Seven years. It had been seven years since gohan defeated cell, everything was going smoothly. Vegeta still trained but this time he had a partner, gohan. A few days after cell was destroyed gohan had decided that he was going to continue to train and he figured the best way to get any real results was to train with vegeta. Within the first year vegeta reached level two, a few months after that gohan reached level three. About two years ago vegeta reached level three as well, but gohan was still stronger, he found out that every level had an ultra level to it. He found out there was an ultra level to super saiyan two while training in the cold of Siberia one weekend. It was extremely more powerful that regular two and looked totally different. He was extremely muscular and his hair turned what could be considered a kind of gold green, his hair also grew out longer. His eyes turned blue was well. Vegeta reached that level. Six and a half years after cell gohan had mastered super saiyan three and found out there was a ultra level to it. His hair turned a blood red color and his eyes turned the darkest green imaginable, he was also very muscular in that form. Goten was born a year after cell and him a trunks quickly became the best of friends. The began learning how to fight when trunks was 4 and gotten was three. Even though they where friends there was a little rivalry between them to see who would be stronger. And so the story begins.

Starting high school

It was 7 o clock in the morning and one of the twin demon children of Satan or at least that's what vegeta liked to call him and trunks, was slowly creeping into his brother's room to "wake him up".

Goten deciding that yelling for gohan to get up wouldn't do any good settled for jumping on him instead. He counted to three and then he jumped.

As he got about an inch from landing on gohan, gohan's hand quickly shot up and caught gotten, startling the little squirt.

"Aw man gohan I thought I had you this time" goten stated, clearly upset that gohan was able to catch him again.

" gotten I sensed you when you came into the room, I told you if you want to get me you have to lower your ki before entering the room, now get out so I can get dressed alright"

"Alright gohan but don't come down to late or I'll eat all the food up" goten said playfully.

"I'll keep that in mind goten"

With that said goten left the room so gohan could get dressed. Five minutes later gohan was finished and quickly made his way downstairs so he could eat. As he got to the table though he could see that there was no food on the table and goten leaning back licking his lips.

Goten sensing that his brother was finally down stairs looked up at gohan to see that he was mad at him for eating up all of the food like he said he would. Goten quickly gulped and decided to tell gohan he was sorry.

" sorry gohan, its just you weren't down here and your food looked so good that it was practically calling my name and I figured since it was calling my name to eat it that I would well, do as it wanted me to do"

Chi chi who was sitting quite while all of this took place couldn't help but laugh at her son's antics, he knew just what to say to get his way out of things and earn a laugh or two. Deciding that she better intervene before a little fight broke out, she knew how a saiyan could get when they were hungry.

"Don't worry gohan" she said "I packed you an extra long lunch, I even through in a couple dollars so that you can go get your self a few pizzas after school"

As she said school gohan flinched, he didn't need to go to school, hell he learned everything that there were going to teach there when he was 6. But his mother wanted him to go and as usual she got what she wanted. Gohan agreed under one condition though he wouldn't get perfect scores on his entrance exam so he wouldn't look like a total loser, but in return he would get all A's in every one of his classes. Chi chi protested for a while but when gohan mentioned that if he got perfect scores on his test that it would hinder him in finding any friends and possibly a mate she quickly agreed, seeing as she wanted grandchildren, she didn't really care who the girl was as long as she gave her lots of grandchildren.

"Thanks mom" gohan said. And with that he grabbed his black leather coat his bike capsule (motorcycle. A 2005 Kawasaki model Zx-6r), brand new just off the market, his book bag and rushed out the door quickly yelling a "bye goten" and a "bye mom" as he left.

Gohan arrived at the school he quickly realized it was one of the most hideous buildings he had ever laid eyes on, it as a large building with the main colors being orange a white. He thought about blowing it up so that they could build another one that was better that one but quickly got those vegetaish thoughts out of his head.

Gohan casually walked up the school and walked inside all the while ignoring the looks that where directed towards him. He could hear girls whispering how hot he was and could hear the guys whispering about him wearing a black leather jacket trying look like a bad ass.

Before I continue I forgot to give you a detailed description of our favorite demi-saiyan. He was now easily 6 foot 4, he grew his hair out so that it was now down to his shoulders, he was very muscular due to all the training he did. And unlike the series approach to him he was very confident, he could stand up to vegetas meanest taunts and not blink an inch, he knew he would have no problem at a human high school. He kind of looked like what raditz would have looked like in his teenage years. He wore a black long sleeved shirt that showed some muscle but not a lot as well as a pair of black denim jeans. He wore a pair of black timberlands, as well as his black leather jacket all in all he looked like a badass. Now back to the story.

