Maggie and Abe all but hurt each other and themselves as they're shocked out of a sound sleep. Maggie's disorientation after being woken up so rudely plus the confusion of not knowing where she is at first, does nothing to help her stomach. Abe recovers first and turns them so that his back is to the window and he's between Maggie and the glass.

"Good morning, Guillermo," Abe greets as nonchalantly as possible considering the shorts he normally wears is currently floating around the top of his tank.

The combination of him suddenly spinning her around and the natural rocking motion of the water cause her stomach to go into revolt very quickly. Clamping her teeth shut, she pushes away from him and swims as quickly as she can towards the surface. Once she's there, she's reminded that there's no ladder out of the tank. Grabbing onto the side, she starts too desperately try and drag herself out of the water.

"Don't you 'good morning' me, mister," Guillermo snaps. "What the hell do you two think you're doing in there? On second thought, don't answer that question."

Abe smiles to himself as he follows Maggie up to the surface to find his shorts. But his clothes become the least of his worries when he sees her desperately trying to get out of the tank. She's already removed the mask and is now scrabbling to get out of the water. He swims closer, making a mental note to have them top off the water in his tank since it's a good six inches below where it's supposed to be.

He's not sure why she wants to get out so badly, but he swims up beneath her being mindful of her thrashing legs. He places his hands on her backside to give her a push but instead is overcome by a wave of nausea that sends him for a loop. By the time he shakes his head clear of the feeling; he has sunk several feet below her.

"Abe you might want to help her get out before she does anything that will require emptying your tank," Guillermo warns from his spot down in the library.

Forewarned this time, Abe goes back up to her and manages to help her get out without any accidents. He climbs out after her and finds her on her hands and knees over the drain in the middle of the floor throwing up. He goes over to the table at the side of the room and brings back the stack of towels that are usually kept there.

Once her stomach is empty, she collapses onto the floor careful to avoid anything that missed the drain. She lies there in a fetal position, trembling and panting. It's impossible to tell if the moisture on her upper lip and brow are from the water in the tank or sweat. He kneels down beside her and begins to dry her off, wrapping her in the soft, warm dry towels as he finishes an area.

Shortly after finishing his task and putting a folded up towel under her head for a pillow, there's a knock at the door. Grabbing a towel, Abe wraps it around his waist before opening the door to Guillermo. Guillermo hands Abe a plastic bag and a small over night bag. Abe looks in the plastic bag to find a box of saltine crackers and a bottle of ginger ale inside.

"Helen said that those things would help with the morning sickness," Guillermo tells Abe before the merman can ask about the items. "The other bag is toiletries I believe. I'll chew you two out after she's feeling better."

"In that case, I'll be sick for the next nine months," comes a muffled voice from the floor.

"Nice try, my dear, but I'm a patient man," he says as he turns to go. "I'll wait. Besides, who else is going to take care of Magick?"

With that parting shot, Guillermo leaves, chuckling as he departs. Abe shuts the door and places the toiletry bag on the ground as she groans in misery. He smiles as he steps over to her and sits down next to her. Picking up her 'pillow', she repositions herself to lay her head in his lap and then rolls over.

He suppresses a groan as the proximity of her to him is causing a certain part of his anatomy to wake up. He slightly repositions her so that she can't see how she's affecting him while the towel he has on starts to pretend it's a tent. He's so busy trying to control himself that at first he doesn't notice her moving around.

"What are you doing?" he asks, inwardly cringing at the hitch in his voice.

"Trying to find something to cover the drain," she answers. "The smell's getting to me."

He quickly grabs one of the used towels and throws it over the opening. With a sigh of relief, she settles back down and rubs her cheek against the towel in his lap. He bites his lip as his 'tent poll' attempts to stand up straighter and he grabs the last couple clean towels to cover her in.

"What'd Uncle bring me?" she asks wearily.

"Saltine crackers, ginger ale and your toiletry bag," he answers as he reopens the plastic bag and pulls out the box of crackers.

"Breakfast o' champions," she jokes as she looks up at the box he's now opening.

"Open," he orders as he pulls out the first square.

She does as she's told and he sticks the item in her mouth. For the next several minutes he feeds her crackers and soda until she refuses to eat any more. He puts the cap back on the bottle and closes the box, relieved that the distraction has deflated his libido for now.

With a groan, she slowly pushes herself into a sitting position. He watches as she sits there for a few minutes. When she feels she's ready, she finally stands up on shaky legs, letting the towels fall to the ground. He stands up beside her, supporting her when she slightly wobbles.

