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Lunge, slash, parry, dodge… run! Tommy ran through the woods knowing his opponent was hot on his heels. The dance had been going on for over an hour now and neither Tommy nor his rival were giving up. That it how it always was for his kind, and that is how it would always be, and a part of Tommy liked it that way. The hunt, the chase, the adrenaline was always a part of this, and always a part of him. He wouldn't have it any other way. Tommy let a small chuckle escape his lips as he crashed out of the forest and into the clearing. He then turned and faced his rival, his sword out and ready.

"I thought you were going to run forever," his rival smirked.

"Nope," Tommy replied, "here I am."

Here I am,

I'm the master of your destiny,

I am the one the only one,

I am the god of kingdom come,

Gimme the prize,

Just gimme the prize,

The two of them met, sword against sword, both grunting in slight shock from the impact. Tommy felt his senses growing sharper, the area more clear and alive. He felt as empowered as his opponent. Tommy grinned as he pushed away and slashed him across the chest. He then dodged a lunge, a slash, and then blocked the next attack, enveloping the sword with his own and disarming his rival.

"Getting sloppy," Tommy observed.

"Got to hell," his rival laughed.

"No thanks… already live there remember?" Tommy retorted.

"Tell me about it," his foe sighed as he dodged under Tommy's sword and ran for his own weapon.

Give me your kings,

Let me squeeze them in my hands,

Your puny princes,

Your so-called leaders of your land,

I'll eat them whole before I'm done,

The battle's fought and the game is won,

I am the only one,

I am the god of kingdom come,

Gimme the prize,

Just gimme the prize,

Tommy ran after his adversary spinning the sword in his hand. He let out a feral yell as he thrust down with all his might, only to be blocked by the katana. Tommy grunted as his rival used his momentum against him and pushed him back. The two of them stood and ran at each other. There was a rhythmic sound of grunting and clashing as each opponent attacked and blocked each other in their deadly dance. Neither of them were going to back down, and they would keep fighting until one fell.

Now you die,

I have something to say,

It's better to burn out,

Than to fade away,

There can be only one,

Tommy doubled over as he was kneed in the stomach, he recovered quickly and grabbed his rival's arms before the sword met his mark, and head butted him. "Cutting it a little close there weren't you?"

"Hey, I fight to win, whatever works right?" His rival grunted, still disoriented from the head butt.

"If you say so," Tommy smirked as he kicked him in the chin, he was fully determined to win this fight.

Move over,

I said move over,

Hey, hey, hey,

The two of them finally broke apart and circled each other, they both were finally showing signs of fatigue, but they were both stubborn. They knew that only one person was going to walk away from this fight alive. And they were both determined to win. They both wanted to be the one. After a few minutes of circling and reserving some energy, the two enemies met up, for the last and most crucial part of their fight. They knew that only one would walk away from this alive. And they welcomed it.

Clear the way,

There's no escape from my authority,

Didn't I tell you,

I am the one the only one,

I am the god of kingdom come,

Gimme the prize,

Just gimme the prize,

Lunge, slash, parry, dodge, kick. Tommy's face grew emotionless, he was no longer taking things lightly, he was no longer playing, he was fighting for his life, and the determined look in his eyes scared his opponent, just enough to make him falter. Tommy took that window of opportunity and disarmed his rival, kicked him down and killed him. Tommy had won.

I am the one,

The only one,

I'm the god of kingdom come,

Gimme the prize…

"Good fight Tommy," his rival panted from the ground, the practice sword poised at his neck.

"Thanks Jase," Tommy panted as he pulled the practice sword back and offered him his hand. "It was close though."

"Close?" Kim asked as she, Billy, Zack, and Trini walked over from where they were watching the spar, "You had me thinking you two were going to kill each other!"

"Nah," Jason grinned, "we'd never do that…"

"Yeah, not even Rita can make me kill Jason," Tommy replied growing serious for a moment. "No one will, ever."

Jason slapped Tommy on the shoulder and offered him a grin, trying to bring back the jovial mood that had been with them through out the fight. "So bro, you gonna tell me how you managed to win this one?"

"Simple," Tommy sighed, shaking the memories from his head and then smiled to his friend, "I once heard someone say that to beat evil, you need heart, soul, and steel, because in the end, there can be only one… sometimes I take it to heart."

"Where'd you hear that?" Zack asked.s

"I dunno," Tommy shrugged, "I just… remember something like that."

"Tommy… dear…" Kim looked at him slightly worried, "you watch too many movies."

There can be only one…