Gohan tired of wondering around the halls looking for the principal's office decided to ask the next person who walked by where it was. The next person to walk bye him was a blonde girl with red highlights and green eyes. She was wearing a red short sleeved shirt that said "I'm up and out of bed, what more do you want from me". She had on a blue denim skirt and some sandals.

"Um excuse me can you tell me where the office is, I've been looking for a while now and with this school being so big it's taking forever" he calmly stated

She was startled for a second, she was so caught up in thinking about how beautiful she was she hadn't even noticed him there. Now that she did she saw that he was a looker and decided to answer him.

"Yeah, you just keep walking down this hall and go left at the end, it will be right there. By the way my name is Lindsey" she happily announced

"I'm gohan it's nice to meet you. Thanks for the directions, maybe I'll see you around sometime" with that he walked off leaving the now love struck girl behind. A few seconds later he was at the office he went in and decided to ask the nurse he saw behind the desk sitting where he could get his schedule.

"Um excuse me miss can you tell me where I can get my schedule so I can get to my first class". The nurse looked up at smiled at gohan and told him to go wait by the principal's office and wait for the principal to come out and get him. Gohan waited what he guessed was five minutes before the principal came out and got him. He figured it was because he could hear the principal finish giving the morning announcements. The teacher sized him up before telling him to come in.

" ah you must be son gohan its nice to meet you I'm Mr. torre, here's your schedule and have a nice first day, also don't start any trouble young man I know your types" Mr. torre fiercely stated.

Gohan slightly shocked that the principal would assume he was a trouble maker took his schedule and walked out of the office. He looked down at his schedule to see that he had math first. This was going to be a long boring day.

End of ch 1

Ch 2

Gohan soon reached his class, he wouldn't admit it but he was a little nervous seeing as he has never been around kids his own age but he quickly forgot those thoughts and knocked on the door.

The teacher was so startled by the knock on the door that he jumped a foot in the air, screaming while he did it. The class seeing this couldn't help but laugh and that's just what they did some even had tears streaming down there face.

The teacher quickly getting a hold of himself told the class to quite down while he got the door, he figured it must have been the new kid, what was his name, oh yeah Son gohan. Opening the door and hoping that this new student would at least listen to him and knew how to do the work, he hated that there were only about ten out of the fifty students in the class that were passing the class. Quickly ridding his self of these thoughts he decided to tell the young man to enter and tell the class about himself.

"Come in young man. You must be Son gohan I've been expecting you, although I was hoping to get somewhat of a more model student you due, now come in and introduce yourself to the class"

Gohan was speechless this teacher just plain straight out told him he was expecting someone better; right now he wasn't a very happy demi-saiyan.

"My name is son gohan, I train in martial arts" with that said he asked the teacher where he was supposed to sit.

"Um mister teacher person where do you want me to sit"

"Oh sorry Mr. Son I forgot to introduce my self I'm Mr. Ramen, um where can you sit? How about next to Miss Erasa up there, erasa raise your hand up so gohan here knows who you are"

immediately after those words left his mouth a blonde haired girl shot up out of her desk like a bullet screaming up here cutie. Gohan figuring that this was who he was talking about simply said "here I come", and walked up the stairs.

As soon as he got up the stairs he regretted it, this girl could literally speak a million miles an hour. He was sure that gotten would have trouble understanding what she said seeing how he could talk just as fast. He was brought back to attention as the girl erasa started naming off her friends names.

"This blonde, muscular guy right here is sharpner, and the girl with the black hair and green eyes (I don't remember what color they were) is videl Satan, there my best friends, say hi to gohan you two". Gohan had to admit she was nice although a bit ditzy it seems. The first to speak up was the blonde guy.

"nice to meet you gohan, its about time there was someone in this school with looks other than me, but know this it will take a while before you have to beat the girls off with a stick like I do" gohan immediately knew that him and this guy would get along, although he also knew that they would probably argue a lot.

This time it was videl's time to talk.

"Uh hi gohan nice to meet you. You say you do martial arts right, we should spar together sometime although I have no doubt that I'll end up beating you seeing as I'm the strongest women in the world I still think it will be fun."

