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Chapter 7

Rory began to stir, rolling over and slowly opening her eyes immediately regretting it as the morning sun burned her eyes. "Damnit," she cursed rolling out of bed and making her way over to the window tugging on the string, the shades lowered with a crash. "Evil sun," she muttered. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes Rory made her way down the staircase. Once she made it to the bottom she couldn't help but laugh at her new friends that were sprawled all over her floor with pillows and blankets.

Rory made her way downstairs towards the kitchen and smiled when she detected the heavenly scent of fresh coffee. She entered the kitchen to find Tristan standing in front of the coffee maker waiting for the pot to fill. "Good morning," she said.

Tristan jumped at the sound of her voice, having been entranced by the slow drip of the brown liquid. "Good morning," he replied his smile growing on his face. He chuckled at how only she could make a bed head and sleep filled eyes look so damned adorable. Just then the coffee pot dinged startling him from his reverie. Rory leaned past him opening the cabinet to his side to extricate two mugs for them. Tristan sucked in a breath at her proximity to his body and the appearance of part of her toned stomach under her tank top as she stretched to reach the mugs.

It took him a second to realize that Rory had already filled their mugs and was holding one of the mugs out to him as she took a sip from the other. He accepted the mug with a smile and watched as she contentedly closed her eyes and sighed. She opened her eyes to find him staring at her, slightly uncomfortable under his gaze she set her mug down and started rummaging through the cabinets. "What are you looking for?" he asked.

"A blender," she replied. He began to open random cabinets helping her search. He found the blender and turned around to her holding it in his hands. "This one?"

"Yes," she replied graciously taking it from him and plugging it in. Tristan lifted himself onto the counter and sipped his coffee as he watched her bustle around the kitchen preparing a smoothie of sorts. She poured the goopy liquid into two cups and placed them on the counter with three Advil down next to each cup. Tristan raised his eyebrow questioningly. "You'll see," she responded with a smile on her face. No sooner had her lips stopped moving than Jess stumbled into the kitchen muttering curses under his breath. He made his way to the counter and took a sip of one of the smoothies before taking three of the Advil, then promptly finishing the rest of the smoothie before collapsing into one of the kitchen chairs. "Hangover cure," Rory replied to Tristan's silent question. He laughed as Jess slumped further down in his chair.

"It's too early for loud noises," Jess whined.


By noon everyone was awake in the kitchen planning the rest of their day.

"I say we check out that new paintball place downtown." Offered Austin.

"Physical exertion… on our day—" "Sweat baby, sweat baby. Sex is a Texas draught. Me and you do the kind of stuff that…" Rory's phone began to ring before she snatched it off of the kitchen counter. "Hayden's house of whores how may I be of service?" Rory joked as her friends laughed in the background.

"Love, I was wondering when you were finally going to offer."

"FINNY?!" Rory yelled.

"Yes doll, who else would you be offering your services to?"

"Well, there is Brad Pitt and Jude Law and—" Rory was cut off as the phone was snatched from her hands.

"Hey Finn," Shawn said ignoring the glare his sister was currently giving him.

"'Ello mate, your ravishing mother wouldn't happen to be there would she?"

Shawn chuckled. "Sorry to disappoint you Finn, but Lorelai is out. You really need to stop hitting on my mom man, it's kinda weird." That earned him a couple of weird looks from his friends. Rory was jumping up and down trying to grab the phone from him; once she got a hold of the phone she yanked it away from his ear.

"Finny? What's all this nonsense about my mom? Are you cheating on me darling?" she questioned jokingly. Tristan didn't seem to pick up on her tone and tensed considerably at her words.

"I would never do that doll! Hold on, Steph wants to say hi." Rory heard commotion before she heard her friend's voice on the phone.

"Rory! We're missing you terribly! California is such a drag without you. I have no one to go to the beach with! We both know about Finny's affliction with the sun." Rory couldn't help but laugh at that.

"I know I miss you guys too!"

"Which is exactly why we're coming to visit!"

"Really?! When?!" Rory asked sipping on her coffee.

"We'll be touching down in Hartford in about 20 minutes!" Rory nearly choked and ended up spitting her coffee directly onto her brother's shirt.

"NO WAY!" Rory squealed, ignoring her brother's yelp as the hot liquid scalded his skin.

"Yes way! Would you mind coming and picking us up at the airport though? We didn't really have anything planned, we called for the plane this morning and we were wheels up 30 minutes later."

"Of course I'll come pick you guys up! I'll be there in 15 minutes!" Rory hung up the phone to find the occupants of the room staring at her as her brother re-entered the kitchen pulling a fresh t-shirt on over his head.

"Who are you picking up in 15 minutes?" Tristan asked. Rory started jumping up and down and spinning in circles, it seriously appeared as if she had gone crazy.


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