Ch 8 I have to cook, this is some kind of joke right. A look into future.

Gohan was glad gym was over he didn't think he could last another minute in there, those girls where going to kill him. He could easily compare them to leeches, they just seemed to stick onto him and suck the life out of him. As he walked down the hallway to his next class he starting thinking about all that had happened so far that day, he couldn't help but smile he thought the day was going pretty good, well except for gym class, even when he got dressed they still clung to him, it was very disturbing to our young saiyan.

Then he thought about her, that annoying pig tailed, blue eyed devil of a girl VIDEL SATAN. Just saying her name but a bad taste in his mouth, he hated her because she was definitely her fathers child, all brawn and no brains, well at least that's what his impression of her so far was, she hadn't been nice to him so far, plus she kept screaming all the time, he was surprised she could even hear.

He was soon knocked out of his thoughts as he reached his destination: room 311. he looked down at his schedule to see what class he had and he nearly fainted, it was home economics ( for those of you who don't know what that is it's a cooking class) he had never cooked before in his life, well except for the time he spent living in the wilderness by himself, and even then the food wasn't very good, he would rather eat bulma's cooking than his, and that was saying something.

Sighing he opened the door to see that the class was mostly full, he knew why, almost nobody could pass up a chance at free food, even if they were the ones making it. Even though he was a saiyan and would never pass up the chance to eat, he still couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor soul that got stuck with him.

20 years in the future

trunks sighed, he had just taken on the Devil again and lost, this was really starting to get to him. It seemed that no matter how much he trained he could never beat that monster. He remembered when it all started that was a year ago, a year it seemed like it was way longer than that, but I guess it would if you spent it fighting day in and day out trying to survive.

The day everything started was the day of the first tournament in more than 20 something years.


he just got done fighting a guy named kable, he wasn't even close to his strength, of course with him being a demi-saiyan that was understandable.

He looked around to survey his competition and noticed a strange and very big red guy, he guessed that he looked like what the devil looked like, little did he know how right he was.

After a couple of fights it was the devil looking guys turn to fight, he fought this hulking man named brutis, but he didn't look the least be scared, and why would he be the energy he was putting off was more than freeza's, at least what he was allowing to be felt anyway, trunks had a feeling that he was suppressing the bulk of it.

As soon as the fight started brutis ran straight at him intent on knocking him all the way out of the stadium. He cocked his arm back and then let loose with the most powerful punch he could muster. The attack hit but it was like punching titanium, not a very smart thing to do. His fist broke on impact, but the red guy didn't even move, he just stared at him with this bored expression on his face.

After a few seconds of standing there the big red guy let this evil smirk play its way onto is features, a smirk so evil that it sent chills down even trunks spine. He casually brought his right arm up and grabbed onto brutis's neck, then as quick as lighting he flung him over his head and out into the parking lot, not even caring if he was still alive.

The crown and the announce didn't know what to think, they all thought that brutis would win, they were obviously wrong.

Trunks couldn't help but stare at the guy in wonder he couldn't wait to fight him, he knew that it was his saiyan side talking but he didn't care, after fighting those damned accursed androids for so long his saiyan side took over, not that he minded any, with vegeta as a father you couldn't help having the craving for a good fight coursing through your veins.

The big red guy caught trunks staring at him and could help but laugh the boy was to curious for his own good. He knew trunks was strong, he had been watching him since he was let out of hell. Trunks was practically the reason that he was let loose, with all the energy that he and his old mentor gohan used fighting those damn androids for so long the energy they used was absorbed and used to power the spell that set him free. Yes he was finally free after three thousand years, he would wreck havoc across the universe the likes of which it hadn't seen since he escaped the last time, just to be sent back in by some damn monkey, or at least that's what he called him any way. He could never forget the name of the stupid saiyan who defeated him in battle and sent him back to hell, his name was vengatu ( I made that name up, you can probably guess who beat him and the importance of whom he was beat by).

Trunks noticed the big guy caught him staring at him quickly turned his head, only to hear the guy chuckle a few seconds later.

" what's the matter little boy see something you like or are you just sizing up you competition" the big guy sneered.

Trunks not one to be intimidated sneered back at him before replying.

" just sizing up the competition that's all, not that there is any, but doing it none the less"

trunks could see that he had hit a nerve with that comment, he could have sworn he saw smoke coming out of his head.

