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Chapter 10

The End is Near

Every stopped and stared at Jack looking for an answer… Snipe and Les who were in the arms of Race and David struggled to get out…to save their friend. "LET ME GO!" Les screamed breaking free and running back into the fire. "LES!" David jumped up about to follow, but was stopped by Jack.

"I'll do it." Jack turned and ran back into the blaze now after two boys. Over near some crates Mimic was still unconscious and Tears was crying into Scab's shoulder. "Its okay…its okay you're safe now." He said rubbing her back.

"I'm…I'm worried about Les and Boots." She cried large tears spilling onto his jacket. He paused he was too, but he wasn't about to let his younger sister know that.

Meanwhile Les was running through the building the fire nipping at his heels. "BOOTS?" He cried out tripping and falling face first into a pile of ash. "BOOTS?" He ran further to where he thought the fire had started. "BOOTS?" He was hyperventilating…."Boots?" He sobbed out his friend's name finally running into the fire in time to see his best friend's chair in which he was sitting start to catch on fire.

"BOOOTS!" Les leaped to where his friend was and started to pull at the ropes knowing his hands were burning. Te smell of charred flesh erupted from his hands, but he didn't stop.

"LES?" Jack was now screaming looking for his best friends brother. "LES?" Then he smelled something that made his skin crawl. It was the smell of burning flesh then he heard the sound of someone burning alive. "LES!" He entered the main room to see Boots next to Les half unconscious. Les was screaming in pain and withering on the floor. Boots looked to Jack for help before he collapsed next to Les. Jack bolted to the boys and when he saw Les' hands he jumped back they were black and red swelling to twice their usually size. Ignoring it he picked Les up and threw him over his shoulder lifted Boots into his arms and ran out of the building. He made it out of the main room just as a main beam fell and it collapsed. This sent a wave of oxygen throughout the building. Jack knowing that he didn't have much time dove through the front of the building. "EVERYONE GET AWAY!" Jack screamed trying to warn them. Pie helped Cakes behind a crate and held her. Race grabbed Snipe and covered his head and Snipe's as he rounded a corner. David ran over to Jack and prepared to take cover. Scab held Tears and Mimic close as the wave of oxygen escaped the building. They held there not knowing what was going on then all of a sudden the building exploded in one giant fireball. Tears was screaming, Cakes was clinging to Pie and everyone held their breath as debris flew everywhere. Then as soon as it started it stopped. Jack looked up first to see debris everywhere and the building gone.

"Is everyone okay?" He asked then remembered Les and Boots.

Immediately he set Boots to the side he was doing fine, but Les on the other hand was writhing in pain.

"Les…Les let me see your hands." Jack said sitting the little boy up straight. Jack gasped they were raw and black. David came running over.

"LES LES" Then he saw the hands. "OH MY GOD!" David looked on in shock. "How…what happened?"

"David we have to get him to a doctor now." Then looking around. "They all have to get to a doctor." So one by one the boys carried the harmed to the nearest clinic.

"HELP! PLEASE HELP US!" Jack pounded on the door. An older lady opened it.

"Yes?" She asked nicely she had silver hair that was up in a neat bun.

"These kids were put into a fire…they need medical attention." David insisted.

"Oh my." The only lady said once she had seen Les. "Bring them in, bring them in." Jack motioned for them to go into the small clinic. The old lady's husband walked over to them.

"Yes?" He asked slowly. He had a gruff, kind voice the kind an old grandfather would have. Then not saying anything he took Les from David's arms and went into a room. David looked around helplessly.

"I will take a look at the rest of you one by one." She went to Mimic first who now had a visible cut on her head from where she had fallen. The rest sat and waited not sure what was going to happen to them in the end. The nurse came back a few minutes later without Mimic.

"Where did you put my sister?" Scab asked standing up.

"She is resting that's quite a nasty bump on her head, but she will be fine." She said slowly. Scab nodded and sat down his head in his hands. Then she took Boots who was having trouble breathing. After a few minutes of anticipated silence the doctor came out of the room and walked over to Jack.

"The little boy's hands are severely burned." David interrupted.

"Is he gonna be okay?"

"Yes, but he will never get the full use of his fingers." The doctor said sadly. "I'm sorry." David nodded then turned to Jack as the doctor brought Snipe into the back room.

"Jack…this wouldn't of happened if I had looked for him." David whimpered and Jack rubbed his back. "It's all my fault." Jack shook his head.

"No it's not David never think that EVER." The last thing David needed was to feel guilty. One by one the victims were examined. Only Mimic and Les were harmed. Mimic had a concussion and Les had his hands burned the rest just needed to spend the night for examination. Jack, Pie, Race, Blink, Mush, David, Scab and everyone else walked into the room to see everyone in a bed except Les, Boots and Snipe who were sitting in a corner talking. David, Jack and Race ran over. Race leaned down and hugged them. "I'm sooo sorry…I'm sooo sorry." He said it over and over. Jack leaned down and pulled Race of them.

"I'm sorry too Les." All three boys accepted the apologies. Then Les smiled.

"I have learned something through all this." He said slowly. Everyone looked at him. "I now know people care." Snipe nodded.

"We'll never forget this…because we now understand that just because you don't like us doing things with you doesn't mean you don't care…"

David laughed. "We will never not care again."

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