A Goonies Fan Fic!

Authors Note: I really liked the characters in this movie. So I am going to put a spin on them.

"Mikey get a move on!" Brand, Mikey's older brother yelled up the stairs. Mikey had been upstairs laying on his bed reading his Mad Magazine. He had dark blond hair and blue eyes with braces that he was getting off in a couple weeks and he was about 5'5". When he heard Brand's voice he flew down the stairs and saw that his friends were at the bottom of the staircase. He passed his brother on the staircase he looked up because his brother was about 6 feet tall. Brand had dark brown hair and brown eyes that.

As usual Chunk, being the fat kid(no offense to anybody that is fat of that likes Chunk.) was eating a twinkie he had a mop of brown hair on his head that was a little longer than ususal and it curled at the edges. Mouth was combing his light brownish, blond hair out of his face and into its normal style. Data the chinese heritaged one had black hair and black eyes and he was working on one of his inventions.

"Hey Mikey are you ready for school?" Mouth sarcastically asked him. Mikey just shook his head grabbed his backpack and ran out the door with his friends in tow. Once outside they grabbed their bikes and rode to their first day of High School. Once there they parked their bikes and went into the dreaded building. Brand got to the high school a few minutes later in his car.

"Why didn't your brother give us a ride here in his car?" Chunk complained.

"Why do you think?!" Mouth said sarcastically as he smacked Chunk on the back of the head. Mikey pushed through the two of them to stop the two from fighting.

"Let's just get through the first day of school without killing eachother, I mean we got through the One-Eyed Willie thing didn't we."

"Mikey that was life and death this is SCHOOL." Chunk complained "Its DIFFERENT!"

"Guys Mikey's right let's just get this over with." Data answered while the four kids split up into their homerooms.

Mikey headed into Mrs. Nit's homeroom and sat at the very back in the corner so he wouldn't be noticed. He was the first one there and he watched as people filed in. Mikey was just closing his eyes when he saw a girl walk into the room. She was one of the last ones, she had light brown hair that had a delicate curl to it as it landed at her wide shoulders. As she looked his way he saw that she had soft blue eyes like the sky and she had full soft lips. She also had long legs and she was about 5'4". Mikey froze when he saw her and new at once that he needed to get to know her. Mikey was about to stand up to introduce herself when Mrs. Nit headed into the room. She had gray hair big glasses and she had a ton of wrinkles. He sulkily lowered himself down again and watched as she sat next to Nick Perkins. His family had tried to destroy everyones home that had less money than them in the Goon Docks. He sighed.

"It figures he thought to himself. Troy and Nick always get the best." he thought. His thoughts were interupted when Mrs. Nit started calling the role.

"Rose Applebaum." She raised her hand. Mikey zoned out again until she called out.

" Cathlynn Robins." The girl that Mikey had been looking at before raised her hand and then continued looking forward.

"Michael Walsh." Mickey snapped back again just in time to raise his hand as he felt himself turn bright red as everyone turned to look at him.


Mouth had taken a different route than Mikey and headed towards Mr. Clar's room. Mr. Clar was really weird he was old and odd and he never smiled said all his old students. He entered the room sat down and noticed that Chunk was in his homeroom again. Mouth sighed and greeted Chunk as he was finishing up his twinkie. Mouth went back to staring at the door just to see if anybody new was in school. Mouth's chin was resting on his hand when the teacher walked in. Dissapointed again Mouth took out his comb and started combing his hair, he didn't have any slightly good looking in any of his classes at all for the past couple years. Then he remember that in high school you don't have classes only with the people in your homeroom. Smiling Mouth's spirits lightened considerably he actually paid attention to what the homeroom teacher was saying.

Chunk sat there in homeroom looking at all the people looking at him. He knew it was because he was fat, but he didn't care. That was their stupid opinion, licking his fingers because he was done with his usual breakfast which consisted of a twinky and something else that is portable and sugary. Chunk's eyes wandered through the homeroom and spotted Mouth actually paying attention. His jaw dropped he figured the only class Mouth participated in was Spanish considering he could translate the map for them the summer before. Chunk's eyes then strayed to the teacher while she called order.

Data was alone in a different homeroom again. He didn't care though he was in Mr. Foyet homeroom and he was a physics teacher so Data could talk to him about phyisics. He was extremely bored all through homeroom he had no friends except for the goonies and no girls paid attention to him. Shrugging it off he continued tinkering with his bully blinders invention he wanted to see if he could make the batteries last longer.

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