Disclaimer:The Power Rangers belong to Saban, The Call belongs to Regina Spektor, and Madelyne belongs to me. Had a really hard time finding a song for this story… the juxtaposition seems to fit though.

The Call

Tommy glared at Zordon, he wanted the Eltarian to give him an explanation, but his worry for the dragon became too much. "If that Dragon dies…"

"He won't." Zordon replied. "If I had known…"

"Don't give me that bullshit!" Tommy snarled, "you saw me coming and called everyone in to keep me from you."

"You're supposed to be dead!" Tommy spun to see Jason in the doorway. The Red Dino Ranger was backed by the original Rangers. "Of course Zordon called us! Tommy is dead, you're a clone, or a zombie… or… or something!" He turned towards Alpha and the Dragon. "And that thing is controlling you."

Jason moved to pull Alpha from healing the Dragon only for Tommy to get between them. "Back off Jason." Tommy watched as Jason sized him up before backing off. Obviously the Red Dino Ranger didn't like what he saw in Tommy. He looked back to Zordon, "Your thirty seconds are up."

"Zordon, he's okay!" Alpha called from the exam table. Tommy grunted as the Dragon reclaimed his perch on his shoulder. He smiled a bit to the Dragon, rubbing the creature's eye-ridge.

Zordon watched Tommy, trying to figure everything out. "Why are you here?"

"I need to get to Rita's castle." Tommy looked up at Zordon, "She has someone important to me."

"The bitch with Rita's staff?" Jason crossed his arms, "she seemed to be okay to me."

"That wasn't her."

"How do you know?"

"Did you defeat her?"


"Exactly," Tommy looked to Zordon. "You're wasting my time."

"We're going also." Jason stepped forward.

"The hell you are." Tommy growled.

Jason glared at Tommy, getting in his face. He had grown since the last time Tommy saw him, he was an inch taller and tried to use it to his advantage. "If you're going to attack the castle, and that's a big if, you're going to need us." He poked Tommy in the chest roughly. "I still don't trust you, and I'm not about to let Rita have another psycho Ranger at her disposal."

Tommy grabbed Jason's hand and bent it backwards, Jason winced in pain but did his best to work through it. "You can take your lack of trust and shove it up your ass." He quickly pulled Jason forward, hooking the Red Ranger's ankle with his foot, slamming him to the floor. "I don't need to babysit a bunch of children who don't have what it takes to do what is necessary."

Jason lashed out with a leg sweep and kipped up to face Tommy. The two Rangers faced off, one ready to rip limbs off, the other looking like he could care less.

"Jason don't!" a feminine voice cut through the crowd. Jason backed off and looked towards the owner of the voice. Tommy blinked as the Pink Dino Ranger made her way through the crowd with Rita's staff in hand. "Just stop it. Can't you see that he's worried about his friend?"

Tommy stared at Kim silently. "Kim…?" he felt like he had been hit with a sledgehammer. It had been years since he had seen her, yet his feelings for her still burned hot.

It started out as a feeling,
Which then grew into a hope,
Which then turned into a quiet thought,
Which then turned into a quiet word,

The Dragon cooed softly, reminding Tommy about Madelyne and Rita. He dragged his thoughts back to the present and looked to Zordon. "I-I have to go."

Zordon looked at Tommy for a moment and nodded. He'd let Tommy go first and then send the original Rangers after him. He wanted to know what Rita and Zedd were up to, along with finding the origins of Tommy's resurrection.

Tommy stepped over to Kim, the Pink Dino Ranger blinked up at him as he got into her personal space. Tommy noticed Jason tense, he couldn't help but smirk at Jason's reaction as he gently took Rita's staff from Kim. "I need this Kim…"

"I know…" Kim replied, watching him. She looked like she was about to cry, "Tommy I'm-"

And then that word grew,

Louder and louder,
'Til it was a battle cry,

Tommy interrupted her by capturing her lips, his free hand rested on the nape of her neck, keeping her against him. Kim leaned into the kiss, her arms going around his waist instinctively.

Tommy pulled away after a moment. "I love you Kim," he whispered. "Never doubt that." With that declaration, he turned from her and the other Rangers. Leaving them behind.

"Tommy…" Kim called, she ran to him as he dissolved into green static. "Tommy wait!"

I'll come back,
When you call me,
No need to say good-bye,

Tommy rematerialized in the throne room facing Rita and Zedd's thrones. Rita was on her throne, her legs crossed, one hand drumming on the arm of the chair as she waited. When she saw Tommy she grinned and stood, her staff flying to her hand.