"I need to get to the bathroom," she admits.

"Are you going to be sick again?" he asks worriedly.

"No," she replies. "I just need the bathroom."

"Ah," he responds, finally getting it.

He gently turns her towards where his water closet used to be and watches with amusement the look on her face. Her eyes are really big and her mouth is hanging open.

"Wha…what happened to the bathroom?" she finally manages to get out, staring at the large open space in the wall where the water closet used to be.

"Come and find out," he urges as he pulls her towards the opening.

He pulls her towards the entrance and they step into the next room. He turns on the light and he didn't think it was possible, but her eyes get even bigger.

The large room is bare except for king sized bed devoid of any bedding in the center of one wall. On the far side of the room is a door and from what she can see through the doorway, it's the bathroom. She walks the rest of the way into the bedroom and spots an alcove situated next to the bathroom that looks like it's big enough for a desk and chair and maybe a bookcase, but right now it's empty. She finally turns back to him, confusion and bewilderment clearly written across her features.

"What…why…," she stutters, not sure what question to ask first.

"It's your room," he explains with a silly grin on his face. "Liz wanted to decorate it, but I thought it best to let you do that."

"But…how? Why?" she questions, still confused.

"The rest of the space up here wasn't being used, so I talked Manning into letting me convert it," he answers. "Even if you won't stay here permanently, I thought this was nicer than staying in one of those tiny little spare rooms the bureau has. Do you like it?"

"It's wonderful," she assures him and gives him a quick peek on the cheek.

She quickly heads for the restroom and he follows her, but she stops him at the door.

"I still need to use the bathroom," she reminds him.

"Sorry," he replies, turning a deeper blue than normal.

After she shuts the door, he collects her bag that Guillermo brought up and brings it back to the bathroom. He hands it to her when she opens the door. She smiles her thanks and then disappears back into the bathroom.

He goes back to his tank and sees his shorts have had the discourtesy of being on the other side of the pool. He dives in and quickly swims across to the wayward garment and puts it on as fast as he can. After he's done, he gets out and gets fully dressed before heading back to the bathroom.

"I'm going to go downstairs to get the rest of your luggage. Is there anything else you need?" he asks as he sticks his head in and sees she's getting ready to take a shower.

"Something more to eat would be nice," she requests as she tests the temperature of the water.

He nods that he heard her and heads back out. Once he exits their quarters, he can hear raised voices from down below. It's Guillermo and Manning and they seem to be discussing Maggie and him, but mostly it seems about Maggie.

"I don't want her here and that's final!" Manning demands. "She yelled at me, swore at me and Abe had to restrain her from attacking me."

"Actually, I was closing her robe since she had forgotten to tie it shut," Abe states as he makes his way down the stairs. "Guillermo, would you please have the kitchens send down some breakfast for Maggie? Preferably something that won't upset her stomach."

Manning stares at Abe in stunned surprise, his mouth hanging open like a caught fish as Guillermo does as he was asked, trying hard not to laugh at the same time. Abe struggles to keep the smile that wants to come out, in, while he walks past the speechless director. The merman collects Maggie's luggage and starts for the stairs.

"Why would food upset her stomach?" still shocked in realizing that he had been flashed, Manning asks about the one thing his mind can seem to latch onto.

"She has morning sickness," Abe replies as he starts climbing up the steps.

"SHE'S PREGNANT?" Manning yells.

"Shouting about it isn't going to change anything," Guillermo calmly tells him as he hangs up the phone.

"Great," Manning grumbles. "First a baby red monkey and now a guppy."

"Guppies," Abe corrects half way up the stairs. "She's having twins."

Guillermo lets out a whoop and a holler of joy as Manning stutters, flabbergasted by the news. Abe finishes his climb quietly chuckling, wishing he could see the look on Manning's face. Maybe he'll ask Guillermo for a 'look' later, but right now there are more important things on his mind.

After dropping the bags off in the bedroom, he goes into the bathroom and finds her still in the shower. She stands there fully luxuriating in the cascade of water pouring over her. He watches as she rubs her hands over her body, obviously enjoying herself and he's instantly reminded that foam neoprene still doesn't stretch.

He must have unconsciously made a sound because she suddenly looks around and spots him in the doorway. She smiles a knowing smile and crooks a finger at him, inviting him in. He strips so fast that he's surprised that he didn't break the sound barrier doing it.

