they're moving back to Hartford because Christopher has bought a chain of Inns on the east coast. Rory and Shawn will be starting at Chilton. Rory will be pretty out of character but she will still have morals, etc. therefore retaining a lot of her character; she's just a lot more daring.

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Chapter 1

Walking through the daily hustle bustle of the Hartford airport four tan people could be clearly seen in the sea of pale white.

"Why is everyone so…" Shawn started.

"…white?" Rory quipped.

"Actually, I was gonna say depressed; but white works too."

"Its called winter on the east coast guys, get used to it." Christopher added.

"But it's so cold!" Lorelai whined.

"Maybe it wouldn't be if you had some clothing on." Shawn added sniggering at his mother in shorts and a t-shirt.

"But no one told me that it was winter!" Lorelai complained as she was enveloped by the warmth of Christopher's coat. Once feeling returned to her body she noted the itchiness of the wool and ripped the coat off and threw it on the floor.

"What was that for?" Christopher questioned baffled as he leant down to pick his coat up.

"It was itchy!"

"And you're cold!"

"But it was itchy! ...Ooh look, there's my luggage!" Lorelai said scampering off to pick up the large black suitcase covered in pink feathers and silver glitter. Christopher rolled his eyes and followed soon after her.

"Need some help there?" Christopher questioned, laughing at his wife trying to pull the big suitcase off of the luggage belt.

"No, I'm fine." She curtly replied almost knocking people over as she was being dragged around the belt by the suitcase receiving many glares. Using his better judgment, Christopher picked up the suitcase and dragged it and Lorelai back over to the kids.

"What part of 'no' don't you get, is it the 'N' or is it the 'O'? I personally think it might be the 'N'…" Lorelai rambled.

"You kids ready to go?" Christopher asked purposely ignoring his wife.

"Yea let's get out of here." Shawn said shaking his head at his mother. Rory grabbed little Chris' hand as they headed out to the limo waiting for them. Lorelai stared dumbfounded at the luggage that already filled the trunk.

"When did that get here?" she asked.

"When your luggage took you for a lap around the airport." Rory laughed.

"Ha ha very funny…"


Rory and Shawn bolted out of the limo as it pulled up in front of a mansion in Hartford.

"I get first pick!" Rory shouted as she dashed through the open door.

"That's not fair, I called first pick when we got on the airplane!" Shawn shouted up the stairs after her.

"Now, now children, everyone knows that I get first pick!" said Lorelai as she dashed up the stairs past Shawn.

"I guess that leaves me with the luggage…" Christopher said to no one in particular.

After exploring every room in the house three of the five Haydens were sprawled on the stairs of the mansion exhausted.

"So now would be a good time to tell you that the room arrangements have already been decided…" The three stared at Christopher dumbfounded.

"You mean to say that I physically exerted energy for nothing!" Lorelai gaped.

"You didn't give me a chance to say anything, and you guys were just so funny."

"That was so not funny mister, now you get to help the movers while we get to go to the mall shopping." Lorelai said sticking out her tongue.

"Well that's fine with me. I'll have James take you guys once we get the luggage out of the car. Lord knows you'll need the space."

"Thanks sweetie!" Lorelai said giving him a peck on the cheek and skipping out the front door.


"If I ever go shopping again in my life it will be too soon. I can't believe that they convinced me to go in the first place." Shawn drawled dragging little Chris into the kitchen while addressing his dad.

"So it was that fun huh?" Chris asked.

"They didn't even ask for my opinion, they just bought stuff for me; and I got stuck carrying all of the bags!" Shawn complained.

"Hey! If it weren't for me you'd walk out the door with your boxers on your head!" Rory said defensively as she entered the kitchen.

"I'm not THAT fashionably inane." Shawn retorted.

"Do you remember the time that you tried to hang your socks off of your ears!"

"I was TWO!" Shawn answered defensively.

"So, who wants to see where their room is?" Christopher interjected.

"Ooh! Me, me, me!" Lorelai said bouncing into the kitchen.

