Hey guys! im sorry its been extremely long, but my computer is finally fixed! This is my latest piece of work, and its very different from anything ive ever done. its a romance/mystery/stalker story kind of thing. im not sure how you would describe it. But Amy (lita) is the main character in this one. I hope you like it, its some of the best work ive done in a long time if i do say so myself! so just sit back n enjoy it ;) updates should be up soon. and please PLEASE RR...i love reading reviews :)


You Are Mine

(Then 2002, North Carolina) The redhead huddled against the wall, wrapping her sweater tightly against her. Surly he would've found out by now that she snuck out to see Jeff. But she just couldn't help it. She needed desperately for someone to talk to, but he would never let her leave. So once he announced that he was going to stop and see Adam, she immediately called Jeff and stopped over at the hotel room he and Trish were sharing.

Since Jeff and Trish had gotten together a few months before, she hadn't seen much of either of them. They were always with each other. She had to admit though, everyone was waiting for them to get together, and finally they did. But she wasn't prepared for all the lonely nights, where she would usually be spending with her two best friends but instead they spent them with each other.

And then she got with him. Just as she was beginning to fade away he stepped in and took her under his wing, offering her the world. But shielding it from her at the same time. She was so vulnerable then, and she didn't realize that her heart was sinking back into the shadows, as was her very self. He was taking total control over everything she did. What seemed like protection at first was rapidly transforming into a prison.

She had needed desperately to talk to someone. But he never let her out of his sight. He manipulated her into thinking that every independent thought she had was wrong. He had said she was sick and pathetic, but he never physically hurt her. His words were twisted and crude, but little did she realize what he was doing to her. She thought all he was doing was loving her.

But this was enough. She talked to him every night, and she missed her old friends. So, a few moments after he left to speak with Adam, she got up and slipped into Jeff's room. He looked surprised to see her, luckily he was alone.

"Amy! Hey, what are you doing here?"

She flung the door open and ran inside, frantically closing and locking it behind her. The redhead collapsed against the door, breathing heavily. "Something wrong?"

"I…I don't know," She mumbled, "He left for once, so I thought I'd stop by to talk to you."

Jeff had a deep expression of concern upon his face. "C'mere," He said, placing on arm around her back and leading her to the bed, "Why are you breathing so heavily?"

"I don't know why," She said, "I'm just a little nervous, that's all." She looked around the room and realized something was missing. "Where's Trish?"

"She's getting something from the front desk. But what's wrong, Li?"

Amy looked down at her hands and released a small sigh, "You have to promise not to tell anyone, Jeff. Alright?"

"You know you can trust me, go ahead and talk." The younger Hardy studied her with deep concern in his eyes, hoping that what she was about to tell him was nothing straight out from a horror story.

"I'm scared of him, Jeff. He never lets me leave the house, and if I get up to even step into the kitchen or bathroom he always asks me where I'm going. It's like, I don't have my life anymore. Like I'm trapped in this prison and I can't go anywhere without him, or do anything without him knowing."

The frantic redhead covered her face with her hands, and the tears started pouring.

"How long has this been going on?" Jeff asked.

"Ever since the day I fell in love with him,"

"Amy…" The younger Hardy soothed, "Why don't you leave him?"

She shivered, "Be…because…I'm scared.."

Just then, the door flung open and Jeff noticed Amy completely freeze, as if she expected it to be him, coming to get her. But instead, it was Trish, and Amy released a shaky sigh.

"Hey, Baby, I…" The blonde froze when she noticed her best friend hysterically crying on the edge of the bed. "Amy? What's wrong?"

Before Trish could take one step towards her friend, the phone began to ring. She grunted, and walked over to the nightstand to answer it. Just as her fingertips grazed the receiver, Amy's cry stopped her dead in her tracks.


Trish froze, and looked back at Jeff. "What is it, Li?" The Hardy asked.

"It's him," she closed her eyes as tightly as she could, as if to block out all the bad things in her life. As if she was trying to hide. Hide inside herself…the only place that was safe. "He's coming to get me.."

Amy felt the heater kick on behind her, and it's slow hum drowned out all other noises in the empty, dark room. After he had called Trish and Jeff's, she insisted that she'd leave. At first, both Jeff and Trish were skeptical, but after only a few seconds of convincing them she was fine, she ran out of their room and back into her own.

He had probably came back to the hotel room when she was with Jeff, and noticed that she wasn't there. Then he searched the halls looking for her before finally calling Jeff.

When she had finally come back to the hotel room, he wasn't anywhere to be seen. So she turned off all the lights and went to hide in the back corner of their room. She closed her eyes as tightly as possible. Whenever she felt as if she had no place to hide, she would close her eyes and hide inside herself. And even there, she didn't feel safe.

Suddenly, Amy heard the faint sound of the doorknob rustling. Her heart stopped beating all together, and she held the very last breath she inhaled inside, hugging her knees desperately against her as tight as she could. The door burst open, and she immediately recognized the shadow of the husky, male figure.

