Martha Meeks stood in front of the door. She didn't know if she go threw with this. Her mother asked her to do it. Paul had given her a key.

"Okay Martha…" she said to herself. "You can do this." She stuck the key in the doorknob and walked in. She sighed. This was her dead brother's dorm room and she had to clean it out. "What first?" she walked over the bed. The sheets were still neatly made. It was like he would be coming back that night to sleep. She looked over at the nightstand. On it was a clock and lamp. Typical for a twenty-year-old collage student. Also on the nightstand were a few pictures. One was a picture of Sidney. The other was one of the Meeks' family. The last one was of him and Karen Kolcheck. She looked around the room some more. On Randy's side. There was his diploma on the wall and a few horror movie posters. There was a TV stand and camera at the front of the room. Martha stood up and walked to the dresser. She opened it and all his clothes were in their places. On top of the dresser were numerous things. Some more pictures, mostly of the family and of the 'old group' with Billy, Stu and Tatum. There was a chain with a cross on it. Her eyes spotted the bullet that was in Randy's body. His class ring was next to it.

She moved on to the TV stand. There were movies spread out. Halloween, Terror Train, Prom Night and one particular tape caught her eye. It was one of those self-made tapes. One the label it read 'Scary Movies 101'. She figured it was a tape for his film theory class. She stuck the tape in the VCR. Randy appeared on the screen.

"Martha? I know its probably you. I know that Mom wouldn't be doing this. Look obviously if you have this tape I'm not around anymore. And you probably know the son-of-a-bitch that killed me. I'm making this tape for Sidney, Dewey and yes Gale. If somewhere down the line two more people get killed involving Sid, give this to her okay? This is for them so that they won't end up like me. There tape is right after my little speech. Don't, don't let them see this part. 'Cause I'm not really in the best emotional state. So give them this, I love ya Martha. You're the best sister I couldn't asked for." That was the end and there was 'snow'. Martha was crying.

"He knew he was gonna die…"

"Martha?" Martha quickly stopped the tape and turned around. Sidney was standing at the door.

"Yeah?" she sat up and wiped her tears.

"I just came over to see how you were doing,"

"Really bad. I found all of his stuff. Its all here like he'd be coming back to it,"

"I'm really sorry Martha. But…" Sidney herself wasn't exactly in the best emotional state either. "He was a great person and friend."

"I know,"

"This must really hard for you to do. You wanna go out for a while. And later we can do this together?"

"Sure," Martha got up and walked to Sidney.

"What was that tape you were watching?"

"Just something Randy made,"

"Can I see it?"

"Maybe later,"