"At last you've returned to me my lost warrior." Rita looked him over proudly, liking the changes she saw.

Tommy pulled Madelyne's sword and rested it at Rita's throat, forcing the witch to back off. He kept the sword between them, not trusting her. "Where is Madelyne?"

"Zedd is entertaining her at the moment." Rita smirked before becoming serious. "What is your answer?"

"Why me?"

"Because of who you are," Rita explained, her demeanor changing as she spoke, her normal cockiness that Tommy was used to gone. "Because of what you are."

"And how am I supposed to serve you, of my own free will, when you have used my sensei's life as leverage?"Tommy advanced on Rita slowly.

Rita smirked a bit as she headed back to her throne. "I used her as bait to get you here." She turned and sat down, chuckling at Tommy's face. "Don't be so surprised. I knew it would be exactly what you do. You are very predictable at times."

"And if I don't sign the contract you'll kill her… right?" Tommy watched Rita suspiciously.


Tommy blinked, "Why not?"

"Because I want this to be your choice."


Just because everything's changing,
Doesn't mean it's never,
Been this way before,

Before Rita could answer, Tommy felt the presence wash over him. Looking to the entrance of the room, he couldn't help the smile of relief when Madelyne appeared. Madelyne smiled to Tommy before getting tackled by the Dragon. Tommy noticed that she was dressed in black pants and a deep wine red button down shirt instead of the tank and shorts of her sleepwear. Tommy turned towards Rita, waiting for an answer.

"Our home world is under attack." Rita explained, sighing. "We need capable soldiers… we need a miracle. We need Rangers."

Tommy stared at her for a moment of pure shock before bursting into laughter. He was laughing so hard that his legs couldn't support him. "Why would Rangers work for you?!" he cackled, "You're evil!"

Madelyne blinked at Tommy and shook her head. "Oh give me a break!" She snapped, "Have you learned nothing from me aside from how to swing a sword?!"

Madelyne's outburst sobered Tommy instantly. "What?"

"There is no good or evil… it's all about Power." Madelyne explained. "Maybe to you and the other Rangers she's evil. But you ever think that to her people she's good?" She rolled her eyes. "There are two sides to every story!" She turned to Rita. "Why did you want to conquer Earth?"

All you can do is try to know,
Who your friends are,
As you head off to the war,

"Because Earth has so much wild and untapped magical potential." Zedd replied, "Something our people don't have. The Earth is young and the magic is wasted. Our people need the magic."

"Why did you stop?" Tommy asked, he was curious now.

"The machine empire showed up." Zedd explained, "Then Divatox, and after her there were others." He sighed and rubbed his eyes. "It wasn't worth fighting multiple battles."

"Around the time you disappeared," Rita took up the story, "Zedd and I got a call from our general. We were needed there, we were being invaded. We quickly went to oversee the defense of our planet and kept them at bay for years, but we need help."

"How did you learn that Tommy was still alive?" Madelyne asked.

"Goldar spotted him in Paris."

"What the hell was Goldar doing in Paris?"

"Regrouping and resting." Rita replied. "It was where we spent our honeymoon."

"I'm sure I would have spotted a winged monkey." Tommy snorted.

"We can and do blend in you know." Rita shot back. "Just because we didn't in Angel Grove means nothing."

"Why Tommy?" Madelyne asked, slipping her hands into her pockets.

"Because he will do things the rest of the Rangers won't." Rita looked at Tommy. "You'll kill, you're a soldier."

Madelyne smiled slightly, she couldn't help but be proud of her student. Tommy sighed and started to pace, thinking everything over. The Dragon watched him from his perch on Madelyne's shoulder. After a while, Tommy stopped and looked at Madelyne and the Dragon.

"I can't leave them." He looked at Rita. "They need me."

Madelyne snorted. "Who's to say I can't come?" She asked. "I've lived on Earth so long that I would love a change of pace."

"But I'm just one Ranger."

"So? We recruit more soldiers." Madelyne smirked.

Tommy nodded and looked at Rita. "Where do I sign?"

Pick a star on the dark horizon,
And follow the light,
You'll come back,
When it's over,
No need to say good-bye,

Rita grinned as she pulled the contract out and handed it to him with a quill. Tommy took the contract and read it over before moving to sign it. Before the quill could hit the parchment it was shot out of his hand. Tommy looked to see Jason and all the Dino Rangers standing there. Jason's blaster was aimed at him and he was shaking with rage.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

"I came to take you down," Jason's gun never moved. "I knew you couldn't be trusted."

