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Chapter 15

Andy grabbed Brand's hand as he tried to run forward.

"Andy c'mon let go! She's gonna get it!" Andy shook her head violently.

"You could get hit! PLEASE Brand!" He shook his head kissed her cheek and smiled.

"I'm sorry, but you left me…and now I must leave you." One more quick kiss and he was bolting towards Skeds. Right as the car whizzed by Brand tackled Skeds to the other side holding her to the ground as the car sped past. Brand released his grip slightly and looked down at a quivering Skeds.

"Brand." Skeds whispered staring up at him. He didn't answer, but instead kissed her with more passion than ever before.

"Mikey get out of the way!" Pedro reached Mikey. "You are gonna get crushed!" Mikey shook his head, Pedro didn't want both his friends dying so he body checked Mikey out of the way. Ash clung to Mouth's neck and he hugged her tight burying his face in her hair. Chunk collapsed to his knees on the rock grasping the edge his knuckles turning white. Lynn hit the ground and sand rose all around her, blocking anyone from seeing her.

Brand lifted Skeds up in his arms. "Want to go to the beach?" Skeds nodded smiling at her Prince in shining armor. She put her arms around his neck kissing him as they walked slowly to the beach. They reached the beach making out; he laid her on the sand kissing her even more.

"I love you Brand." Skeds smiled kissing him even harder.

"I love you too Skeds." They kept at it until they heard a chorus of screeching and Mikey screaming.

"LYNN!" Skeds sat up at her sister's name and looked over to a large rock where a bunch of kids were crowding around something.

"You don't think?" Skeds paled and Brand pulled her up staring at the scene before them. Skeds not wanting to know what had happened flung her arms around Brand's neck trying to think of only good things.

"Even if it is…I'm sure she's fine…really." He actually had absolutely no idea, but she didn't need to know that.

Over near the rock Mikey was bending over an unconscious Lynn. Chunk had jumped down off the rock and was trying to get comfort Deb. Ash and Mouth were holding each other and Pedro was standing with Toons. Chunk was the first one to notice Skeds and Brand.

"Should we…uh tell them." Mikey was preoccupied, but Deb answered with a nod.

"Its her sister!" Chunk nodded and sent Toons to go tell the two lovebirds.

"Lynn, please! PLEASE wake up! C'mon Lynn please!" Mikey pleaded. He was sitting next to her one hand on her face the other in the sand. Lynn was laying still her breathing labored.

Toons reached the two trying to catch his breath. "Lynn, she fell, she's not waking up. We dunno what to do!" Skeds became light headed and Brand caught her before she could collapse. Brand nodded towards Skeds and started running over to the small group.

"Lynn!" Mikey was now sobbing running his hand through her hair laying his head beside hers. The three reached Mikey and Brand bit his lip, knowing Skeds would want to be alone with her sister. So he tried to separate Mikey from her, but Mikey wouldn't budge.

"C'mon Mikey…" He tried to pull him up by his arm. "No Brand!" Skeds looked at Mikey with pleading eyes and he finally gave in. He kissed Lynn quickly on the lips and stood. Brand pulled him into one of his brotherly hugs as Skeds collapsed next to her sister and started bawling. After awhile they were all just huddled not knowing what to do. Then just as they were about to call 911 Lynn's eyelashes fluttered and she opened her eyes taking in the scene around her.

"Lynn!" Mikey escaped from Brand and pulled her into a tight hug. Brand did the same to Skeds and the rest hugged their lovers all except for Toons and Pedro who were standing there awkwardly. In the end they decided calling an ambulance would be the best idea even if she was now conscious. A quick carpooling trip to the Hospital and many teens were cramming themselves into one hospital room. All seemed right with the world at that moment, even Stef had stopped by to say hello and make sure she was feeling okay.

It was a gorgeous sunny day. The clouds were puffy with a pinkish tint and then the school bell rang for the last time it would, until next year of course. Many teens piled out of the school a group of teens including Pedro and Deb who had moved back to live with their Aunt Chunk, Mikey, Lynn, Mouth, Toons and Rob exited the school in one line talking and laughing. Chunk laughed and smiled reaching the outside school gate.