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The last thing he remembered was a searing pain in his back as he strove to protect the old human called "Pops". Toboe could remember going over to Pops and asking if he could rest in his arms for a while and how he wished that he could have protected him. The last thing he remembered was the smell of tears and the faint words of apology as his world went dark forever.

"Hey! Where am I?" The auburn pup said. "And why is no one else here?"

Before he knew it something was pulling him through the air.

Toboe looked down. He saw Tsume standing next to a brown furry thing. Upon closer inspection he saw it was his body. And then it hit him.

"O' my gosh. I think I'm dead!"

After this initial shock he looked down again and began to listen.

"I know you can hear me kid"

"Is Tsume talking to me?" Toboe asked.

"You were always the one to make me go on." Tsume stated. "I was determined to take you to Paradise with me runt."

"And after all that the pack has been through you died trying to save the human that despised you."

Toboe looked down on Tsume and said "I never knew you stuck with us just because of me, I thought you wanted to see Paradise for your self that's all."

"You once asked me how I got my scar; it is a sign of my cowardice and a constant reminder of my shame."

"Tsume I…I never thought you would share this or even anything about your past."

"My pack… It was under attack by Jagura's Troops." Tsume continued. "They… They were dieing all around me. I ran when I should have stayed behind trying to help or save them. My pack leader saw me and decided to banish me from the pack forever, and then gave me my scar as a reminder of my sin."

"Tsume…I never knew that about you." "I wish I had." Toboe stated softly.

"Hey." Tsume said addressing Quent, which caught Toboe's attention again. "Look after the runt for me."

Toboe stared after Tsume and then looked down at where his body was located.

"Goodbye Quent, I hope I will see you in Paradise someday."

"Hey, why am I not in Paradise right now?"

Toboe felt the mysterious force pulling him again this time, after Tsume.