Tommy looked at his former friends, then to Rita and the others. He had no idea how to explain the situation to them. He didn't think Jason would listen and he was getting tired of Jason's attitude.

"You'll get one shot." Jason looked over at Madelyne. The elder immortal made her way over to Jason, watching him like a hawk. "If you're really lucky, you might take him out." She stopped between the two men. "But there is a damn good chance he'll come back. When he does, he'll be royally pissed off." She crossed her arms, smirking. "But that won't matter."

Jason now had the blaster pointed at Madelyne's chest. "Why won't that matter?"

Madelyne lowered her head a bit, grinning ferally, her hair falling into her eyes giving her the overall look of a psychopath. "Because the second that Tommy is hit, you'll have to deal with Draco, Rita, Zedd, Goldar, a legion of Putties, and me." In a flash of movement she snatched the blaster from Jason's hand and rested it right underneath his chin. "But mostly… you'll be dealing with me."

"I won't be intimidated by a creation of Rita's." Jason glared at Madelyne through his helmet, "I took your doppelganger down with ease."

Madelyne looked at Jason silently, for a moment Tommy thought she was going to shoot the original Red Ranger. Jason was saved by the most unlikely of sources.

"They aren't Rita and Zedd's creations Jason." Adam spoke from the back, "That really is Tommy."

Tommy blinked in surprise and turned to look at Adam. "How do you know?"

Adam powered down, looking at the ground sheepishly. "I'm your Watcher."

Madelyne nodded to herself muttering in Gaelic.

Jason stared at Adam for a moment before looking at Madelyne and Tommy. "What the hell is going on?"

"I'll explain later," Adam promised. "I wanna know about this contract first."

"Rita and Zedd's home world is under attack," Madelyne explained, she lowered the blaster, but didn't look like she was giving it back anytime soon.

"So?" Jason snorted.

Tommy was looking at the contract again, reading it over for the third time. "Innocent people are dying. I can't let that happen." He picked up what was left of the quill. It crumpled into ashes in his hand.

Rita shook her head and handed him another quill. Tommy took it with a soft thanks and signed the contract. Madelyne made her way over and signed herself.

She stepped back when Adam made his way over. To the Ranger's surprise he also signed the contract. Rita looked at the rest of the Rangers once he was done. "Anyone else?"

Kim started to step forward, only to be stopped by Jason's hand. She glared at him as she pulled away. "Let me go Jason."

"No." Tommy replied for Jason. "I don't want you to be part of this war."

Kim blinked at Tommy in surprise. "Why not."

Madelyne moved over to Kim and did a once over before looking her in the eyes. "You're not a killer, you'd crack. Easily."

Kim started to protest when Tommy walked over and rested his hand on her shoulder. "Stay here… with Jason." Kim looked at Jason and started to protest again. "Kim… please." After a moment Kim swallowed and nodded before stepping back into the group.

You'll come back,
When it's over,
No need to say good-bye,

Madelyne looked at Rita and crossed her arms. "We need to pack and get ourselves situated. Send us home."

"You have twenty four hours." Rita blinked, nonplussed by Madelyne's demands.

Madelyne nodded and rested a hand on Tommy and Adam's shoulders. "I hope you know what we're doing." She muttered to the two Rangers.

Once Rita sent the group back she turned to deal with the hopefully departing Rangers.

Now we're back to the beginning,
It's just a feeling and no one knows yet,
But just because they can't feel it too,
Doesn't mean that you have to forget,

Tommy relaxed slightly once they were back at Madelyne's. He powered down and looked at his companions. "Are you sure you want to do this with me?"

Madelyne smirked as she moved towards the door. "You risked a lot for me Tommy, it's the least I can do. Besides, I'm bored."

"I follow me charge." Adam shrugged. "I need to pack and get Dani. She's going to want to come. Later."

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger,
'Til they're before your eyes,

Tommy blinked as he was suddenly left alone with the Dragon. He looked over to his winged friend. "Am I the only one that's freaked?"

The Dragon thought for a moment before nodding. Tommy shot him a dirty look. "You're no help." He then patted the Dragon's head gently. "Just hope I made the right choice…"

You'll come back,
When they call you,
No need to say good-bye,

You'll come back,
When they call you,
No need to say good-bye…