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Chapter 1

That's Life

"Hey Race." Snipeshooter said over the Italians shoulder. "Can I play a round?" Being so close to the kid and hearing him startled him so mush he dropped his cards.

"Geez Snipe ya do dat all da time, just go play wid the oda kids," He said angrily picking up his cards as the other newsies laughed at his misfortune. Race leaned back in his chair glaring at Snipe.

Snipeshooter made his way over to Boots who was on his bunk swinging his legs as he watched the poker game from afar.

"Can I join yas?" Snipe asked. "Sure." Boots said making room for his best friend. The two sat in silence wishing they could partake in the poker games.

Meanwhile over at the poker table Mush kept looking over at the two boys staring sadly over at them. "Race youse are so insensitive." Blink mentioned. "And what do youse know about being sensitive Blink?" Race asked his best friend as he poked him in the chest exaggerating his point. "Alls right Race I gets ya point." Blink said pushing Race's hand off his shoulder. It was almost time to show cards and Mush knowing he lost just simply said "fold" and walked away from the table toward the two boys.

"Hey guys." Mush said in what he thought was a cheerful voice. They just ignored him staring at their feet. They knew he was just trying to make them feel better, that was the kind of guy Mush was. "I'se just wanted to play poka'."

"I know Snipe, but that's life." He shrugged as he made his way back to the table to join in the next round.

"Hey Boots I wonder if they really do care about us."

"I know what ya mean Snipe." Just then Snipe started smiling wickedly. "I have the best idea. We should run away for a couple a days and bring Les with us of course he is always saying how he feels left out." He sputtered as he caught his breath. "And that way we can see if they really care about the younga boys in Manhattan."

"Great idea Snipe we will tell Les tomorrow." Boots and Snipe spit shook as they started swinging their feet in silence again.