"Amy!" He called, "Are you in here! Where are you?"

He stumbled over to the closet and switched on the lights, and that's when he noticed her. "Baby! What are you doing sitting here in the dark?"

He stepped towards her, but stopped in the middle of his tracks when she responded, "Get away,"


"I said get away!"

At first, the man seemed appalled. But then he just chuckled to himself. "Amy, stop fooling around. Get up and come lay down with me so we can talk,"

"No! I said get away. I don't want you near me," As every word she spoke poured from her lips, she was beginning to become more brave.

"C'mon, babe. I know you need me, you wouldn't be able to survive without me." he replied cockily.

"Actually, I think it's the other way around. You couldn't live without me, and I can't live with you. It's over, and I don't love you anymore." Her eyes scattered away from his.

"Well, if that's how you feel, than there's nothing I can do about it." He said with a shaky voice, but surprisingly still calm. He sat down next to her against the heater, and wrapped an arm around her in one last good-bye hug. "Just remember one thing.." he spoke,

"I will always be there.."

(2003. North Carolina) As Amy stepped out of her car and onto the sidewalk, she stopped for a moment to take in the scent of the crisp, fall air. She loved fall, it was very favorite season. And it couldn't have come at a better time. All the pieces of her life that were once jumbled up and out of order were finally beginning to fall back into place. Her WWE career was rocketing off, immediately making her a fan favorite. And she had all her friends there, right at her side.

2001 was a tough year, and the sassy redhead had a hard time getting back on track. At first, she refused to leave her hotel room, or go anywhere at all alone. Someone would have to be with her at all times, reassuring her that no one was going to come into her room, or watch her while she was sleeping.

All her friends had to learn not to ask her where she was going or what she was doing for the longest time. And she refused to speak to any man at all, besides family members and friends that were close before. At first, she was mad at Trish and Jeff, blaming everything on them. But soon enough, she learned to depend on others besides Trish and Jeff, and finally excepted their relationship, which was still going strong to this very day.

But now, she didn't have to worry about any of that. It's been two years since that relationship ended, and her eyes are set straight forward, concentrating on the present and future…no longer the past.

The redhead grabbed her duffle bag out of the backseat of her car and, as the wind blew through her hair, walked towards the hotel she was currently staying at…by herself.

She flung open the glass doors to the hotel and stepped inside, taking a moment to soak everything up. The lobby was huge, and from her point she could see the bar, where John Cena and his newest fling, Torrie, were laughing and talking as usual. Back in the lobby, Chris Jericho sat talking on his cell phone, obviously not to happy with the person on the other line. She chuckled to herself, whenever the WWE comes to town it seems as if they completely take over the nearest hotel.

Amy laughed and shifted her bag to her other shoulder, then noticed that Jeff and Trish were bickering over at the front desk, and the manager, who was trying to help from behind the desk, didn't seem to happy.

"Hey, guys." She greeted cheerfully as she approached them, "Something wrong?"

"Oh, nothing," Trish suddenly spat, "Just that Jeff lost his checkbook and this hotel doesn't take credit cards."

The colorful haired Hardy sighed, "Now don't start. You didn't bring you checkbook either."

"That's because we always use yours!" The pretty blonde started her boyfriend down, then turned back to Amy. "So basically, we don't know what to do."

Amy watched as Jeff pushed his jacket back to pull something out of his pocket, and she noticed the end of a black, leather book sticking out of his jacket pocket. "Um, Jeff, isn't that your checkbook?" She asked, pointing to the object in his pocket.

He reached in and pulled out a little book, the same size and shape of a regular checkbook. A faint blush stained his cheeks as he look innocently at Trish, "Oops."

"Jeff!" She screeched, snatching the book away from him. "Just for that, you're sleeping on the cot tonight."

Amy laughed as Jeff stood stuttering, and Trish looked back at her friend with a wink, "What am I ever going to do with him, Amy?"

The redhead threw her hands up, "I don't know," She grinned, "I never even met the guy!"

Trish laughed and went back to paying for the couple's hotel room, but not before smacking Jeff in the chest with the back of her hand.

Amy turned and went to another attendant, getting a hotel room of her own. After the woman behind the desk handed her the room key, she looked back and Trish and Jeff, who had seemed to had made up already according to the fact that they were once again all over each other, and walked the grand staircase up to her hotel room.

After a long, steamy well-needed shower, Amy collapsed onto the bed. Being a professional wrestler was very draining, both physically and mentally. You spent nights filming shows and sleeping, and the days driving or flying to the next destination. There's not much time in-between for love, which is why many wrestlers dated inside the company.

But Amy had decided long ago that she wouldn't date inside the company, unless of course, fate stepped in and did all the work for her. As if that would ever happen.

With all the energy she had left, the diva got off the bed and began getting ready for the day, trying to keep her mind off as much as possible. The day was going by just perfect, and she had no desire to ruin it. Especially because the anniversaries of that night always seem to bring her down.