" you say that now little BOY, but you wont be saying that when we fight, and judging by the rest of the competition we will be fighting very soon. You had better not take me lightly or you will be in for one heck of a surpise"

trunks didn't even let the words bother him, he just turned around but not before waving his hand in a ' ah who cares' kind of way.

The big guy couldn't help but laugh at him, he knew trunks was strong, incredibly strong, but no were near his demon strength. He would show that boy respect, oh yes he would show him that you should never underestimate your opponent, especially if that opponent happened to be him.

end flashback

trunks couldn't bear to remember anymore, that day he had learned just who he was up against and just how strong he was. The person he was up against was none other than the devil himself. When trunks found out who the guy was he couldn't believe it, why would something like him be on earth, hell why was he even in the living realm.

He later found out by this kai named the supreme kai that this guy named babadi came to earth to resurrect him. He had tricked the supreme kai making him think he was coming to earth to resurrect his fathers creation majin buu which had been buried in the earths core. The real reason he was here was to get enough energy to power a spell that would open a hole in the deepest part of hell and release the devil. Apparently this babadi guy had been on earth for ten years collecting energy, every time gohan or trunks got into a fight with the androids there excess energy would go to babadi, and since the androids didn't give out any energy then the only way to get it was from them. It took so long because it had to be more powerful than the person who beat the devil when he was first released, the first super saiyan, the legendary one.

Trunks soon found his way back to his house. He had to find Ryo and yumi. Ryo was tiens son, he never told anyone about him because he didn't want the androids to kill him, he didn't want him to be a fighter. Unlike tien he didn't have a third eye, but he did have a bald head. He was about 6 foot even with green eyes and he was built like his father, very muscular.

Yumi was a saiyan who followed babadi here after he had destroyed her home planet, she would have made it here ten years earlier but she got caught in a black hole, her ship was going to fast to get pulled in completely but not fast enough to pull its self out of it for almost ten years. She arrived on earth right after that tournament.

He had to find them so that they could get out of there, after his last encounter with the devil he told him that if he lost again that he would give trunks and his two companions a days time to get off of earth before he blew it up, and that's exactly what he was doing, well kind of anyways. Trunks, Ryo and Yumi were going to travel back in time to warn the z gang about the new threat, if they were lucky they would land in a time where the z gang were still training, he figured about 5 to seven years after the cell games would do, practically seven since that would make him and gohan the same age, as well as Ryo and Yumi.

He ran through the corridors looking in every room making sure they weren't in there, after about 5 minutes of looking he realized that he could just sense them out. He found that they were already in the hangar waiting for him.

" they must have realized that it was futile for me to try and fight him again, they knoew I would just lose, I should be mad but hey I knew I wasn't going to win either" he mused.

Ryo and Yumi had started to pack there things into the time capsule when they felt trunks coming towards them. They knew trunks would lose again, the devil was just to strong, even a super saiyan three couldn't beat him. They all knew there was another level, the devil told them trunks about it at the tournament and he told them. The only problem was only full blooded saiyans could reach that level. They all figured that there had to be another level that trunks could reach besides the legendary one, but so far he just couldn't reach one.

Trunks arrived in the hangar a few seconds later, out of breath from having to go so fast to get there. They had to get off of the planet as soon as possible. Sure the devil said they had twenty four hours but they knew they couldn't trust him, he would probably give them a few hours and then say the hell with it and blow them to kingdom come.

" is everything packed guys"

" yeah it is trunks, we should get going now, no need to waste precious time" Ryo replied

" I know I wasn't born here but I'm going to miss this place, to bad that evil bastard had to go and ruin it" Yumi angrily stated

" I know but the past is the past, hopefully when we arrive in the past everybody will have still been training, especially gohan, he was the strongest when I left, he might just be the one person that could beat the devil when he's let out of hell"

" you really have that much faith in that boys skills trunks" asked yumi

" yeah, he reached super saiyan two at the age of 11, he beat a monster that even the great goku couldn't beat"

" I'll take your word for it trunks" yumi hadn't told anybody yet but she was actually brolly's daughter, but unlike her deranged father she didn't want to kill goku and his friends. Yumi actually wanted to thank them, when her father was alive he would constantly beat her, she ran away when he left to go find goku with his father.

While trunks and yumi had been talking ryo was busy setting the coordinates for the time they wanted to go to, and making sure they had everything they would need packed.

