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Kiba met Darcia and found he was able to fight better then ever. "Hey is that you guys helping me?" "Yes it is Kiba and we need to beat Darcia before he does anymore damage. We don't know if our staying with you is permanent or temporary."

Darcia threw Kiba to the side after feinting one way and catching him off guard. Some of Kiba's old wounds started to act up and that kept him down just long enough for Darcia to reach Cheza.

Darcia threw Cheza across the ice and went after her again. "Please don't, leave her alone she hasn't done anything." "Hehehe heheā€¦..huh?" Darcia threw up when he was heading for Cheza a second time. Cheza looked up and said "This one's blood is poison and you are not protected by the flowers." Darcia looked shocked along with Kiba and the rest of the wolves.

"Cheza's blood is poison?" Toboe's voice rang with shock. "I guess so, I would have never thought that something that smelt so good would be filled with poison." Hige stated.

Darcia noticed the blood from Cheza was flowing away from them and he followed it.

"Hehehehahaha. Paradise will be mine after all." Darcia reached the place where the blood leveled out and stepped onto that part of the ice. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" All the wolves looked over in surprise and shock at seeing Darcia getting electrocuted to death. After a few seconds it was all over and all that was left of Darcia was his eye floating in the temporarily melted ice.

"Wow I guess Paradise rejected all but his real wolf's eye." Blue said and then stated. "I wonder if that would happen to me if I tried to reach Paradise?" "Of course not Blue! You've been through almost as much as we have been through." Hige said quite loudly.

The four wolves were drawn out of Kiba's body and stood next to him almost solid except for the fact that you could see right through them.

"Well what are you going to do now Kiba?" Tsume said softly. "I don't know. I honestly don't know."

Kiba slowly got up while his pack just stood there. (Well as best they could seeing as their dead.) Kiba slowly walked over to Cheza and fell in her arms. "Cheza I've failed you. My pack is dead and Paradise hasn't opened I don't have much time left here." "That is Ok Kiba. This one is sure you will open Paradise some day. Just don't forget to find this one when the world is reborn." "Cheza I will never forget you I will always search for Paradise." "Kiba this time when the world is reborn you will have to go through many worlds to reach Paradise and many lives will be changed but you must find this one first so don't forget this one."

With that Cheza died turning into thousands of seeds in Kiba's hands. "Wait Cheza don't go I don't know what you mean." Kiba heard the faintest of whispers as the flowers began to bloom. "Don't forget this one Kiba. Don't forget."

Kiba's pack mates just silently followed him as he picked up the dead flower and walked into the bed of flowers. Kiba laid down with Cheza in front of him and so did the other wolves. His pack mates said "We'll see you again in Paradise." With that Tsume, Toboe, Hige, and Blue disappeared into the sky towards the moon. As soon as they were out of sight rain began to fall with the scent of his pack on it. "Huh. I guess it should be called wolves rain." In the wolves rain the lunar flowers began to bloom. "Toboe, the color of lunar flowers is white. Isn't it beautiful?" The flowers rose up and engulfed Kiba.

Paradise was being opened. Darcia's wolf eye was absorbed into a flower and the lunar flower turned black. Paradise was tainted once again so it would open into a future not hope, not despair, but a future.

Kiba closed his eyes one last time and then the ice melted underneath him and he sank into the lake. Kiba opened his eyes and saw his pure white hair join the moon and purify it back from blood red into its original pure white color.

Paradise then opened and a beauty beyond all beauty beyond all beauty was beheld. The world then started over.

Kiba was running, that's all he knew he ever did. He was not a wolf but he was searching, searching for something he could not name. A voice rang through his head "Kiba, don't forget this one, search for me." Kiba ran past a young boy holding a kitten, a guy in a blue poncho eating food, a guy on a motor cycle, and a girl in an ally watching the guy in the blue poncho. Little did he know they were all searching for the same thing, striving for the same purpose, they to searched for Paradise.

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