Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Maggie and Abe's wedding is next. This story is R because of what happens in the next chapter.

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It had been nearly five months since Maggie Cavendish fell into their lives. She had changed everything when she did. Liz was a little hesitant at first when they first met. Maggie was everything Liz wasn't: sure, confident and in control of herself and her powers.

Liz was a bit jealous at first. While Maggie had lost her parents at an earlier age than Liz, at least Maggie wasn't responsible for their deaths. Plus, Maggie was trained to use her powers properly, something Liz never thought she'd have. She never thought she'd be able to completely control the fire that burned within her.

But Maggie had changed everything. She brought Guillermo into their lives. While he was no Professor Broom, he was someone to talk to when you needed someone to lean on. He was more than a willing and patient teacher for Liz. She was still a long way off to being completely in control, but she now had the basics thanks to him.

Liz sits in a chair thinking of all this as Maggie puts the finishing touches on her hair before attaching the veil. As soon as Maggie is done, she does Liz's makeup. A year and a day have passed since that fateful day in Moscow when Liz finally admitted her love for Hellboy. She never knew that the kiss that they shared would mean so much.

Today is the day of their wedding and Liz couldn't be more scared if she faced a hundred Sammaels by herself. Her palms are sweating, her hands are shaking, her stomach feels like it's on a trampoline and she is constantly on the verge of tears.

"Don't you dare ruin your makeup," Maggie admonishes as she puts away the makeup brush. "I will not have you walking down the aisle with puffy red eyes and your mascara running, so you can just stop that right now."

Liz laughs in spite of herself easing some of the tension. She wipes her palms off on her robe. Taking a few deep breaths, she practices some of the calming techniques that Guillermo had shown her.

There's a knock at the door and Maggie answers it.

"Everything's ready," says John quietly.

"We'll be out in a minute," Maggie responds. She shuts the door and comes over to Liz. "Let's get you dressed."

Liz nods. Standing up, she takes her robe off as Maggie brings over the dress. Maggie holds the dress as Liz, using Maggie's shoulder for balance, steps into the simple, yet elegant, creation. Liz adjusts the thin straps on her shoulders as Maggie zips up the back. After sliding her feet into her shoes, Liz looks down at the simple A-line dress with the scooped neck and then turns to Maggie.

"Do you think Red will like it?" Liz asks nervously.

"If he doesn't, he needs his eyes checked," Maggie answers, picking up their bouquets. "Are you ready?"

"No," Liz replies truthfully.

"Good, let's go," Maggie responds as she hands Liz her bouquet of red roses.

Maggie opens the door and the ladies walk towards the library. They walk on without talking; the only sound is their shoes clicking on the tile and the train of Liz's dress dragging on the ground. As they reach the doors, Guillermo and John are waiting there with Guillermo in a tux and John in a suit. Upon seeing the ladies, John stares like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. Guillermo chuckles at his reaction and then gently pokes the younger man in ribs.

"Go let them know that we're ready," Guillermo says.

Finally, John blinks, nods and quickly disappears through the doors. A few minutes later, John sticks his head back in the hallway.

"Ok, we're ready," he says.

Maggie steps forward as John holds the door for her. She proceeds into the room and slowly walks between the seated agents and staff of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense as Pachelbel's cannon in D plays quietly in the background.

At the end of the aisle are a few steps that lead to the dais that used to be Professor Broom's office. It has been transformed into an altar for the ceremony. Hellboy is standing wearing a tux on the top step and Maggie briefly wonders how they found a tux big enough to fit him. The Catholic priest that holds services in the bureau is standing beside him. Abe stands on the step just below them.

He watches Maggie intently as she walks down the aisle. He stares at the way the velvet gown hugs her form. The small bouquet of white roses stands out perfectly against the dark burgundy of her dress. Her hair lies in loose curls around her shoulders and it takes all of Abe's will power to not go over and hold her, caress her, run his hands through her hair. His thoughts continue about what he would like to do to Maggie until he notices that she's blushing furiously as she takes her position on the second step with him. Belatedly, he realizes he was projecting his thoughts at her and he turns a darker shade of blue.

The music changes to the Wedding March and a moment later, the doors open again admitting Liz and Guillermo. Everyone stands as they slowly make their way towards the dais. For Hellboy it seems that time stands still as he watches the woman he loves come toward him in a dress that takes his breath away. It clings to her small frame in such a way that makes Hellboy glad he's already red. It seems to take forever for her to come down the aisle and yet, in no time at all, she is standing beside him.

The priest starts the ceremony as almost everyone takes their seats and all sense of time is lost on Liz and Hellboy. After what seems to be moments to them, the vows are exchanged and finally they kiss. The room explodes with the sound of cheering.

A short time later, the chairs are moved and tables are brought in. The table that had been used as the altar is now transformed into the head table. After everything is rearranged, the food is brought in and everyone enjoys brunch.

After the meal, the cake is brought out. Someone managed to take the groom wedding cake topper and paint it red. After the cake is served, everyone comes over to congratulate the happy couple, even Manning. As things wind down, people start to return to their duties.

A clock chimes nearby and Maggie turns to look at it. Seeing the time, she nearly panics. Finding Hellboy and Liz is not a problem, getting them to leave is. They are deep in conversation with Guillermo when Maggie walks up.

"I'm sorry to interrupt," Maggie starts as she comes over to them. "But you two need to get going."

Guillermo glances at the clock and his dark complexion lightens considerably.

"Maggie's right, you two need to get going," he says.

"Shouldn't we pack or something?" Hellboy asks.

"Everything's been taken care of," Maggie assures him. "You'll have everything you two need for the next week."

Hellboy starts to protest again until Liz reminds him where they're going. A lopsided grin gets plastered to his face and he's much easier to get moving after that. Within a few minutes, the happy couple is in the back of the garbage truck waving goodbye to everyone. The truck pulls away and the BPRD returns to relative normalcy.