"Ookay… Lorelai; you, Chris and I are in the east wing while Rory and Shawn are in the west." Rory smirked at Shawn and saw his ears perk up upon hearing that, yet Christopher didn't seem to notice.


Rory stepped onto the plush carpet of her room and immediately felt right at home. Rory and Lorelai had chosen new furniture before moving to Connecticut to fit their new East coast residence. The walls were light shade of lavender, a few shades lighter than the carpet, the windows were housed by white sheers, bookshelves lined the walls filled to the brim with books that Rory had acquired over the years, there was a white chaise lounge in the corner perfect for curling up with a good book and an inviting plush couch in front of the fire place (she loved fires, she always found herself entranced by the flames and enjoyed how the heat from a fire seemingly warmed you from the inside out), her desk sat on the other side of the room with a flat screen computer sitting atop of it. Rory ascended the small tight winding spiral staircase that led up to her bed and bathroom. (the living area had a vaulted ceiling and the sleeping area was a floor up on the left so that you could look down and see the living area from where her bed is) She flopped onto her four poster bed enjoying the soft feel of her deep purple 500-count Egyptian cotton sheets. She got up and went to open the door that she knew must lead to her bathroom; it was gorgeous, with a whirlpool tub to boot. Now where could the closet be? She thought while exiting the bathroom. She trudged back down the stairs and came face to face with a pair of double doors; she ran at them and threw them open to come face to face with one of the biggest closets she had ever seen. Now I have room for all of those new clothes I bought. Rory thought staring at the abundance of clothes that had already been put away by the maid, she was surrounded by an array of t-shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, only the best of course; Rory inherited her mother's good tasted in clothes.

"Rory!" Shawn called as he entered Rory's room. "Whoa!" he said as he found her in the closet. "Think you have enough clothes?"

"Nope!" Rory smirked.

"Mom just wanted me to tell you that Chris is at a friend's house and that she and dad left to go to some dinner or other."

"Ok, so what do you say, should we go and surprise Jess and Lane?"

"I thought you told them that we were flying in today?"

"Nope, it's so much better to surprise them!"

"Fine, but I'm driving."

"No way! You drive like a grandma!"

"Whatever, I swear one of these days you're going to get us killed."

"How could you say such a thing?! I'm an amazing driver!" Rory retorted putting a hand over her mouth in horror.

"That's what you said before you crashed the Lamborghini."

"That was you that crashed it!"

"Oh, right. I keep forgetting that."


Jess looked up at the sound of a car's tires screeching. Nah, couldn't be, they don't get in until tomorrow. Jess thought as he turned back to the table that he was cleaning.

"Hiya sexy!" Rory purred seductively into Jess' ear and he felt her warm breath against his neck.

"Rory! Oh my god! I didn't think that you guys were getting in 'til tomorrow." Jess said whipping around and enveloping her tiny frame in a hug.

"Yeah, well we wanted to surprise you." Shawn said from behind Rory.

"Shawn! Man, how are you! Its good to see you guys." Jess said as they shared a 'manly' hug.

"I'll let you guys catch up; I'm going to go find Lane!" Rory called as she exited the diner.

"Man, I've got some news that you won't believe." Jess said once Rory was out of sight.

"Don't tell me you totaled your car again."

"No way man! I'm starting Chilton with you and Rory on Monday!"

"Wait! What? You…at Chilton!"

"Yeah I know—crazy isn't it?"

"Well, yeah! But it's going to be awesome!"



"Rory!" Lane shrieked from somewhere within the depths of the Kim's antique shop.





"Hey Lane!"

"Oh my god you're back!" Lane said as she jumped Rory nearly knocking her over.

"Yeah and soon to be dead if you don't let me go." Rory squeaked as Lane was cutting of her air supply.

"Sorry! But I can't believe it, it's been forever!" Lane said letting go of Rory.

"If forever is three months then yeah."

"You know what I mean, that was only a week, and now you're here to stay! ...where's Shawn?"

"Catching up with Jess at the diner, come on." Rory replied already dragging Lane across the town square to Luke's.


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