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Maggie paces around her room like a caged tiger. Her nerves are about shot and she's not sure she can take it any more. Sharon watches her out of the corner of her eye, as she applies the final touches to her own makeup.

"Will you please calm down?" Sharon asks irritably. "You're going to sweat all of your makeup off and then I'll have to do it all over again. Not to mention you'll make your hair go flat."

"I can't help it," Maggie moans as she finally stops moving and leans her head against the door jam to the bathroom. "I've never been so nervous in all my life. I feel like something is about to explode."

"Trust my, honey, nothing's going to explode," Sharon says calmly. "Just take some deep breaths and everything will be fine. It'll be over before you know it."

Maggie glares at her until Sharon's mother, Stephanie, sticks her head in the door and looks at them.

"They're almost ready," she says.

"Thank you, Mother," Sharon replies. She gently pulls the wedding dress off of its hanger and walks over to Maggie. "Let's get you dressed."

Maggie nods as she unties the robe she's wearing with shaking hands. With Sharon's help, she puts on the gown. Sharon buttons up the back of the dress as Maggie puts her grandmother's pearl necklace on. Maggie puts her shoes on as Sharon retrieves their bouquets. Just as they're finishing getting ready, Stephanie returns.

"They're ready now," she tells them. "Are you ready?"

Maggie takes one last look at herself in the mirror. The high scoop neck comes up to her collar bone. With her free hand she smoothes out the material of the A-line skirt. She takes a deep breath and lets it out willing the nervousness out with it. She takes a look at her aunt and nods.

The three women leave the room, head downstairs, out the front door and then towards the outside stairs that lead to a path that leads to the lake. Guillermo meets them at the top of the final set of stairs wearing a tux. Stephanie goes down and takes her seat. Then John escorts Maggie's grandmother to her seat. They're followed by Sharon and finally Guillermo leads Maggie out to face her future.

The setting sun has turned the sky to various shades of reds, pinks and blues. The sight before Maggie is incredible as she and Guillermo make their way down to the lake shore. Her brain barely registers the guests consisting of family and friends from the BPRD. She doesn't even seem to notice Sharon, Hellboy or the priest standing at the end of the aisle. All she can see is Abe.

For a change he's wearing normal pants, a button up shirt though the top few buttons are undone, and a jacket. He still has to wear the respirator and on any one else it would have looked silly. But the fact that he's wearing a tux, which has to be uncomfortable for him, is enough to melt her heart.

He watches her in awe. It still baffles him that a being so beautiful would want to spend the rest of her life with him. Her hair is a cascade of auburn curls down her back and shoulders. The reddish color of her hair brings out the color of her hazel eyes. He can't tear away from those eyes.

Finally, she is standing next to him and stares into those incredible dark blue eyes. The ceremony begins, but Maggie and Abe are barely aware of it. Nothing else seems to exist except the two of them. In a blissful haze, they take their vows. And when they finally kiss, the world simply disappears.

When their lips finally part, the world rudely reestablishes itself with the sound of cheering. Both blush and smile before turn and heading back up the aisle and the stairs finally returning to the house as the sun casts its final rays of the day.

In the large open area just behind the house, tables and chairs have been set up. Tiki torches that circle the area and the lanterns hanging from the trees have all been lit. Looking up, Maggie can see hundreds of fairies flitting through the branches. The light from the lanterns, torches and fairies give the entire scene an otherworldly glow to it.

Soon everyone is seated and eating dinner prepared by the chefs from the BPRD. John finds himself at a table with Guillermo, some of Maggie's family and a couple of agents. Introductions are made and it turns out that John is sharing a table with Maggie's cousin Jeff and his wife Pat. After a few minutes of talking to the couple, John realizes something that leaves him a bit confused.

"Can I ask you something?" John asks Jeff.

"Sure," Jeff answers.

"Are you related to Maggie through her father or mother?" John inquires.

"Her father," John replies. "All of the family here is from her father's side of the family."

"I don't mean to be rude or anything, but…," John starts.

"But where's the family from her mother's side?" Guillermo finishes.

"Yea," John responds.

"They're not here because of me," Guillermo says quietly with a sigh. "You know the story of how Maggie's parents met, right?"

John nods his head.

"Well, when Selma's parents found out that Rupert was an Air Mage, they disowned her on the spot," Guillermo states sadly. "Maggie has tried to establish a relationship with them, but they have made it abundantly clear that they want nothing to do with her. They were so angry with what they felt was a betrayal, they even went so far as to sever ties with my family. It breaks my heart that our families whose friendship lasted generations, wars and hardships unnumbered were ended because of prejudice."

"Do yourselves a favor," Jeff warns the agents. "Don't ever bring this up to Maggie. It's a sore subject with her and she tends to get a bit upset when it's brought up. My cousin, Kevin, commented on it one time several years ago. She dropped him in hole up to his neck and then closed it around him. It took us several hours to dig him out."

Further conversation is halted by the wedding cake being brought out. The Mad Painter has struck again. The groom wedding cake topper has been painted blue this time.

The rest of the evening passes quietly with only the people who seem to be part owl staying past midnight. Of those remaining only a few of Maggie's unmarried cousins, some agents, and Hellboy are still there as it approaches 2:00 in the morning. Of course, Liz fell asleep some time ago and is currently sleeping in one of the guest bedrooms. The others are now in the living room enjoying Hellboy and Abe telling them of some of the monsters they have fought.

Maggie and Abe sit at one end of the couch with Abe's arm circled around her shoulders. Maggie repositions herself to get more comfortable and Abe's arms pull her closer to him. She lovingly rubs her hand over his arm until she comes in contact with his skin.

She stands up, dragging him with her. She marches out of the room, down the hall and into the bathroom with an ashamed Abe in tow. Once they're in the bathroom, she releases his hand and then starts to fill the tub. Without a word, she sweeps out of the room and closes the door quietly, but firmly behind her.

Abe smiles and shakes his head as he starts to strip. By the time he's done, the tub is filled a little over half way. Adjusting the temperature, he lets it fill a bit further and then climbs in letting the water sooth his parched skin.

Meanwhile, Maggie returns to the empty living room. Hearing a noise behind her, she quickly turns and sees Hellboy descending the staircase with Liz sleeping in her arms.

"Figured it was the best time to get going," he explains before she can ask what happened to her guests.

"I'll come out and see you off then," she replies.

She opens the front door for him and he steps through sideways in order not to bump his sleeping wife. Maggie follows him out and then says her goodbyes to her friends and family. She watches as the last car disappears down the driveway and through the gate. Turning around, she heads back into the house.