As soon as he's free of all of his gear he slides into the shower with her. She instantly wraps her arms around his neck, being mindful of his gills and pulls him down for a kiss. He gladly pulls her warm wet body closer and he can feel more blood draining to that one spot in his body. When they finally part, she puts her head on his chest and holds him even closer.

"What took you so long?" she teases as her hands start to randomly wander around his body.

"Manning was downstairs having a fit about you being here," he finally manages to answer after convincing some of his blood to return to his brain and he feels her hands stop moving.

"Is he going to make me leave?" she asks in a hushed whisper, slightly trembling.

"No," he responds, forcing her to look up at him. "I won't let him. When you weren't here all I could think about was you. I can't function without you here."

"But I need to go and take care of Magick," she reminds him. "Will you be alright while I'm gone?"

"Will you come back?" he asks, tensing and pulling away slightly.

"I will be back tonight," she assures him and he noticeably relaxes. "I was so miserable without you."

"I could only think about how much I missed you and wanted you when I returned," he confesses. "I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. But now that I know that you'll be back tonight, I'll be fine."

"You'll eat something while I'm gone won't you?" she questions as she relaxes back into his arms.

"Of course," he whispers as he gladly holds her to him.

All he can think about how happy he is at this particular point in time. Then her hands start to wander again and suddenly, thinking is no longer an option. A certain organ that had quieted down when they were talking is suddenly very awake and pushing into her stomach.

A low groan resonates through his chest as her hands slide down his back, over his backside and onto the back of his thighs before reversing their course up the front of him all the while avoiding the now pulsing member. His own hands develop minds of their own and begin to caress and explore her body eliciting moans out of her. Soon their lips find each other and the passionate kissing leave them with nothing more than a need to fill.

He pulls her up into his arms and she wraps her legs around his waist while he leans her against the cool tile wall. After bracing himself, he pushes into her heat and all but completely loses control. After holding her for a few seconds, he starts to move forcing little mewls from her. She tightens her muscles around him causing him to shudder and to pick up the pace. She can no longer kiss him as her cries become more intense as she feels herself racing towards the precipice. Suddenly, she feels him get larger just as her body convulses with her orgasm and a second later he stands there shuddering as the pressure inside of him is released with one final thrust.

A short eternity later, he lowers her back down onto her shaky legs. After making sure that she's able to stand on her own, he turns off the water and exits the shower. She slowly follows him and finds her self wrapped in a rather thread worn towel. She looks at it critically and then looks up at him.

"It's what I could get without Manning throwing a tantrum," he explains with an elegant shrug. "And we used all the towels by my tank earlier."

"Ok, so I now need bedding, pillows and towels," she notes as she dries off. "Obviously I can't have things delivered, so how do I get the stuff from my house to here? The smaller stuff I can just put in my car, but there's no way I'm getting my desk into a Jag."

"Hmm, I'm not sure," he replies while he redresses. "Let me check and I'll let you know."

"Where'd you get the bed from?" she asks as she walks back into the rather spacious, if empty bedroom.

"The frame used to be Hellboy's youth bed," Abe tells her as he watches her open the first bag. "But he became too big for it when he was around eleven or twelve. I got one of the other agents to bring in a new mattress and box spring."

"He outgrew it?" she asks incredulously, stopping what she's doing to turn and look at him. "It's a California king size bed. How did he outgrow it?"

"By weight," he answers simply.

Shaking her head, she goes back to her task of finding clothing to wear. After searching both bags she finally comes up with clothing to wear for the day. Just as she's finishing getting dressed, there's a soft knock at the door to Abe's tank room.

Abe answers the door and admits Guillermo and John. John brings in a tray of food for Maggie consisting of a bagel, a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea. She can smell the mint tea from where she stands in the doorway of the bedroom and it makes her feel a little bit better. Abe takes the tray from John and thanks him as John nods and then leaves.

After Abe places the tray on the table that normally has his towels, she sits down and starts to eat. Guillermo stays, leaning against the wall, with a half angry half amused look on his face. He says nothing for quite some time, but just watches as she eats and Abe starts to pick up the towels strewn all over the floor.

"I think you two should know," Guillermo begins, "that your, ahem, 'activities' last night were caught on the library's security cameras."

Tea and bagel crumbs get sprayed half way across the room as Maggie starts choking on her breakfast. Abe drops the towels to go and check on her. He's not sure if the red in her face is from the choking or the embarrassment. He's fairly sure his own face has become rather dark as well.