He would miss his home, it was his home planet after all. Even thought they were going to an alternate past it still wouldn't be the same. Even thought the three of them had been through hell the last few years fighting the devil and his countless hordes of demons he still would miss it, he some very fond memories of him, trunks and yumi together just hanging out, being actual teenagers.

Deciding he should get the other tow on board so they could leave he casually walked away from the control board and to the door of the time machine and told them to hurry up and enter.

Trunks sighed he would miss his home, but he knew he had to leave, he just couldn't beat the devil and his minions, even with ryo and yumi. Ryo was surprisingly strong for a human, he was about as strong as cells first form. Yumi was strong as well, when she first arrived on earth trunks figured her strength was around what freezas was when he came to earth. Over the last few years she not only made it to super saiyan but super saiyan two. She was currently stronger than him in his super saiyan two form, but not his super saiyan three form.

Trunks would also miss the good times he had here, especially after he defeated the androids. He remembered when he would just sit around the house and do nothing, just letting the world pass him by. He could also remember hanging out with his mother, the two of them would go to different parts of the world and help out where they where needed, which was basically every where.

He would miss his mother, she had died about two years ago from heart failure. He had come home one night from training and forgot to take a sensu bean before he got home. When he arrived home beaten up and bloody his mother had a heart attack and the sight of him, she thought the androids had survived and had did that to him for revenge for trying to kill him. He remembered how much he cried that day and for several weeks afterwards. His mom was his best friend in the whole world, she was the one thing that kept him grounded, if it wasn't for her he was sure he would have went insane years ago.

Trunks and yumi both looked around the hanger once more before entering the time machine. They were ready to go to the past, they were going to make sure that when the devil was released that they would be there to kill him, they just couldn't stand by and watch as he destroyed earth all over again.

Ryo after noticing trunks and yumi enter started the machine up and watched as the gages went from none existent one second to alive the next. This would be it, they had to do it right this time or else watch history repeat its self.

the machine reached full power five minutes later and was currently counting down the time until departure.






and they were off. The time machine blasted through the hole in the roof of the hanger that was made for it and into the night sky.

The three of them looked out side the ship and they all said there good byes to there home world.

In the distance the devil smirked, he had finally gotten rid of that little nuisance and his friends, now he could destroy the universe as he wanted. He would have killed them years ago but he thought they had to much courage and fire in them to be killed, in other words he liked them. He told them to get off of the planet and train so that when they met again he would finally have a worthy adversary.

What he didn't know was that he would never see them again, at least not in that dimension any way.

The time machine started to accerlater faster and faster until it was a blur and then it disappeared, well kind of anyway. The time machine had actually been transported to the the time matrix, the place where you went when you were traveling through time. In there time didn't exist, it only existed out side of it

The trip would take about a week, although it was more advanced than the original, they wanted to take there time so that they could get a little rest in, and probably a little training to.

Back to the present

Gohan couldn't help but want to scream, he got paired up with the one person he never wanted to see again, VIDEL. Oh how he hated her, and well vice a versa.

They both sat there with a look of hatred on there faces, neither enjoying there current time together.

" so are we going to sit here all day or are we going to at least try and get along se we can get a good grade" videl said not trying to hide her annoyance with him at all.

Gohan had to sit there and think about that for a moment, although he really hated this girl he was very afraid of his mother and what she would to do him if he failed this class over a stupid thing as a petty rivalry even though he was sure she wouldn't care seeing as who this girls father was, hell she would probably tell him to give her a good sock in the mouth for all the things her father said about his father and her husband. Deciding that he would rather live than face sever consequences he replied.

" alright Miss Vidol your right we should try and get along, as much as I hate you and as much as I know you hate me, our grade in this class means more than that, plus I'm sure my mom would mame me if I failed this class. Get one thing straight though, I'm only going to be nice to you in this class, once this class is over with I will go back to hating you"

videl thought this over for a minute. She had to agree with him on the grade thing, plus just like his mother her father was very serious about her grades. Than she remembered the name he had called her.

" I don't know if you just don't understand me or if your to stupid to get it through head but my name is VIDEL, there you got it, I don't want to have to say it again so learn it damn you. Now onto your point about the class I think your right we can be cool for this one class but I just like you will go on hating you once we get out of here"

" fine with me" he casually replied

" fine "

the bell soon rang ending that class for the day putting a happy smile on both gohans and videls face.

The end