Gohan knew he wasn't going to get along with this girl she was just as arrogant and stupid as her father was. Gohan not about to back down to her challenge quickly said.

"I think we should spar sometime it might be fun, although I wouldn't take me lightly if I were you, I'm more than a formidable opponent". He sneered at her.

Videl didn't know how to take this. Nobody had ever just accepted one of her challenges before; they were all to scared with the fact that she was Hercules daughter. No one had ever sneered at her before either, this new kid must be really stupid or really good in martial arts to be able to stand up to her like that. She let a smirk play its way across her features she could get to like this new kid.

End of chapter 2

Chapter three what a grouch

As math class ended gohan took out his schedule to see what class, he hoped it would at least keep awake this time seeing how he fell a sleep within the fist few minutes in his math class. He knew that if his mom ever found out he was sleep in class that she would throw a fit and start screaming about how she had a delinquent son and how that green skinned monster and that arrogant prince where bad influences on him. He just figured he would skip the sleeping part it would be much better for his hearing.

Gohan was so caught up with thinking about his mother that he hadn't realized that he had stopped in front of the doorway blocking what few remaining students were left in the class, one of the being a very irritated videl, she didn't want to be late again to her history class. So she did what she was known for best she screamed at him to move.


Gohan was quickly thrown out of his thoughts by her screaming. He was sure she could give his mom and bulma a run for there money when it came to screaming. Deciding that he wanted to have some fun he replied.

"You know vikel you don't need to scream so loud, I can hear you just fine" he calmly stated.

Videl was fuming now; this guy was purposely messing up her name to get a laugh, and judging by the laughs from the four or so kids behind her that's what he was getting. But she wouldn't sit back and take it or by god she wasn't 'videl satan daughter of the man who beat cell'.

"Just who the hell do you think you are jerk? I am VIDEL SATAN NO ONE TALKS TO ME THAT'

Gohan couldn't help but laugh at her; she obviously thought that because she was that frauds daughter that he was supposed to worship her like she was some kind of goddess or something. He knew he would have to tell vegeta about her when he went over to capsule corps after school for his daily spar.

Videl was seeing red now, this guy was laughing at HER, and she didn't think that she would be able to hold back from trying to knock him out. Earlier when they meet she thought that he might have been cool, but now she knew that she would have a new rival on her hands, one that didn't seem to respect her in the least.

The students behind videl where speechless now one had ever dared to talk to her like that and got away with it. They where waiting to see what the new guy would say and then videl.

"He you alright vikal, you look a little hot do you want me to get you a cold washcloth or maybe a few ice cubes so you can cool off" gohan asked with a smirk on his face. He liked getting this girl mad, now he saw why vegeta did it to bulma all the time.

"Will you call me by my real name damn it, its V.I.D.E.L. There I spelled it out for you alright. Its not vikel, or vikal, its videl. And no I don't want an ice cube or a washcloth you retarded jerk." with that said she tried to push passed him but he wouldn't move, even when she used all her strength he still wouldn't move. She was getting mad again, this new guy was beginning to be a pain in the ass. "Move" she stated coldly. Hands pressed put against his chest trying to push him away again.

Gohan deciding that he wanted to see how angry he could get her moved to the side as quickly as he could.

Videl suddenly realizing that she wasn't pushing anything and was leaning with her arms out, fell straight on her face.

The students in the hall all looked to see what the loud thump was when they saw videl laying on the floor cursing up a storm. At first no body said anything, than some guy started laughing and soon all the students were laughing even gohan, he loved it when a plan came it together. He walked away before she could say anything again, although he knew that next time he saw her she wasn't going to be to happy with him.

Videl still on the ground cursed. How did she let that jerk get the upper hand on her any ways? Oh yeah she remember now she asked him to move, although when he did he moved a little fast, faster than she could go even, and that was saying something, or at least to her it was.

She decided that she should get up off the floor and dust her self off as well as get the students to shut up there laughing. Videl had to admit though, it kind of hurt to have the students laughing at her like that, but those thoughts were quickly forgotten as she got up and gave the meanest death glare to the surrounding students. They instantly turned around and ran very quickly to there next class, leaving as very angry videl standing there.

" who does that jerk think he is, he should be worshiping me and trying to be friends with me, yet here he is making a fool out of me. I'll get that punk back the next time I see or my name isn't videl satan" she angrily stated while walking to her next class, which would just happen to have her new enemy in it.