"Fortunately, you two managed to keep the show limited by squirreling your selves away in a corner while you enjoyed some marital bliss," he continues, barely stopping the smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "However, the microphones in the tank are very sensitive so as to catch anything Abe says from wherever he is in the tank so there was not much left to the imagination. Then you two had to go and fall asleep right in front of the window of the tank. From what I understand, the fellows that watch the camera input were having quite a good time..."

"Oh, dear god," Maggie mumbles just before she falls out of her chair.

Abe manages to catch her just before she hits the floor. He lifts her limp form into his arms and carries her into the bedroom. After lying her down on the bare bed, he looks up at Guillermo who followed him in.

"She's feinted," Abe states.

"When she's feeling up to it, I'd like you both to come downstairs," Guillermo requests.

"Don't you think she's been embarrassed enough?" Abe snaps as he sits next to her on the bed and starts stroking her hair.

"I have no intention of embarrassing her further," Guillermo calmly replies. "As I was about to say before she feinted, they were enjoying the show until Liz walked in. Unfortunately, she didn't walk in until you two were, shall we say, finishing the job. Liz has destroyed all of the footage and has threatened anyone who teases either one of you with a good singeing. Then she sent Hellboy to guard the library door until I came in this morning. So while everyone heard you two love fish going at it, no one saw anything but me, and trust me when I tell you I was trying not to get an eye full."

"So why do you want to see us downstairs?" Abe asks as Guillermo turns to leave.

"We have your wedding present," Guillermo answers with a mischievous smile as he disappears through the door.

Abe remains where he is as Guillermo exits through the outside door. Just as the door clicks shut, Maggie moans and begins to stir. Abe continues to pet her hair until her eyes finally open. She takes one look at him, cringes and then curls up into a ball with her back to him.

He quickly strips off his top and gloves, lies beside her and pulls her to him. She wiggles around until she's facing him and then wraps her arms around his torso. Trembling, she clenches him in a bear hug. Once again, he's thankful that he doesn't need lungs to breathe as he hears her pop a couple of his vertebrae.

"I'm never leaving this room again," she mumbles into his chest.

"And who's going to take care of Magick?" he gently teases as he strokes her still damp hair. "I'm fairly sure Manning won't let me do it."

"Well, let me know when you're sure," she replies, refusing to look up at him.

"Maggie, you can't stay up here forever," he tells her gently.

"Watch me," she retorts.

"They're waiting for us downstairs," he informs her. "They want to give us our wedding present."

"Forget it," she growls. "It's probably just a lure so they can tease us."

"There will be no teasing," he assures her, he then proceeds to tell her what Guillermo told him.

"You seriously think they're not going to tease us?" she asks, still doubtful.

"And risk Liz's wrath?" he returns. "I don't think anyone's that stupid."

"What Hellboy?" she questions.

"Him least of all," he replies. "He may be fire proof, but he's not Liz guilt proof. When she wants to, she can make him feel two inches tall. I've seen her do it."

"You're absolutely sure that we're not going to get teased?" she demands, finally looking up into his eyes.

"I'm sure," he responds. "I would have known if Guillermo was lying, and he wasn't."

With a sigh, she finally releases him and slowly sits up. He sits up next to her and pulls her into his arms. She sits there limply, head bowed in shame.

"I feel like such an idiot," she admits.

"I know the feeling," he replies with a quiet chuckle. "We're going to have to figure something out if we want to keep having 'marital bliss' in the tank."

"We are so not doing it again in the tank," she insists, sitting up and staring him in the eye.

"Not any time soon at any rate," he assures her as he carefully brushes back a stray lock of hair. "But I did like having you in there with me. I would love to go to sleep like that every night."

"So would I, my love," she admits as she catches the hand brushing her hair out of her face with one of hers.

She kisses the palm and then kisses each of the suction cups on his hand. A shiver runs through his body and she can see him changing colors again out of the corner of her eye. Suddenly, she finds herself on her back and pinned to the bed with him on top of her while his lips claim hers in a mind blowing kiss.

"When you get home tonight," he lustfully growls when he finally lets her up for air, "we're going to christen this bed properly."

He gets up and dresses while she lies there panting, staring at the ceiling. After he's dressed, he exits the bedroom to finish cleaning up his tank room. She takes another good look around and notices something she'd missed before.

"Abe," she calls.

"Yes?" he responds from the next room.

"Is there any other way to get into this room other than through the tank room?" she asks as she finally gets off the bed.

"No," he answers coming back into the room. "I can have them put in another door if you like, but I thought it would be better to discourage people from disturbing us when we're up here. Do you want another door?"

"I don't know," she replies as she goes in search of her shoes. "Let's see how well this works, and then I'll let you know."

"Fair enough," he responds, finding the wayward items for her. "Are you ready to go downstairs?"

"Thanks," she says as she takes her work boots from him. "I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to face them, but I guess I have no choice. We might as well get it over with sooner than later."

"It's going to be alright," he assures her as he watches her put on her shoes. "They're our friends."

With a resigned sigh, she nods and they finally leave. Abe nearly has to drag her down the stairs once she sees everyone waiting for them, but they finally do make it to the bottom without her bolting back upstairs. They get settled in a couple of chairs that have been saved for them and as soon as she sits down, Wizard jumps up into her lap.

"Hey, Wiz," she greets as she starts to pet the big ball of fluff. "How are you doing? Making yourself to home I see. Guess we'll have to get you moved in upstairs too."

The big cat just purrs as he starts to knead her lap and makes himself comfortable. When he's finally settled, she looks up at the others. With a smile, Guillermo comes over and hands them a piece of paper. After reading what's been handed to them, their eyes go very wide.

A couple of hours later, Maggie is relocking Magick's barn door when Doug catches up with her.

"Good morning, Maggie," he greets. "How are you feeling?"

"Good morning, Doug," she replies. "I'm feeling better, thank you. Where's Helen?"

"She's off working with Spirit," he answers. "She can actually get into the corral with him now. I'm not sure what Abe did to him, but he's much easier to work around now. Think he could do the same with Magick?"

"It's possible," she replies as she starts to head to the other side of the ranch. "Not that it'll matter."

"Why's that?" he asks as he follows her.

"I'll tell you in a minute," she responds as they reach the fence of the quarantine pen. "Good morning, Helen."

"Good morning, Maggie," Helen replies as she looks up from grooming Spirit. "Do you believe this? He lets me touch him now. Tell Abe 'thank you' from me. Spirit is such a sweet horse, and to think we might have had to destroy him if Abe hadn't helped. By the way, how are you feeling?"

"Better, thank you," Maggie replies. "I'll let Abe know about Spirit this evening."

"So, are you going to tell us why Abe working with Magick won't matter?" Doug asks, leaning on the newly repaired fence.

"Because, I'm going to be moving him as soon as he's out of quarantine," Maggie answers. "I'm moving to be closer to Abe's work and I'm taking Magick with me."

"But, what about the ranch?" Helen asks in shock.

"I'll still be around when you need me, but I think it's time you took over the full operations of the ranch," Maggie responds. "You do most of the work any ways. All I really do is taking care of Magick."

"What about your house?" Doug asks. "Are you going to keep it or are you going to sell it?"

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do," she replies. "It's going to be a while before the new house is built, but when it is, I'll make my decision."

"I'm not sure I can run this place by myself," Helen admits. "Even with Doug's help, we keep getting more animals, but I can only do so much in one day."

"So we'll hire you an assistant," Maggie states.

"I don't know, the last two gals just didn't work out," Helen replies hesitantly.

"So? I went through several ranch managers before I hired you, Helen," Maggie informs her. "We just have to be patient and sooner or later, we'll find the right person."

"Ok, Maggie, if that's what you want," Helen concedes.

"I think it's for the best," Maggie smiles. "And look at it this way, without Magick here, your job's going to be a lot easier."

"True," Helen chuckles.

With that, Maggie leaves and starts to head for the house. She's so engrossed with her thoughts that she doesn't notice she's being followed until a hand touches her shoulder. She lets out a yelp of surprise, but when she turns to look at her assailant, she's not sure who's more shocked, her or Doug.

"That's got to be the first time I've ever been able to startle you," he states in shock.

"I was busy thinking about other things," she admits, still slightly flustered. "Is there something you wanted?"

"Huh? Oh, yea," he stammers and it takes him several tries before he finally manages to blurt out what he has on his mind. "I was wondering, uh, if you do decide to sell the house, um, would you consider selling it to us?"

"I guess it is getting kind of crowded in that little house with two growing kids," she states. "But don't you think my place would be a bit too big for just the four of you? It has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and couple rooms that I've never even used."

"Well, it's just that, we're not going to be four for much longer," he admits hesitantly.

"What do you mean?" she questions worriedly.

"I guess Helen hasn't told you," he starts.

"Told me what?" she demands, quickly approaching panic.

"She's pregnant," he admits.

"She's pregnant?" she asks, confused. "But I thought you two weren't planning on having any more children. In fact, didn't you do something to prevent having any more babies?"

"We weren't and I did," he affirms. "I went and got tested. The vasectomy reversed itself. I guess God wants us to have another baby."

"I guess so," she laughs. "If I do decide to sell, you two will be the second to know."

"Second?" he inquires with a head tilt that seems all too familiar to her.

"I think my husband should know first," she states with a smile.

"True," he admits. "Thanks, Maggie. It means a lot to us."

"Your welcome, Doug," she replies.

With that, they go their separate ways, him back towards the ranch, her back up to the house to start packing.

Several hours later, she's just finishing making the new bed when Abe walks in. He picks up the discarded packaging from the sheets and examines it.

"Why did you buy new sheets?" he asks.

"As amazing as it sounds, I didn't have sheets that already fit," she explains as she places the final pillow on the bed.

"It looks nice," he states as he drops the plastic bag it came in and walks up to her. "To bad it's about to get messed up."

She turns to look at him in confusion just as his mouth comes crashing down on hers. She gives out a squeak of surprise and then her eyes close as her hands come up to touch him. Some small part of in the back of her brain is very glad that she's touching scaly skin and not foam neoprene.

His lips continue their assault on her senses as they work their way over to her ear and neck, his hands start to rid her of her clothing. On the plus side, all she has to do is to get his shorts off. On the negative side, she has to get his shorts. By the time she gets the shorts to a point where she has to pull away from him, she's naked from the waist up and her own shorts are around her ankles.

She steps back out of her shorts and begins to work on his shorts with vigor. Sinking to her knees, she pulls the still wet material down to his feet. He quickly tugs his feet free of the binding stuff and then pulls her to her feet.

She looks up into his eyes and becomes mesmerized by their shear beauty. The spell is broken when he finally has to blink and their lips meet once more. Gently, slowly they start to explore each other with hands, lips and tongues.

She's not sure when they went from standing to lying down, but at this point in time, she's just glad that they are. His lips start to work their way down her jaw line, neck, collar bone and finally her chest. His exploring mouth finds her nipple causing her to gasp as he begins to suck and lick the tight pink bud.

She can barely take it any more and then a brief memory floats to the surface of her mind. She turns towards one of his hands that just happens to be stroking her hair. She captures the appendage with one of her own and begins to kiss the palm and eventually the suction cups. She's barely aware that he has stopped his ministrations to her breast as she puts her full concentration on exploring his hand with the tip of her tongue. It's when she starts to suck on his hand that it's suddenly pulled away and she's now facing a very aroused husband.

She opens her legs and he gratefully slides himself into her. She moans with the pure pleasure of the feeling of his cool hardness slipping into her hot center. He moves slowly at first, driving her crazy. Fortunately for her sanity, soon he picks up the pace and her moans become cries that echo off of the walls of the nearly empty room. Her hips match his as he drives harder and faster into her, pushing them both to the point of no return. With an explosion of pure pleasure, they once more become one being for a few short moments in time.

As they lie there, wrapped around each other, gentle kisses and petting help them come down from their high. Some time later, he finally rolls off of her. He settles down next to her, pulling her into his arms. While her body willingly relaxes into him, her mind won't stop buzzing with all that's happened in the past twenty-four hours.

"You should get some sleep," he whispers as he kisses the top of her head.

"I wish I could," she admits with a sigh. "I can't stop thinking about our wedding present. I just can't figure out how they talked Manning into agreeing about the tunnel."

"We can ask them tomorrow," he mumbles as she wiggles into a more comfortable position. "Now go to sleep."

She can feel her mind start to quiet and she knows it's his doing. She doesn't mind as the last thoughts before she drifts off are about the new house that's going to be built for them on the property adjacent to the bureau with the secret tunnel underneath for them to get back and forth. With one final sigh, she drops off into oblivion to the feeling of being completely happy.


A/N: And so here ends this story. Yes, I know that some of you have been anxiously waiting for Hellboy and Liz's baby, but I thought that wonderful event deserved its own story. I leave on Saturday for three weeks, so I hope you can hang on for that long. I'll be writing while I'm gone, but it'll be by :gasp: long hand.